7 March 2017 Ordinary Meeting : Agenda

Avebury Parish Council

An ordinary meeting of Avebury Parish Council will be held at 7:30pm on 7 March 2017 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.

All members of the public and press are welcome to attend.

Liz Moore, Clerk to Avebury Parish Council, 1 March 2017


  1. Public question time
  2. Apologies
  3. Declarations of interest
  4. Minutes of meeting held on 7 February 2017
  5. Matters arising from the minutes: Minute ref. 5 correction: date for ACSReC meeting minutes should be reinstated as 28 June 2016. Minute ref. 15 e. replacement planter ordered for High Street
  6. Planning applications + results including:
    1. Full planning consent for single storey rear extension at Freshfield, Beckhampton, SN8 1QJ. Ref: 16/12045/FUL.
    2. Full planning consent for extension of roof to front garage to create a car port at Freshfield, Beckhampton, SN8 1QJ. Ref: 16/12058/FUL.
    3. NT Stables application and decision by WC Planning Committee
  7. Transport Group: to set a date for next committee meeting
    1. A4 projects at Beckhampton and West Kennett including (i) report on meeting with Steve Hind of WC and Sarah Simmonds of WHS (ii) progress on fund-raising from local people
    2. Footpaths and signage meeting on 2 March: report 
  8. National Trust update
  9. A303 road scheme: APC’s response
  10. Improving opening hours of toilets at the Coach House
  11. Housing Needs Survey
  12. Defibrillator for Avebury and funding options
  13. ACSReC including: renewal of sports-field lease, repairs to the Sports Pavilion roof, banking, noticeboard, fundraising, PAT testing
  14. Local issues including: re-lining sewer from Avebury to East Kennett, to ratify re-submission of APC’s Community Right to Bid application, Beckhampton notice board, payphones consultation, new Perspex for Swindon Road bus shelter, leaf sweeping in High Street and Church Walk, jetting of culvert in Beckhampton.
  15. Communications
  16. Correspondence including Best Kept Village Competition
  17. Finance and admin: including: VAT rebate, confidential item: to approve confidential minute on item on Clerk’s terms and conditions of service and to consider point 1 from Appraisal, training for councillors, review of Financial Regulations, Standing Orders and TOR of committees, ordering system, Emergency Plan, to receive note on Reserve Funds dated 1 March 2017, the approved minutes of ACSReC meeting 1 February 2017 and Transport Group Committee meeting 8 March 2016.
  18. Cheques for payment and cheques for ratification
  19. Date of next meeting: 7:30pm on Tuesday 4 April 2017 at the Social Centre
  20. Annual Village meeting 7pm on Tuesday 25 April 2017
  21. Any other business

7 February 2017 Ordinary Meeting : Minutes

Avebury Parish Council

Minutes of an ordinary meeting of Avebury Parish Council held on 7 February 2017 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.

In these minutes APC stands for Avebury Parish Council, ACC for Avebury Cricket Club, ACSReC for Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, AWHS for Avebury World Heritage Site, AYFC for Avebury Youth Football Club, EH for English Heritage, HE for Highways England, LGA for Local Government Act, MAB for Marlborough Area Board, NT for the National Trust, URC for United Reform Church, WC for Wiltshire Council and WHS for World Heritage Site.

Time Started: 19:31

  1. Public question time: There were 12 members of the public present for all or part of the meeting. The Chairman stated the A303 presentation at item 7. had been arranged because Avebury had an interest in 1. protecting its WHS status and 2. protecting the site and monuments. He said it would be useful if all present could introduce themselves and then questions could be asked. Mr Andrew Alcorn (Highways England’s Project Manager for the A303 Stonehenge improvement) and Mr Chris Jones (Atkins Arup Consultant leading the public consultation) introduced themselves, as did members of Avebury Parish Council, local parishioners and other members of the public including Mrs Jane Davies (prospective WC Councillor), Mrs Gill Swanton (local landowner and archaeologist), Mr Ewart Holmes (Committee member, Avebury Society), Dr Kate Fielden (Vice-Chairman, Avebury Society) and two members of NT staff (see item 2). A member of the public then asked why did the A303 tunnel have to be a short rather than long tunnel, why a bypass could not be built and would there be a study / investigation on the impacts of the project. A member of the Avebury Society asked about the brief and the constraints that had been given to HE, the add-on costs per kilometre of building an extra length of tunnel given that all equipment would already be on-site, whether securing extra funding from overseas had been considered and how light and noise pollution would be mitigated. There was anxiety within the Avebury Society about the knock on effect to the roads surrounding the A303 when it was widened and possible problems for users of minor roads joining the A303. A member of APC asked 1. what was the response of the local population at Stonehenge and 2. what were the justifications for building a tunnel. A final question was asked by a member of the public as to what was the total cost of the project. The consultants for HE said they would answer all the questions during their presentation.
  2. Present: Councillors Mr Andrew Williamson (Chairman), Mrs Maggie Lewis (Vice-Chairman), Mr David Brotheridge, Mr Jon Campbell, Mrs Lynzey Paradise and Mr Stephen Stacey. In attendance: Miss Liz Moore (Clerk) except item 18.b, Dr Rosamund Cleal (NT Museum Curator, Alexander Keiller Museum) and Ms Catherine Hosie (NT Estate Manager).
  3. Apologies: Councillors Dr Mike Bedford (Vice-Chairman), Mr Terence O’Connor and Ms Zandria Service. Apologies had also been received from Wiltshire Councillor, Mrs Jemima Milton and mentioned later in the meeting at item 10.
  4. Declarations of interest: none declared.
  5. Minutes of meeting held on 6 December 2016: two amendments were requested. Item 12. second sentence: to change Mr Lewis to Mrs Lewis and to correct appendix item 5. from ‘…meeting 28 June 2016’. to ‘…meeting 28 May 2016’. It was resolved to include the amendments. Proposed by Mr Stacey, seconded by Mrs Paradise and carried unanimously. Further to the aforesaid amendments the minutes were unanimously agreed as an accurate record. Proposed by Mrs Paradise and seconded by Mr Campbell.
  6. Matters arising from the minutes: the Clerk reported:
      1. Repairs to swings at Avebury Trusloe: (Minute ref. 15). The work had been completed.
      2. New bridge in Beckhampton: (Minute ref. 16. f.). The work had been completed. (Pictures of the new bridge with new railings had been previously circulated to members by Mrs Lewis).
      3. Web-Site updates: (Minute ref. 21.c.). The work had been completed and members to agree management of on-line community notice board. It was agreed that the Clerk and Mrs Paradise would keep the notice board up to date.
  7. Planning applications + results:
      1. Full Planning Consent for erection of three single storey timber stables on an existing base at Beckhampton House, Beckhampton SN8 1QR. Ref: 17/00295/FUL. Plans were tabled and considered. It was resolved to support the application without conditions. Proposed by Mrs Lewis, seconded by Mrs Paradise and carried unanimously.
      2. Work to trees in a Conservation Area to fell one Lawson Cypress at ground level at the Social Centre, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF. Ref: 17/01010/TCA. Plans were tabled and considered. It was resolved to support the application without conditions. Proposed by Mr Campbell, seconded by Mrs Paradise and carried unanimously.
      3. Members received the minutes of the Planning Committee meetings held on 17 December and 21 January 2017 (see appendix 1 and 2 respectively).
      4. Lower Acre, Bray Street: the Chairman stated the application had been withdrawn.
      5. NT Stables, High Street: the Chairman reported the application had been called in by Mrs Milton (WC Councillor) and the WC Planning Committee meeting was scheduled for Friday 17 February. It was noted the Chairman would not be able to attend, but other APC members would be present to put forward APC’s views as per 21 January Planning Committee meeting minutes. [The WC Planning Committee was in fact due to meet on Thursday 16 February.]
  8. Highways England presentation on A303 road scheme at Stonehenge:
    1. (map previously circulated to members and see appendix 3). Consultants Chris Jones and Andrew Alcorn distributed three hardcopy booklets entitled: 1. A303 Stonehenge Amesbury to Berwick Down: Public Consultation Booklet – January 2017. 2. The case for the scheme and 3. Creating an Expressway to the South West: the case for the A303/A358 Corridor. (See appendix 4 of the minute book). Mr Chris Jones explained there had been nine exhibitions to accompany the public consultation and the final one was to take place the next day. He then gave a power point presentation and background introduction to explain that Highways England had been created on 1 April 2015 and now worked under licence to the Department of Transport. There were eight sections of road for improvement on the A303 and the deadline for delivering the improvements was 2029. The objectives for the scheme were read out (see p. 17 of booklet A303 Stonehenge: Public Consultation January 2017). Mr Jones explained that Highways England was consulting on the 12 km of road that ran past Stonehenge and that Arup Atkins brief was to look at the options and propose solutions. The solutions were a pair of 2.9 km tunnels and a choice of a northern or southern bypass at Winterbourne Stoke to accommodate access.

    The following points emerged. 1. The tunnel would not be seen from Stonehenge 2. The Road Investment Strategy had come about through studies and had been put forward by the previous Prime Minister 3. Work with the NT and EH had informed and underpinned the decision that 2.5 – 2.9 km was an appropriate length for the tunnel including the location for the portals 4. Mr Jones had asked for the lighting to be removed from the portal entrances 5. It was estimated that £1.4 billon was the likely cost of the whole project. The final presentation was the project timeline (see Public Consultation Booklet, p.49 it was predicted work would start on site in 2020). Thanks were expressed to Andrew Alcorn and Chris Jones for their presentations.

    The Chairman asked members of APC for their views. Questions were raised as to how any adverse effects could be negated and whether all ICOMOS’s recommendations would be implemented (see ICOMOS web site for technical documentation). The Chairman stated if 60 scheduled monuments were likely to suffer slight to very large adverse impacts then those issues should be resolved. Mr Jones said that it was the UK Government who nominated Stonehenge to be a WHS and therefore they would be taking the ICOMOS recommendations seriously. The Chairman also pointed out that the word ‘protect’ did not come into Arup Atkins’ technical documentation but protection was the primary purpose of the WHS. APC members were concerned that a 2.9km tunnel necessitated about 1.5km of surface level dual carriageway in the western part of the Site.  The Chairman suggested an alternative solution could avoid a great deal of damage to archaeology if about 1.5km of the existing A303 in the western part of the WHS was recycled/reused as a one-direction pair of traffic lanes and coupled with a tunnel of about 2.9km and, for traffic travelling in the opposite direction, a longer tunnel of about 4.5km was built to emerge just outside the western end of the WHS. He also suggested that a test be applied to any scheme: if some monuments were 4,500 years old, was it likely that the built scheme would still be seen as an acceptable intervention in 4,500 years’ time?

    The Chairman asked members of the public for their views. Question 1. Would more money be going into the railways to counteract displacement of vehicles. Answer: the Government makes the policy and Highways England works on the specific brief. Referred to National Policy Statement. Question 2. Thanks were expressed to the consultants for their presentation and they were asked what was the Government’s brief on looking after undisturbed archaeology? What were the downsides? Answer: Atkins Arup was currently undertaking geophysical surveys and pit work that was overseen and signed off by the County Archaeologist and Historic England. Question 3. How would the likely increase in traffic on the A345 (Marlborough to Amesbury road) be managed? Answer: Atkins Arup would be putting in place Development Consent Orders to look at the temporary effects of traffic on A345 whilst the A303 road was a construction site and to look at any long-term effects.

    Action: It was agreed the Chairman draft a response to the Highways England and other authorities and circulate it to APC members for comment before submission.  The response should reflect points made in the meeting and should emphasise in particular that the Parish Council is concerned that the proposed A303 scheme could result in negative impacts on the Avebury half of the WHS if 1. UNESCO were to delist the WHS, or add it to its List of World Heritage Sites in Danger and 2. if a precedent was set whereby further damaging schemes in future could be built in either half of the WHS.  The Parish Council would therefore urge that 1. monuments, their settings and interrelationships including astronomical alignments be protected and adverse impacts on them be much reduced and 2. that all ICOMOS/UNESCO recommendations be included in the final design so that ICOMOS/UNESCO agreement is obtained.

    The Chairman warmly thanked Andrew Alcorn and Chris Jones for their assistance and advice.

  9. Transport Group: In the absence of Dr Bedford, the Chairman reported on the Committee meeting on 13 December:
      1. Atkins and A4 designs: CATG had agreed to fund 50% of the design project. (Total project cost = £18,775). It was resolved that APC fund 25% of the project from its reserves = £4,694. The Clerk stated APC had the power to act under section 274 of the Highways Act 1980. Proposed by Mr Stacey, seconded by Mr Brotheridge and carried unanimously. A member of APC reported a member of the public had asked what was being done about yellow lines in Avebury Trusloe as there were on-going issues with parking. Action: yellow lines to be put on next Transport Group meeting agenda for re-consideration.
      2. Local fundraising: the Transport Group would be working on raising the rest of the money needed for the A4 design project.
      3. Footpaths and finger posts: a meeting was currently being arranged between Mr Tim Lewis and Mr Stephen Leonard. Mrs Paradise reported that footpath 22 was not safe. Members noted they had received no further response from WC even though the Deputy Leader of WC had agreed to put the project on to WC’s list of projects for 2016/17. The footpath had also been logged via WC’s on-line system. Action: issue to be put on Transport Group agenda for urgent attention.
      4. Great West Way: the Chairman and Mrs Lewis reported they had attended the Great West Way Wiltshire Group meeting held on 27 January. They said this was a two to three-year project plan to 1. support sustainable transport by encouraging people to visit the attractions along the A4 using different modes of transport 2. encourage pre-booked visits via overseas travel companies. The Chairman said it was important to have APC representation at the meetings to convey APC’s views that increased visitor income, but not increased footfall, was needed in the Parish.
  10. Improving the Toilet Facilities at Avebury: (Draft note on elements of a service agreement between APC and NT previously circulated to members and see appendix 5). Mr Stacey referred to page 2 of the draft note and explained that APC could decide if it wanted to consider a trial two-year lease / service agreement with the NT to assist the NT in running the toilets during daylight hours, 365 days a year if possible. The Chairman reported Mrs Milton had given her apologies for the meeting that night but wished to make her concerns known with regards to MAB agreeing to put £5,000 towards the capital costs of improving the NT toilet facilities. He asked if the NT had any questions; Ms Hosie said she had nothing further to add. Questions were then taken from members of the public. A question was raised as to why other bodies such as APC were putting in funding for existing toilets particularly as the NT were refurbishing the toilets anyway. Ms Hosie clarified the NT was funding the whole refurbishment and not seeking money for that project. A member of the public suggested APC should clarify the need and determine which pot of money was going to be used by MAB. Action: It was agreed that (1.) APC should now write to the WHS Steering Committee (as per last meeting minutes) to see if other WHS stakeholders would be willing to contribute over two years to the project and (2) APC arrange a further meeting with the NT to explore drafting a service agreement.
  11. Defibrillator for Avebury: Mrs Lewis reported:
      1. Location for the defibrillator: the Trustees of the Social Centre had agreed a defibrillator could be put on the outside wall of the Social Centre.
      2. Consider options for the heated storage box: not covered.
      3. MAB Grant Application Form: in progress. The Community Shop had generously offered up to £900 towards the project and there were other members of the community willing to put money forward. Members noted it might therefore be possible to fund the project without going through the MAB process as the total cost for the defibrillator was £2,160 (including VAT). Action: Mrs Lewis to meet with other donors and provide progress report at next meeting.
      4. SW Ambulance Scheme Memorandum of Understanding: (terms previously circulated to members and see appendix 6). It was resolved that the defibrillator would be located on an outside wall of the Social Centre and the SW Ambulance Scheme’s Memorandum of Understanding was accepted. Proposed by Mrs Paradise, seconded by Mrs Lewis and carried unanimously.
  12. National Trust update: Dr Ros Cleal reported that she had a short update due to the Christmas holidays and the main points were: a. the NT had supported Wassail b. the NT were about to reopen the Manor on Saturday 11 February 2017 and it would be open every day until the end of October c. the toilet refurbishments were ongoing and would be completed that Spring. The Chairman asked if members had any questions for the National Trust. Mrs Paradise asked what thoughts the NT had about the A303 project. Ms Hosie said they worked closely alongside the NT Project Manager assigned to the work and the NT as a stakeholder was committed to influencing the process to achieve the best possible outcome. Ms Hosie agreed that, if APC wished to ask NT for a view, they could do so. The Chairman thanked the NT for their report.
  13. Payphones Consultation:
      1. BT’s telephone box consultation: the Clerk reported she had submitted a response to WC (previously circulated to members) to object to BT removing the Avebury Trusloe and West Kennett ‘phone boxes on the grounds of poor mobile ‘phone signal coverage for both locations and accident blackspot by the A4. It was hoped the response would be enough to keep the status quo and allow APC more time to consider options such as adopting the ‘phone boxes as BT was not willing to extend the consultation deadline.
      2. High Street ‘phone box usage: not covered (NB. the ‘phone box had been used 144 times to make calls in the past year).
      3. Members to consider adopting Avebury Trusloe and West Kennett ‘phone boxes: deferred to next meeting or until formal response from BT received.
  14. ACSReC: Mrs Paradise reported on the following matters from the 1 February Committee meeting. She explained that fundraising for the Pavilion roof had been organized in the form of film nights at the Social Centre see item 14.d. She said clearing work behind the Pavilion had been excellent including work carried out on the fence by the NT and that risk assessments had been done. The Committee had been investigating access to the septic tank and discovered it could be accessed by a hatch in the kitchen. The tank was likely to be about 10 years old but no record of it being emptied had been found yet.
      1. Renewal of sports-field lease: in progress. In order for sports clubs to apply for certain funding they would be required to show legal rights to the Pavilion and as APC was not allowed to sub-let the sports-field in the current terms of the lease that might be an area to explore further with the NT.
      2. Avebury Day: Mrs Paradise requested Avebury Day to be itemized separately on next meeting agenda and not under ACSReC. No further information.
      3. Survey of condition of pavilion: the Committee had considered the findings of the ‘brief’ survey carried out by Dolman Building Surveyors on 20 December 2016 (report previously circulated to members) and were prioritizing the roof repairs to ensure the building was water tight.
      4. Funding repairs to the Sports Pavilion roof: Avebury Social Centre was fund-raising to help with cost of repairs by running the first two in a series of archive films of ‘Britain on Film Tour’. Next screening: Thursday 30 March entitled ‘Rural Life’, tickets £5 from village shop.
      5. Banking: Lloyds account now in the name of the Parish Council and operational. It was noted a separate cash book would be needed to record transactions for APC to run two bank accounts.
      6. Noticeboard: the Chairman tabled a letter received from Jan Tomlin (NT General Manager, Wiltshire Landscape) that day (also circulated by email to members) informing him that a watching brief should have been carried out at the same time as the removal of the noticeboard. Mrs Paradise reported that to the best of her belief the board had been lifted out with minimal disturbance but requested that APC put together a checklist to document the procedures for future projects. Action: Chairman to respond to Jan Tomlin out of courtesy as the letter had been addressed to him.
  15. Local issues:
      1. Housing Needs Survey: deferred to next meeting – results and analysis due to be sent to APC that month. The Clerk stated the Parish Summary and results were being sent to APC for approval prior to publication on the WC website.
      2. URC Chapel: the Chairman read an email received from the Trustees of the Avebury Sacred Trust in response to APC’s email last month (both previously circulated to members). In discussion members noted that conveyancing was in progress, no donation was requested from APC but individual donations welcomed. It was felt APC was entitled to a better response particularly as APC needed to know what the planned activities would be to assess the impacts, and had previously requested a business plan and financial details. The Chairman opened the meeting to a member of the public to speak. In discussion it was highlighted that conveyancing processes can be very swift and that any delay might be part of a caveat in the purchase process allowing a delay until funding was in place. Concern was also raised about the state of the building deteriorating in the meantime. Action: APC to write to the URC Synod to request information on the proposed activities and business plan for the Chapel and to highlight concern about the building deteriorating over the coming year.
      3. Drains in Bray Street: Mrs Lewis reported a blockage had been found to be causing the overflow and work had been carried out to rectify the problem.
      4. Bus shelters: the Chairman reported a large window pane was missing in the bus shelter on Swindon Road and a member of the public had emailed to report that WC were not going to replace it due to budget constraints (email previously circulated to members). The issue had originally been brought to APC’s attention by Mr Brotheridge. In discussion it was noted APC should not be doing WC’s work for them but members of the community would suffer if nothing was done. Members agreed APC arrange for a clear piece of Perspex to be fitted to the bus shelter window. Action: Clerk to instruct the repair works.
      5. Planters in the High Street: the Clerk said a planter had been damaged by a WC dustbin lorry on 20 January. She had reported the incident to WC that day but no response had been received to date. Action: Clerk to write to WC and Wiltshire Councillor Jemima Milton.
      6. Parish Council notice boards: not covered but general maintenance work needed. Deferred to next meeting agenda.
      7. Leaf sweeping in the High Street and Church Walk: work ordered but not yet done. Action: Clerk to chase WC.
      8. Jetting of culvert in Beckhampton: work ordered but not yet done. Action: Clerk to chase WC.
  16. Communications: the Chairman reported the December Headlines had been submitted for the January edition of UKN.
  17. Correspondence: the Clerk reported:
      1. Thank you letter received from Citizens Advice Wiltshire for APC’s donation of £50.00. The Clerk tabled the letter.
      2. Avebury Police report: members noted that in the previous month one car had been broken into in the main NT car park.
      3. Sarsen Trail sponsored walk would be taking place on Sunday 30th April 2017.
      4. Planning for Communities Workshops delivered by Wiltshire Community Land Trust (WCLT) were available for members to attend in February. As a member of WCLT, the Chairman additionally offered to run a workshop for members at the Social Centre and that was the preferred option.
      5. South West Local Councils’ Associations’ Regional Conference: the venue was Taunton Rugby Club 10am – 4pm on Thursday 16th March 2017. Cost: £60 (+ VAT) per person. In discussion no delegates were proposed.
      6. Police Consultation: members of the public are invited to take part.
  18. Finance and admin: including:
      1. Budget 2017-2018: (previously circulated to members and see appendix 7). It was resolved to receive and approve the final draft budget dated 7 December 2016. Proposed by Mr Brotheridge, seconded by Mrs Paradise and carried unanimously.
      2. Confidential item: report on Clerk’s appraisal held on 2 December. The Chairman proposed to defer item 18.b to the end of the meeting to allow the Clerk to leave the meeting earlier. Carried unanimously.
      3. Training for Councillors: Mrs Lewis to progress.
      4. Review of Financial Regulations, Standing Orders and TOR of Committees: the Chairman reported the he and Mr Stacey were working on the ordering process. The Clerk reported a correction was needed to the Standing Orders at item 26.i. Finance. to change the last sentence to ‘..payment shall be authorised by the Clerk.’ Members noted updates to the Financial Regulations and Standing Orders would be resolved at the next meeting.
      5. Ordering System: as above.
      6. Press and Media Policy: a draft Press and Media Policy had been previously circulated to members by the Clerk. It was resolved to adopt the new Press and Media Policy dated 7 February 2017. Proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Mrs Lewis and carried unanimously. (See appendix 8).
      7. The approved minutes of ACSReC meetings 27 July 2016, 24 October 2016 were tabled and received. (See appendix 9).
      8. Date for Annual Village Meeting: members agreed to set the date for Tuesday 25th April at 7pm. Clerk to book the Social Centre.

    i. Cheques for payment: it was resolved that the following cheques be paid. Proposed by Mr Campbell, seconded by Mr Brotheridge and carried unanimously. Cheques were signed by the Chairman and Mrs Lewis.

      1. Thames Water Utilities Ltd: water supply and wastewater disposal 21 Oct 2016 – 12 January 2017 (including VAT)        £275.97
      2. Elysium Woodworking Ltd: replacement of beam supporting swings on Play Area (including VAT)                £80.00
      3. Social Centre: PC meetings on 4 Oct, 1 Nov and 6 Dec + the Transport Group meeting on 13 Dec                  £16.00
      4. National Trust: annual rent of sports field          £60.00
      5. Clerk’s overtime and expenses 22 Dec 2016 – 21 Jan 2017  £46.49
  19. Cheques for ratification: members noted at the instruction of the Clerk, the following cheques had been raised in January 2017, signed by two Councillors and payment sent to the respective suppliers. It was resolved to ratify the payments as listed below. Proposed by Mrs Paradise, seconded by Mr Stacey and carried unanimously.
    1. Mr P J Mills: rabbit and mole control at Avebury Sports field      £85.00
    2. Fiona Wood: cleaning materials and cleaning of Pavilion in December 2016                                                                                                  £19.40
    3. Thames Water Utilities Ltd: fixed charge and wastewater disposal for the Pavilion (from previous bill)                                                £114.70
    4. Dolman Building Surveyors: brief survey of the Pavilion (including VAT)                                                                                          £360.00
    5. Playground Services Ltd: two pairs of log clamps for swing unit (including VAT)                                                                                          £216.00
    6. Honeystreet Sawmills Ltd: 3.6 metre timber beam for swing unit (including VAT)                                                                                          £28.80
    7. Liz Moore: Clerk’s overtime and expenses: 22 November – 21 December 2016                                                                      £321.56
  20. Date of next meeting: 7:30pm on Tuesday 7 March 2017 at the Social Centre. The Chairman gave his apologies.
  21. Any other business: Mr Brotheridge asked if the Parish boundary had changed because one of the Avebury WHS signs had been replaced and moved. The Chairman invited Mrs Davies (prospective Wiltshire Councillor) to speak and she reported the old WHS sign had not been in the correct place and that the WHS boundary sign was now much closer to the correct position. The Clerk left the meeting and the Chairman moved to Confidential item 18b: report on Clerk’s appraisal held on 2 December, see confidential minute.
  22. The meeting closed at 10.18pm

Appendices: (included in the book of Parish Council papers):

  1. Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 17 December 2016
  2. Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 21 January 2017
  3. A303 Map
  4. A303 Stonehenge Amesbury to Berwick Down: Public Consultation Booklet – January 2017. The case for the scheme. Creating an Expressway to the South West – the case for the A303/A358 Corridor.
  5. Draft note on Elements of a Service Agreement between APC and NT in respect of the Coach House Toilets
  6. SW Ambulance Scheme Memorandum of Understanding
  7. Budget 2017 – 2018 (dated 7 December 2016)
  8. Draft APC Press and Media Policy (dated 7 February 017)
  9. Minutes of ACSReC meetings 27 July 2016 and 24 October 2016

25 April 2017 Annual Village Meeting – AGENDA

Avebury Parish Council

The Annual Village Meeting will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 25th April 2017 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.

All members of the public are welcome to attend.


  1. Welcomes and introductions
  2. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 28 April 2016 (see 28 April 2016 Annual Parish Meeting : DRAFT minutes)
  3. Matters arising from the minutes
  4. Report on the work of the Parish Council, Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee and other local organisations in the past year, including:
    1. Elections and membership
    2. Transport Group: report on local road and footpath schemes
    3. Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee: report
    4. Local initiatives, including Community Shop and Community Orchard
    5. Reports from Wiltshire Council, the Police, the National Trust and the World Heritage Site Officer
    6. Planning decisions
    7. Housing needs survey
    8. Local issues and Parish Council decisions including Trusloe parking, Defibrillator, A303 consultation, sewer improvements, Great West Way, Ridgeway, URC chapel and BT phone boxes
    9. National Trust: representations on issues and planned improvements in dialogue
    10. High Speed Broadband, Community Wi-Fi and Parish Council website
    11. Civil Emergency Plan
    12. Flood Group
    13. Arrangements for Summer Solstice 2017
    14. Local improvements and works, including play equipment and bus stops
    15. Precept, finance and admin, including mains water supply to pavilion.
  5. Local issues from the public: the past year and for the next 12 months
  6. Local issues from the Parish Council: the past year and for the next 12 months
  7. Any other business

4 April 2017 Ordinary Meeting : Agenda

Avebury Parish Council

An ordinary meeting of Avebury Parish Council will be held at 7:30pm on Tuesday 4th April 2017 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.  All members of the public are welcome to attend.

Liz Moore, Clerk to Avebury Parish Council, 29 March 2017


  1. Public question time
  2. Apologies
  3. Declarations of interest
  4. Minutes of meeting held on 7 March 2017
  5. Matters arising from the minutes
  6. Planning applications + results:
    1. Full planning consent for second storey rear extension, single storey front extension and new front entrance porch at North Rutlands, Swindon Road, Avebury SN8 1RH. Ref: 17/01667/FUL.
    2. Full planning consent for a two bay timber framed car port with storage over at Isobel Cottage, Beckhampton, SN8 1QJ. Ref: 17/01671/FUL.
    3. Full planning consent for outbuilding conversion to residential lodge as an annexe to the main house at The Grange, Beckhampton, SN8 1QR. Ref: 17/02397/FUL.
  7. Transport Group: to set a date for next Committee meeting, and issues including:
    1. A4 projects at Beckhampton and West Kennett including report on MAB recommendation that APC pay £1,000 for investigatory work at West Kennett, progress on local fund-raising, and banking Cyclothon proceeds
    2. Footpaths and signage meeting on 2 March: report
    3. Double yellow lines in Trusloe
  8. National Trust update
  9. Improving opening hours of toilets at the Coach House: progress report
  10. Defibrillator for Avebury including funding update and town planning feedback.
  11. ACSReC:report on April meeting including renewal of sports-field lease, repairs to the Sports Pavilion roof, banking, noticeboard and fundraising.
  12. Local issues including URC Chapel and Community Right to Bid, Housing Needs Survey, summer solstice management and permits, Beckhampton notice board, payphones consultation, new Perspex for Swindon Road bus shelter, jetting of culvert in Beckhampton, planters in High Street, faulty street lamps, low flying helicopters and re-lining sewer from Avebury to East Kennett.
  13. Communications
  14. Correspondence including Highways England’s reply to Parish Council’s response to the consultation on A303 road scheme at Stonehenge.
  15. Finance and admin including training for councillors, ordering system, to receive the approved minutes of ACSReC meeting 1 March 2017, cheques for payment and cheques for ratification.
  16. Annual Village Meeting at 7pm on 25 April: items for the agenda.
  17. Date of next meeting: 7:30pm Tuesday 2 May 2017 at the Social Centre.
  18. To set date for AGM
  19. Any other business

21 January 2017 Planning Committee Meeting : Minutes

Avebury Parish Council

Minutes of a meeting of Avebury Parish Council’s Planning Committee held on 21 January 2017 outside The Stables off the car park, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF to consider the planning application below, and afterwards in parts of the High Street to consider a possible site for a defibrillator.

Starting time: 10.35am

One member of the public joined the meeting at 11.30.

Present: Councillors Mr Andrew Williamson (Chairman), Mr Jon Campbell, Mrs Maggie Lewis (Vice-Chair), Mr Terence O’Connor, Mrs Lynzey Paradise and Mr Stephen Stacey.

Apologies:  Dr Mike Bedford (Vice-Chairman), Mr David Brotheridge and Ms Zandria Service.

In attendance: Ms Catherine Hosie (National Trust Estates Manager)

Questions from the public: None

Declarations of interest: None

Full planning permission for change of use from empty site to A1 (shop/retail outlet) at The Stables, High Street, Avebury, SN8 1RF.  Application ref: 16/11287/FUL.

The Chairman thanked Ms Catherine Hosie for attending.  He read out written representations from Mr John Wilding, Mrs Judy Farthing, Sarah Simmonds, WHS Partnership Manager and Wiltshire Councillor and Jemima Milton calling the application in for decision by Wiltshire Council’s Planning Committee.  He also reported verbal comments from Mr Gordon Rimes and reported, later in the meeting due to his forgetfulness, the views of the Chair of the Community Shop.

It was generally agreed that The Stables should be brought into productive use and that the Parish Council wished to play a proactive role with the National Trust to produce a revised scheme, see below.  The current application was not however acceptable and the Parish Council decided to object to it.

It was also suggested that the National Trust withdraw the application to allow for consultation and the development of an alternative scheme.

It was proposed by Stephen Stacey, seconded by Jon Campbell and unanimously agreed that the Parish Council object to the application on the grounds that:

  1. Parking congestion and dangers.  Access to The Stables is directly off the High Street car park. The car park is designated for use by villagers and the disabled.  It is often oversubscribed by users of the post office, local shops, the Circle Nursery, events at the Social Centre, services and events at St James’ Church, visitors to residents in the High Street who do not have any or sufficient parking, National Trust staff and volunteers – and others. It is also used by unauthorised users. An A1 shop use will increase parking pressures in the immediate future and these pressures will grow significantly in the longer term if the use of the shop is intensified. There is major concern that added demands for parking will increasingly lead to the displacement of vehicles into the High Street, especially in busy periods. This will in turn have a very detrimental impact on residents, traders and others in the village.Dangers of additional traffic particularly apply to many visitors, including international visitors, who tend to wander in the High Street and are often unaware of traffic.The entrance to The Stables fronts directly into the car park. Increased numbers of people shopping and parking their cars will correspondingly increase risks arising from conflicting movements of pedestrian shoppers and car users.
  2. Intensification of use. The current application refers to a ‘voluntary book sales / exchange store and visitor welcome centre where visitors can buy, donate and exchange books’. There is however no Plan B.  If the proposed use as a welcome centre and book exchange fails or is withdrawn, the building could be solely used as a shop operating at a more intensive scale.  This would significantly reduce the amenity of the area. An intensification would go against the provisions of the World Heritage Site Management Plan that seeks to encourage visitors into the wider landscape, away from the Henge. The creation of a shop at The Stables is also counter to the Trust’s stated aim of channelling visitors to its ‘farmyard’ by the Manor
  3. Class A1 shop use is not needed.  The National Trust already has four retail outlets in Avebury – at its gift shop, Circles Café, Coach House Café and the Manor Tearoom.  Purchases of some items, tickets and/or membership of the Trust can also be made at other venues, such as the Keiller Museum and the Great Barn.  The need for a seventh sales outlet in a small village has not been established.
  4. Lack of toilets. A visitor welcome and information centre should have toilets or access to toilets nearby during its opening hours but no provision is made in the application.
  5. Advertising and signage. The application makes no mention of advertising or signage. The Stables should have no, or minimal, signage being in the Henge.
  6. Lack of evidence of impact of Coach House café.  The Café outlet at the Coach House at the top of the High Street has hardly been used since permission was given in 2010 and there has therefore been very little opportunity to judge the impact of its use on the High Street, especially during the summer.
  7. Lack of consultation. The National Trust reported at a Parish Council meeting in November that it would be seeking planning permission on the Stables. It had appeared at that time that the main emphasis was on opening an initial welcome / meet and greet point to orientate visitors and selling tickets for Henge tours. The Trust did not however state that the application would be for planning class A1 use (shop/retail outlet). This only become apparent when Wiltshire Council consulted the Parish Council on the application.
  8. Existing visitor welcome facility.  The Trust already uses a mobile visitor welcome and information trailer in the main car park on many days of the year.
  9. Book exchange. One of the stated activities in the application is for a book exchange. This is however already offered in the Community Shop in the high Street, but is not much patronised.                                                                Revised scheme                                                                                                    Members agreed that the Parish Council would be pleased to develop an alternative scheme with the National Trust for a welcome / meet and greet point to orientate visitors, and a voluntary book exchange for local people and visitors, providing that:
    1. parking for The Stables scheme is discouraged in the High Street and the High Street car park,
    2. toilets are provided during opening hours at The Stables or locally at the Coach House
    3. no, or minimal, signage is used
    4. National Trust staff at The Stables patrol the car park to ensure that unauthorised parking does not take place
    5. a planning condition is imposed that any activities remain low key and limited only to those relating directly to a welcome / meet and greet point to orientate visitors and a voluntary book exchange for local people and visitors
    6. any consent only be given under a planning use class that is aligned more closely with the uses intended, such as use class D1 for non-residential institutional use.

Members also agreed that any consent should only be given under a planning use class that is aligned more closely with the uses intended. One example might be use class D1 for non-residential institutional use.

Possible location for a defibrillator:  Members viewed various locations between the Red Lion and the Henge Shop for a defibrillator with a view to taking decisions at a forthcoming meeting.

The meeting closed at 11.45.




13 December 2016 Transport Group : Minutes

Minutes of the Transport Group

A committee of the Avebury Parish Council

December 13th 2016

Present:  Rob Macaire, Stephen Stacey Andrew Williamson, Tim Lewis, Moya Brennan, Mike Bedford

  1. Apologies for absence: Angela Norman, Liz Moore
  2. Declarations of interest: None
  3. Acceptance of minutes of 8th March 2016: Corrections suggested by TL accepted and implemented. Accepted.
  4. Actions from minutes: Land at Trusloe for parking at 1-6. Still not clear but also requires housing needs survey output first to determine best use of the land.
  5. Update report from Dr MB and AW including: (i) Extension of 30 mph limit on A4361 Swindon Road: Completed and has had some definite benefits in reducing speeds past Rawlins Park but cars still overtake. Double white lines not an option however as there needs to be limited sight lines to justify. (ii)  Follow up for Atkins design brief for Beckhampton and West Kennett (See appendix 1. Atkin’s report and costings, previously circulated to members).

Discussions noted that there may be some benefit to have representatives of both Beckhampton and West Kennett to discuss some of the suggestions in the brief with Steve Hind.   Inclusion of Sarah Simmonds in the meeting would also be of benefit.

West Kennet for example – Great proposal but stumbling blocks are evident and their impact could be limited if they were phased. It may be that the path in the verge need not be addressed at the same time as narrowing the road for example. Closing the Avenue – would be of benefit to the A4 at West Kennett but should not be linked to it. Suggested that the transport group could bring a proposal to the APC  that the Avenue be closed and see what reaction is noted from the parish.  The proposal would list the benefits as being:

  1. Reduced wear and tear in a sensitive archaelogical area
  2. Safety
  3. Benefits to pedestrians and cycling route
  4. Diverts buses back through Beckhampton which they can currently miss
  5. Allows narrowing of the A4
  6. Conducive to improving the outstanding universal value.                                 HOWEVER, it would be of benefit to run this suggestion via Steve Hind and Sarah Simmonds at the same meeting proposed to review the A4 at Beckhampton and West Kennet but separate the two issues. Information gleaned from this meeting regarding additional benefits of closure of the Avenue may aid in selling the proposal to the Parish.                                                                              Beckhampton                                                                                                    Splitter islands welcomed as is the whole proposal but noted that the splitter on the A4 eastwards should have a cut though to allow access and exit from the pub car parks or end the splitter before the pub. Also not clear whether the bus stop should be on the carriageway given the splitter islands will effectively mean that a parked bus will block the carriageway.                                                                                                          Money: Costs for the designs are £18765 for both schemes. Parish is willing to cover 25% of the two schemes together – costs are Beckhampton £9650 and the fixed fee for West Kennet is £9125. Some money could be raised from local residents and then incentivise CATG to fund the remainder. The group is hopeful that we can raise 25%  from local residents, a suggestion which could be raised at the CATG meeting (15th December) which AW will attend. Also suggested that we could approach Sustrans as a potential supporter of the initiative to raise funds and similarly engage Sarah Simmonds.                                                       Actions:
  • MB to contact Steve Hind and arrange a meeting with Rob Macaire and Sarah       Simmonds to discuss the proposals as noted above
  • MB/RM to poll local residents re funding
  • MBrennan to ask Ryan whether a Sustrans approach of a sponsored cyclethon at the pub may raise significant funds for this project
  1. Footpaths: report by Tim Lewis
    1. Maps of footpaths in APC presented. Meeting held on 13 July 2016 with Stephen Leonard who is the Senior Warden at Wiltshire Council in charge of footpaths in North Wiltshire, including Avebury. As a result, one synthetic sign has been put up from A4361 towards Windmill Hill although two signs originally requested by Mr Lewis. The National Trust also put a sign up opposite their car park pointing towards Silbury Hill. Wiltshire council are now down to last 20 signs so no new ones will be placed. Costs of new signage, if we were to replace with oak itemised in TLs report. Costs don’t include working brief for monumental consent. Recycled plastic signs last a lot longer and are one third of the cost (£5700). Idea is to have consistent signs for the whole of the WHS. MBrennan suggested oak signs in the centre of the village and recycled ones further out, as long as they have the same logo/design. APC may contribute some funds to this project as there were some reserves

Actions: Ask Sarah Simmonds and Stephen Leonard if we can arrange a meeting to discuss replacement signs in the whole of the WHS.

  1. Update on double yellow lines in Trusloe: Keep under review
  2. Great West Way project – Interaction with WHS transport strategy

Calne wanted to increase its tourist income by putting a vintage rally in place. But this has now been superceded by Visit Wiltshire who are trying to increase visitation to the A4 corridor by encouraging online bookings from abroad. Funding of £24 million is available. Message from Avebury is that we don’t want an increase in footfall in and around the village and monument

  1. A303 plans near Stonehenge and implications for Avebury – information only

Short tunnel proposal for A303 is such that it would emerge within the WHS and as a result may jeopardise the archaeology and the status of Stonehenge as a WHS. Since Avebury and Stonehenge are linked as a single WHS, the loss of WHS for Stonehenge would lose Avebury’s status as well.

  1. Signage Audit: Road sign audit needs to be completed. Ask Sarah Simmonds for the proforma as discussed
  2. Any other business: None
  3. Date of next meeting: TBA

Meeting adjourned at 21:35


1.  Atkin’s Report and Costings