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Avebury Parish Council represents the interests of local residents, employers and employees.  About 480 people live in 235 homes in the historic village of Avebury and its associated settlement of Avebury Trusloe, and in the nearby hamlets of Beckhampton and West Kennett.

The landscape in and around Avebury contains some of the most important surviving prehistoric archaeological monuments in the British Isles. Since its inscription on the World Heritage List, jointly with Stonehenge in 1986, the principal prehistoric sites within this landscape have been universally acknowledged as of international cultural significance.

The whole Parish is in the World Heritage Site and also in the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, lying near the edge of the Marlborough Downs. In addition parts of the Parish have been designated Conservation Areas.


Avebury Transport Group Exhibition is taking place from 4 – 8 pm on Friday 25 May at the Kennet Valley Hall, Lockeridge. We want to bring you up to date with the work of the Transport Group, set out some facts and figures and hear your views so please do come along. The Transport Group exhibited in Avebury on 7 March and will now do so in the KVH so that nearby villages can participate in the information-sharing and discussion.

The Mobile Library will be in Avebury on Tuesday 15 May. Please see Wiltshire Council website for times and further dates.

Housing Need Survey: Click here to access results for Avebury Parish Rural Housing Need Survey

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Transport Toolkit
Produced by the Campaign to Protect Rural England, this toolkit aims to improve local transport choices.

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