Wiltshire At War: Community Stories

Wiltshire At War: Community Stories is a five-year project exploring how the First World War shaped lives and landscapes across Wiltshire’s towns and villages between 1914 and 1918.

To add your family story or explore those already shared with the project visit: http://www.wiltshireatwar.org.uk/

Five themed exhibitions are available free of charge to museums, heritage centres, community organisations and schools, with educational resources and handling boxes on request. To find out more or book an exhibition email: hello@wiltshireatwar.org.uk or Call: 01249 705500.

Are you over 60, have young children or disabled?

Warm and Safe Wiltshire is a service provided by Wiltshire Council, Swindon Borough Council, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service in partnership with the Centre for Sustainable Energy to help residents live in safer and healthier homes.

To find our more or to sign up for the free service priority register simply click here: https://www.warmandsafewiltshire.org.uk/

Avebury Transport Exhibition 4.30 – 8pm, 7 March at the Red Lion


Avebury Transport Group is organising an exhibition at

4.30 – 8.00pm on Wednesday 7 March

at the Red Lion, Avebury SN8 1RF.

The Transport Group has been working on projects set out in the World Heritage Site Transport Strategy and Avebury’s earlier Traffic Plan.  We want to bring you up to date with its work, set out some facts and figures and hear your views.

The exhibition will focus on seven key transport elements and will put them in context with a central display which covers the entire WHS. Your views will then be included in a short report on the findings of the exhibition and will if possible propose actions.

The seven elements that will be highlighted at the exhibition are:

  • Achievements of the Transport Group so far
  • Traffic calming measures on the A4 at West Kennett and Beckhampton
  • Parking and speeding at Trusloe
  • Yellow lines throughout the Parish
  • Footpaths and Byways – state of repair and signage
  • The future of the Avenue
  • Eroding verges, especially at Green Street and the Avenue.

For further details please contact Mike Bedford as Chairman of the Group (539 192) or Liz Moore as APC’s Clerk (861 424)