2 July 2019 Ordinary Meeting : Agenda

Avebury Parish Council

An ordinary meeting of Avebury Parish Council will be held at 7:30pm on Tuesday 2 July 2019 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Liz Moore, Parish Clerk

26 June 2019


  1. Public question time
  2. Apologies
  3. Declarations of interest
  4. Minutes of meeting held on 4 June 2019
  5. Matters arising from the minutes
  6. Planning applications
  7. National Trust update on refurbishment work at the Circles Café: report by Eva Stützenberger (Visitor Engagement and Enterprise Manager)
  8. Solstice: impact review
  9. Project Updates:
    1. Transport Group:
      1. Report from Transport Group meeting 14 June 2019
      2. Report from CATG meeting 20 June 2019
      3. To consider contributing up to £250.00 on a joint speed check assessment along the A4361
      4. Next TG meeting
    2. Meeting of Parish Chairs: report by the Chairman
  10. A303 Expressway: update including confirmation of comments on Highways England response to APC’s Written Representation.
  11. Local Issues including: Wiltshire Council’s Core Planning Strategy, West Kennett telephone box and PC’s response to BT consultation, replacement planters for the High Street and repairs to Play Area fencing
  12. Draft commercial policy statement on reducing signage and clutter in the WHS
  13. Parish Steward Priority Sheet
  14. Communications
  15. Correspondence
  16. Finance and admin including:
    1. Membership and co-option
    2. Appointment of PC representative to Avebury WHS Steering Committee
    3. Confirmation of members instructed by the PC to process public data for administration of the parking permits over Solstice 2019
    4. Notification of exemption from external audit
    5. Review of Transport Group Terms of Reference
    6. Cheques for payment
  17. Date of next meeting: 7:30pm on Tuesday 3 September 2019
  18. Any other business

4 June 2019 Ordinary Meeting : AGENDA

Avebury Parish Council

An ordinary meeting of Avebury Parish Council will be held at 7:30pm on Tuesday 4 June 2019 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Liz Moore, Parish Clerk, 29th May 2019


  1. Public question time
  2. Apologies
  3. Declarations of interest
  4. Minutes of meeting held on 7 May 2019
  5. Matters arising from the minutes
  6. Planning applications:
    1. Full Planning Application for removal of existing dog boarding kennels, conversion & extension of existing shop/grooming parlour and kennels/kitchen to form 1 no. residential dwelling with associated parking, turning, landscaping and private amenity space at Sarsen Kennels, West Kennett SN8 1QF. Ref: 19/03781/FUL.
    2. Application for work to trees in a conservation area. Proposal: Yew tree – overall reduction by 25% and shape crown accordingly at The Forge, High Street, Avebury, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 1RF. Ref: 19/04916/TCA.
  7. Co-option and membership
  8. Project Updates:
    1. Transport Group: progress report
    2. Combined Parishes RoW meeting
    3. Permit scheme and arrangements for Solstice
    4. Play area refurbishment: progress report
  9. Local Issues:
    1. Representation to Sarah Simmonds (WHS Partnership Manager) on Wiltshire Council’s Core Planning Strategy
    2. Options for BT ‘phone box in West Kennett and feedback from residents in West Kennett and the wider community
    3. New noticeboard for West Kennett
    4. Replacement planters for the High Street
    5. Repainting of BT ‘phone box in the High Street
    6. To consider whether a third defibrillator is needed and whether to finalize the grant application to SEN
    7. To consider publishing a policy on Tour Bus parking
  10. Parish Steward Priority Sheet: jobs completed and requests for June
  11. Communications
  12. Correspondence
  13. Finance and admin including:
    1. Draft policy statement on reducing signage and clutter in the WHS
    2. Certificate of Exemption and to certify that the PC is exempt from a limited assurance review under Section 9 of the Local Audit (Smaller Authorities) Regulations 2015
    3. To receive and note the internal audit report for the full year 2018/2019 accounts
    4. To approve section 1 Annual Governance Statement
    5. To approve section 2 Accounting Statements
    6. Cheques for payment
  14. Date of next meeting: 7:30pm on Tuesday 2 July 2019
  15. Any other business

2 April 2019 Ordinary Council Meeting : Minutes

Avebury Parish Council

Minutes of an ordinary meeting of Avebury Parish Council held on Tuesday 2 April 2019 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.

In these minutes AGM stands for Annual General Meeting, AONB stands for Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, APC for Avebury Parish Council, ASOP for Avebury Solstice Operational Planning, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, ASSF for Avebury Sacred Sites Forum, AWHS for Avebury World Heritage Site, BB & WM PC for Berwick Bassett and Winterbourne Monkton Parish Council, BOAT for Byways Open To All Traffic, BT for British Telecommunications plc, CATG for Community Area Transport Group, CPRE for Campaign to Protect Rural England, EH for English Heritage, MAB for Marlborough Area Boards, NT for the National Trust, PC for Parish Council, TG for Transport Group, TTRO for Temporary Traffic Regulation Order, UKN for Upper Kennet News, WC for Wiltshire Council and WHS for World Heritage Site.

Present: Dr Mike Bedford (Vice-Chair), Mrs Maggie Lewis (Vice-Chair), Mrs Lynzey Paradise and Ms Zandria Service.

In attendance: Miss Liz Moore (Clerk).

Time started: 19:30

  1. Public question time: Mrs Lewis took the Chair and welcomed everyone to the meeting. There were 9 members of the public present including Mr Stephen Leonard (Senior Rights of Way Warden, WC: up to and including item 6) and Hilary Makins (Head Ranger, NT: up to and including item 6). Mrs Lewis asked if anyone had any questions that were not already on the agenda and there were none.
  2. Apologies: Councillors Mr Stephen Stacey (Chairman), Mr Ben Butler, Mr Terence O’Connor and Mr Andrew Williamson. Apologies also noted for Martin and Christine Rendle.
  3. Declarations of interest: none declared.
  4. Minutes of meeting held on 5 March 2019: unanimously agreed as an accurate record. Proposed by Mrs Paradise and seconded by Mrs Lewis.
  5. Matters arising from the minutes: Mrs Lewis reported:
    1. Min ref. 5b Swing seat: risk assessment had been carried out, swing re-installed by Mr Butler and Mr Stacey on 31 March and to be checked again that week.
  6. Report by Wiltshire Council: Mrs Lewis invited Mr Stephen Leonard to introduce the proposal for the temporary closure of the Ridgeway from 1 May 2019 for six months. Mr Leonard explained that there were issues with excessive damage to the Ridgeway National Trail. Stakeholder discussions had been carried out in the past 18 months about carrying out repairs, which had last been done in 1995. The type of repair work that could be carried out was limited because of the sensitivity of the area due to the ecology, geology and buried archaeology. He reminded members that the main purpose of the proposal was to enable WC to gather information on the long-term use of the National Trail by 4×4 vehicles. He added that the Ridgeway was closed each year from 1 October to 30 April and that the additional closure from 1 May 2019 would enable WC to formulate five test areas with co-operation from the adjoining land owners. It was noted that there were three different soil types on the National Trail. Mr Leonard said that each test area would be repaired by filling the ruts with soil taken from adjoining fields, thus negating the issue of having heavy mechanical machinery on site. He explained that the aim of the project was to prove that the type of repair proposed by stakeholders was not sustainable for vehicle use. It was noted that whilst the byway closure was in place, barriers would be erected to stop vehicles only from accessing the area. (See appendix 1 for map detailing the location of the barriers, including the top of Green Street and beyond the junction of AVE5 to Manor Farm). Members of the PC and members of the public were invited to ask questions and the following points emerged:
    1. The proposal would not impact the top of the Ridgeway, this would remain exactly the same.
    2. Solstice that year might be busier than usual as it was over a weekend and when it was busy lots of vehicles did park along the National Trail. Concern was expressed that due to the closure vehicles might be displaced along byway 5 that ran diagonally across the fields. Mrs Paradise offered to find out if byway 5 could be included in the temporary closure.
    3. In the medium to long-term it was the desire of the WHS and Ridgeway National Trail to keep 4×4 vehicles off the Ridgeway.
    4. A member of the public said that heras fencing might be available for the nursery site in Avebury Trusloe if the PC wanted that option.                                                                                                      Members felt that there was no reason why the byway closure should not take place as proposed. Thanks were expressed to Mr Leonard for his assistance and advice.
  7. Planning applications: it was noted that representatives from Fowler Architecture and Planning, Mr Aaron Smith BA (Hons) DipTP MRTPI and his colleague Stella Turner had not arrived and it was agreed to continue with the planning item. [N.B. apologies had in fact been sent at short notice that afternoon].
    1. Amended plans for 19/09889/FUL – Land at South Street, Avebury. The plans were considered and the following points emerged from both members of the PC and members of the public:
      1. The proposal did not meet local housing needs as indicated in the Fowler Planning Statement para 4.4. Avebury’s Parish Housing Needs Survey (March 2017) identified a need for two one-bedroom homes and two two-bedroom homes. It did not identify a need for a four-bedroom house.
      2. The photos/photo-montages supplied by the applicant failed to show the effect of the new house on adjacent houses.
      3. The sarsen wall and hedging would be further obliterated thus destroying local history. Members of the public questioned why access was not being gained over the applicant’s land on the Nursery Site instead of South Street.
      4. The proximity of the east wall to the Play Area is still not acceptable.
      5. The consultants describe the land as a ‘vacant plot’ and this detracts from the rural nature of the site.
      6. The slab height should be lowered to reduce the height of the roof to lower than that of the houses opposite.
      7. There was concern about the time of day that the building work might be carried out, an early morning start would be unacceptable and members of the public would want to have restrictions applied as to when builders would be allowed on-site. In discussion it was agreed that the applicant had not responded in any significant way, or at all, to the PC’s original concerns and nor had the height of the building been decreased.  It was resolved to request the architects to withdraw the application and that the PC object to the current proposals as per the PC’s original six points of concern and include the additional observations as listed above. Proposed by Dr Bedford, seconded by Mrs Paradise and carried unanimously. (See appendix 2 for letter sent to WC Planning Department on 9 April 2019).
  8. To approve the Parish Emergency Plan: (previously circulated to members). It was resolved to approve the content for the updated Parish Emergency Plan. Proposed by Mrs Paradise, seconded by Ms Service and carried unanimously. Mrs Lewis to circulate Emergency Plan to those on the distribution list and Clerk to ensure a copy is sent to WC. Thanks were expressed to Mrs Lewis and Mrs Farthing for their work on the document.
  9. Project Updates:
    1. Transport Group progress report
      1. Community Issue 7088: improved pedestrian safety on A4361 at Avebury Trusloe: Dr Bedford reported that the PC’s request for a 40mph speed restriction on the Beckhampton Road between the 30mph restriction and the Beckhampton roundabout had been submitted to CATG. CATG had been asked to link the work to the plans for a 50 mph speed restriction at Berwick Bassett as both areas were within the WHS. He added that the request needed to get into the top five priority projects before Wiltshire Highways could undertake any work and that both he and Mr Stacey would push for this at the next CATG meeting.
      2. Community Issue 4245: A4 at Beckhampton and West Kennett: Dr Bedford reported that a meeting in mid-February between Steve Hinds and Atkins had not taken place as planned. It was unanimously agreed that Dr Bedford request Steve Hinds to go ahead with the detailed plans for West Kennett. A question was asked about how traffic was going to be managed if the Avenue was closed and Dr Bedford said that one solution might be to install a gate.
      3. Community Issues 7027: new double yellow lining on B4300 and repairs to B4003 West Kennett Avenue:  Dr Bedford said that Martin Cook had budget available for refreshing the yellow lines on the B4003 and that work to limit illicit parking on the Avenue was also going ahead. He added that both projects would be implemented later in the year.
      4. Repairs to FP21 and FP22: members noted that budget was now in place for the long overdue repair work.
      5. RoW and working collaboratively with northern parishes: Mrs Lewis reported that the PC had been contacted by Anne Henshaw (Chair, CPRE Wiltshire) about a proposal that would involve the PC working with farmers, volunteers and other local parishes to reduce damage to the BOATs and ensure that bridleways and footpaths were kept properly clear and maintained. She added that Mr Stephen Leonard was open to working with Parish Councils and local volunteers on the project. Members felt that the idea was worth exploring although the question about insurance was raised. It was noted that Mr Stacey had offered to be the PC’s representative and therefore it was agreed that Stephen Stacey be nominated as the PC’s representative and attend the next meeting of the northern parishes whose aim was to take the idea forward. Clerk to inform Mrs Henshaw.
    2. ASOP meeting report, permit scheme and arrangements for solstice: Mrs Lewis reported that she had attended the ASOP meeting on 13 March and learnt that due to budget restraints the Police couldn’t guarantee that a drugs dog would be available nor a Police presence at the turning into Avebury Trusloe / Longfields. She explained that there would be a TTRO along the High Street and that St John’s Ambulance staff would be in attendance as per the previous year. Members noted that the next ASOP meeting was taking place on 8 May and it was agreed that Mrs Lewis should keep asking for a drugs dog and press for a Police presence in Avebury Trusloe. Mrs Lewis invited Mrs Paradise to update the meeting on the parking permit scheme for solstice. Mrs Paradise reported that a revised permit scheme, that now included a space for car registration details, had been sent to Simon Rowe, Matt Perrot and Chris Clark at Wiltshire Council Highways. She explained that the PC would not be hand delivering permits this year and neither would the Community Shop be distributing them. Parishioners would need to collect their permits (restricted to two per household) from a drop-in session with dates and times of the drop-in sessions being published in due course. In discussion it was noted that Winterbourne Monkton was not included on the Avebury Parish parking permit and agreed that BB&WM PC should have a separate arrangement for distributing permits to their residents. Mrs Lewis offered to email Jill Petchey (Chair of BB & WM PC) to update her and provide a copy of the parking permit template for BB & WM PC’s use.
    3. ASSF meeting report: Mrs Lewis had attended and there was nothing of note to mention.
    4. Play area refurbishment: Mrs Paradise said that work was in progress on obtaining estimates and pricing from various Play Equipment companies.
  10. Local Issues:
    1. Repairs to road mirror in Beckhampton: currently being actioned by the Clerk / Mrs Lewis.
    2. State of BT ‘phone box in West Kennett and feedback from residents in West Kennett: a letter will be sent to West Kennett residents asking for their views and the opinions from other parishioners were equally welcome.
    3. New notice board for West Kennett: the Clerk reported that she had asked John Giles for a quotation for a new wooden notice board using the same dimensions as the existing and to reuse materials such as the pin board where possible.
    4. Result of Community litter pick including support package ordered from WC: Members noted that nine bin liners had been filled from picking up litter along the Avenue and lot of the material collected had been car parts, coffee cups, cans and cigarette packets. Four bin liners had been filled from picking up litter in other areas of the Parish and four bin liners had been collected from Beckhampton. A separate litter pick carried out by Dr Bedford along the A4 and Sanctuary had resulted in nine bin bags being collected. Mrs Lewis reported that a Community Litter Pick support package had been ordered from WC [consisting of 20 ‘pickers’, 10 hoops to secure the bin bag, 10 Hi Viz vests, 1 shovel and brush, 1 graffiti removal kit, a roll of bags and gloves]. Thanks were expressed to all volunteers who took part in the litter pick.
    5. Replacement planters for the High Street: Mrs Paradise was continuing to look into options for products and pricing.
    6. Repainting of BT ‘phone box in the High Street: the Clerk had sent an email to request BT to repaint the ‘phone box in the High Street and BT had asked for a photograph. Mrs Lewis to ensure photograph is taken and emailed to the Clerk.
    7. Street lamps at Beckhampton: Mrs Lewis reported that WC had agreed to install a light shield on the new lamp next to Isobel Cottage.
    8. Reinstating a footpath outside Isobel Cottage: Mrs Lewis said that work would be carried out by WC later in the year.
  11. Parish Steward Priority Sheet: Mrs Lewis reported:
    1. Report on work completed in March: re-painting of metal railings at Big Arch Bridge on footpath 22 was scheduled to be carried out later in the year. Gullies and culvert along the High Street had been checked and cleared. Sweeping of Church Walk had been completed although noted that the road sweeping machine had only done Church Walk as instructed and not the High Street although the machine had travelled along the High Street to access Church Walk. In addition to the above the Parish Steward had filled various potholes and attended to damaged / dirty signs.
    2. Job requests for 10 April: Ms Service requested that some very large pot holes about 6 inches deep and situated at the side of the road (from the byeway to Yatesbury) be filled. Clerk to log request on WC’s on-line system.
  12. Communications: Mrs Lewis reported that the PC’s headlines and notice of Annual Parish Meeting on 16 April had been submitted to the April Edition of UKN.
  13. Correspondence: the Clerk reported:
    1. Email received from WC about the Training and Networking Day, 9:30 – 3:45pm, Thursday 9 May at The Guildhall in Salisbury. Mr Stacey was currently booked to attend.
    2. Race to the Stones was taking place on 13 / 14 July 2019, starting from Field Farm, Watlington and finishing at Rutland Farm, Avebury.
    3. WC Flood Group meeting was taking place on 17 April and Highways England would be attending the flood group meeting in June to give an update of the A303 tunnel scheme.
    4. NT Community Newsletter had been received (see appendix 3).
    5. A letter had been received from Seafarers UK asking the PC to fly the Red Ensign ashore on Merchant Navy Day, 3 September, to raise awareness of nation’s reliance on seafarers and shipping. It was agreed not to take part as Wiltshire was a land locked county.
  14. Finance and admin including:
    1. Membership: Mrs Lewis stated that following Paul Ryder-Morris’ resignation WC’s statutory Notice of Vacancy had been displayed on Parish notice boards. An election to fill the vacancy would be held if TEN electors from the Parish of Avebury wrote to the Returning Officer by 11 April 2019 asking for an election to be held. If an election was not requested by that date, then the PC must fill the vacancy by co-option as soon as practicable.
    2. Training: the Clerk said that councillor listening training would be rescheduled when more members were able to attend.
    3. Cheques for payment: it was resolved that the following cheques be paid. Proposed by Ms Service, seconded by Mrs Lewis and carried unanimously.
      1. ASSC: 2nd part payment of donation towards new Pavilion   £250.00
      2. Miss E Moore: Clerk’s overtime and expenses 22 February – 21 March 2019                                                                                        £302.14
  15. Date of next meeting: the AGM would take place at 7:15pm followed by an ordinary Council meeting at 7:30pm on Tuesday 7 May 2019
  16. Any other business: there was none.
  17. The meeting closed at: 21:30

Appendices: (included in the book of Parish Council papers)

  1. Map detailing location of barriers for byway closure affecting the Ridgeway from 1 May 2019
  2. Letter sent to WC Planning Department on 9 April 2019 – not seen by the meeting, added subsequently.
  3. NT Community Newsletter Spring 2019

24 April 2018 Annual Parish Meeting : Minutes

Avebury Parish Council          

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on the 24 April 2018 at the Social Centre, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF. [Adopted 16 April 2019].

In these minutes, ACSReC stands for Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee, AHA for Aster Housing Association, AONB for North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, APC for Avebury Parish Council, ASA for Avebury Sportsfield Association, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, ASSF for Avebury Sacred Sites Forum, BT for British Telecommunications plc, CATG for Community Area Transport Group, EH for English Heritage, FWO for Fyfield and West Overton Parish Council, MAB for Marlborough Area Board, NT for the National Trust, PCSO for Police Community Support Officer, SID for Speed Indicator Device, UNESCO for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, WC for Wiltshire Council and WHS for World Heritage Site.

Time Started: 19:04

Present: Councillors Mr Andrew Williamson (Chairman), Mrs Maggie Lewis (Vice-Chairman), Mrs Lynzey Paradise, Ms Zandria Service and Mr Stephen Stacey, together with 21 members of the public who were present for all or part of the meeting.

Apologies: Councillors Dr Mike Bedford, Mr David Brotheridge and Mr Terence O’Connor, Sir Peter Beale, Betty Cronk, Tony Farthing, Kate Fry, Dianne Gater, Keith and Sally Paradise, Rev Maria Shepherdson, John and Geraldine Wimble, and see last bullet point of item 4 b vii below for an email from Abby George of the National Trust.

In attendance: Wiltshire Councillor Jane Davies, Michele Lomas (Chair of Avebury Community Shop), Helen Miah (WHS Partnership Officer), Jan Polack (Chair of Orchard Group), PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) Emily Sykes to item 4.e.iii, and Miss Liz Moore, Clerk to APC.

  1. Welcome and introductions: The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming the public and asked if everyone had an agenda. He said he would ask various people to speak during the meeting. It was noted members of the press were not present. He reported Parish Council members were the same as last year apart from Jon Campbell who had recently resigned to take up a job in the USA and that members included Dr Mike Bedford (Vice-Chairman), Maggie Lewis (Vice-Chairman), David Brotheridge, Terence O’Connor, Lynzey Paradise, Stephen Stacey, Zandria Service and himself. The Chairman introduced Jane Davies (Wiltshire Councillor), Liz Moore (Parish Clerk) and Judy Farthing (Civil Emergency Officer). He said that Kate Fry had done much to update APC’s Website, Ron Dobson gave advice on buildings, David Throup was Editor of UKN and Martin Rendle and John Giles worked as Handymen for the Parish Council. He said he was pleased that Helen Miah (WHS Partnership Officer) was present as Sarah Simmonds (WHS Partnership Manager) was not able to attend and he also welcomed Police Community Support Officer Emily Sykes to the meeting.
  2. Minutes of the annual Parish meeting held on 25 April 2017. (Draft minutes published on Parish Council web site www.aveburyparishcouncil.org). The Chairman asked if the draft minutes were accurate and it was unanimously agreed that they were an accurate record. Chairman to sign the minutes.
  3. Matters arising from the minutes: there were none.
  4. The work of the Parish Council, Transport Group, ASA, Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee and other local organisations. The Chairman said that the Parish Council was here to report on its work during the past year. It had met 12 times during the year including extra meetings in January to discuss the Sports Field Lease and in May to discuss ways of improving communications with the National Trust. It was noted the Planning Committee had not met outside of the ordinary Parish Council meetings.
    1. Elections and membership: the Chairman explained that he had been Chairman of Avebury Parish Council for the past seven years and that although he would be standing down as Chairman from 1 May 2018, he was keen to remain a member of the Parish Council. He said he would also be standing down as Chairman of the AWHS Steering Committee. He explained that he had been Chairman for four/five years and rotation of the role was supposed to be every three years.
    2. Transport Group: in the absence of Dr Mike Bedford the Chairman reported:
      1. Members were Dr Mike Bedford, Stephen Stacey and himself from APC and local residents; Kate Fry, Rob Macaire (who had just taken on the role of British Ambassador to Iran), Angela Norman, Tim Lewis, Moya Brannan, Simon Vatcher, Paul Ryder-Morris and there were two new members; Lyn Bennett-Nutt and Helen Ramsay who both worked in the Parish.
      2. The Parish Council was trying to get plans drawn for A4 improvements at West Kennett and Beckhampton in preparation for funding that might become available. The initial study for West Kennett had been partly completed and then halted and the study for Beckhampton was just starting.
      3. Horse crossing at Beckhampton Stables had been improved.
      4. Cyclothon at Red Lion PH had raised £568.92 with thanks to Moya Brannan who had cycled the equivalent of 298 miles.
      5. Parking in Avebury Trusloe: the project depended on the willingness of AHA, Centurion and WC to progress matters. APC was chasing the private company and he would report later in the meeting on the Housing Needs Survey that the Parish Council had commissioned last year.
      6. Footpath Signage: a new group had been set up and included Tim Lewis, Hilary Makins (NT Head Ranger), Steve Leonard (WC Rights of Way Officer), Helen Miah (WHS Partnership Officer) and himself and they would like to get the farmers involved. APC had pledged £1,000 to get the £5,000 project started. The Chairman invited Stephen Stacey to report on the next item.
      7. Transport Group Exhibition held on 7 March 2018 at Red Lion PH. Mr Stacey thanked members of the public for coming to the exhibition and said that many constructive suggestions had been left on 50 Post- it notes in total. He reported that the Transport Group had produced a draft summary report with interim recommendations that was available on the Parish Council’s web-site under Transport Group Meetings. Mr Stacey explained that the Transport Group wanted to achieve a set of deliverable short-term actions so that results could be realised sooner.
        • It was noted further feedback would be collected from members of the public that night and there was also a meeting / exhibition at Kennet Valley Hall in Lockeridge on 16 May between 4-8pm.
        • Ideas for Avebury Trusloe included yellow lines, 20 mph limit and reducing speed on A4361
        • Ideas for Green Street included improving road surface condition, repairing damaged verge, stopping cars turning back and installing clearer signage.
        • Ideas for footpaths included improving signage, stiles, addressing dog fouling, provision of paths on A4361 to Berwick Bassett and resurfacing of footpath 22.
        • Ideas for the High Street included clearer car parking signage and that was going to be picked up the National Trust, yellow lines and better enforcement of Solstice parking permits and that was going to be addressed by WC.
        • Mr Stacey explained that the bigger ticket project involved reducing speeds on the A4 by traffic calming (from Bell to Sanctuary, West Kennett, Silbury Hill, Beckhampton and Knoll Down) and included the future of the Avenue. He said that the Parish Council would push hard to secure the work. The Chairman asked the public if they had any comments and that APC would like to include other villages in the traffic calming scheme for the A4. The following points emerged or questions were asked:
          • parking enforcement in the High Street had been non-existent at Solstice last year and 28 caravans had set up on the nursery site in Avebury Trusloe. It was noted improvements were being planned by WC enforcement and the Police for Solstice that year.
          • when would the speed limit on the A4361 Avebury Trusloe road be reduced from 60 mph to 30 mph? It was noted a 40 mph speed limit was in the pipeline as soon as the Beckhampton traffic calming scheme was implemented. Jane Davies (Wiltshire Councillor) said that she sympathised with members of the public and agreed that the road was intimidating and suggested a short-term solution would be for APC to raise the problem with CATG.
          • parking in Avebury Trusloe had not been addressed since the issue was first raised in 2012 and was wasting Police resources when issues arose. It was noted residents had opposed a car parking scheme at Trusloe Cottages but that there was space for 22 cars on the nursery site furthest from the highway and nearest the houses.
          • residents had been asking for a 30 mph limit in Avebury Trusloe for the past 25 years and was there any reason why the proposed 40 mph limit on the A4361 had to wait for the traffic calming project at Beckhampton? It was noted there was no reason to wait and that APC could talk to MAB’s CATG.
          • why had Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) been withdrawn? It was noted the SIDs had been withdrawn by WC due to budget cuts. Jane Davies (Wiltshire Councillor) reported that Mildenhall Parish Council had recently bought their own SID for £7,000. It was noted PCs could band together to purchase their own SIDs with funding from CATG however there was the issue of maintaining them and that road users often ignored the SIDs.
          • had the Community done a speed watch? It was noted speed watches had been done informally in the past but there were issues of safety and insurance cover.
          • parking was made worse by the B&Bs in Avebury Trusloe.
          • what had happened to a previous suggestion by Dr Bedford for a 40 mph limit in the whole of the WHS? It was noted speed limits were more likely to be disobeyed but not if the roads were narrowed. A member of the public reported about 10-15 years ago a similar request for a 40 mph speed limit across the WHS had been rejected by WC because 40 mph limits could not be implemented across A-roads but could if the road network consisted of B-roads.
          • the importance of decreasing the speed limit on the A4361 Avebury to Beckhampton road was re-stressed.
          • there used to be double white lines in the middle of the road on the A4361 from the bus layby to New Bridge and they should be re-instated to improve safety. Jane Davies (Wiltshire Councillor) reported that white lines were cheap to implement and cost about 50 pence per metre to put in. She said that if there was previous evidence of them being in the road then WC would put them back again but it would need to be requested via the CATG.                                                                         The Chairman encouraged members of the public to join the Transport Group. He then said he had forgotten to give the NT’s apologies earlier in the meeting and tabled an update that had been emailed to the Clerk the previous day (see appendix 1). He read out the email the Clerk had received from Abby George (Marketing and Communications Officer):

            ‘Hi Liz,

            Please see attached the National Trust update for the Annual Parish Council Meeting tomorrow. We’re also distributing this at key points throughout the village so that residents can pick up their own copy.

            Very best wishes, Abby’

            Members of the public expressed general disappointment that they had not received a copy of the update and that there were no representatives of the NT at the meeting that night. The Chairman asked the public if they would like him to read out the NT’s newsletter also received by the Clerk the previous day but they declined. A member of the public requested that the Parish Council write to the NT to inform them that if they wanted to best communicate then they should attend meetings. [And also see item 4.i.]

    3. ASA / ACSReC: Mrs Paradise stated the members of ACSReC were herself (Chair), Maggie Lewis, Dr Mike Bedford, Dave Brotheridge, Stephen Stacey, Diane Gater, Bruce Hinder, Dominic Fry and Alan Blake. Mrs Paradise reported that APC had held the Sports Field lease since 1947 and that ASSC had taken over a new, 40 year lease of the Sports Field on 17 April 2018 because the Parish Council was not allowed to raise funds from Charities [e.g. Sport England]. She said that APC wanted to protect the interests of users of the field and had also exchanged a side-agreement with ASSC. The Chairman read out part of the agreement as follows: ‘In consideration of the transfer at no cost by the Council to the Club of the machinery, equipment, furnishings, goods and chattels set out in the first schedule hereto, the Club will for the duration of any tenancy or legal interest that it may hold in Avebury Sports Pavilion and Field (Sports Field):-
      1. Admit any parishioner of Avebury Parish in the County of Wiltshire into membership of the Club.
      2. Ensure that all Avebury parishioners will continue to have the same priority access to the Sports Field for sports and recreation as they have enjoyed since the [Parish] Council first leased the land on 14 May 1947.
      3. Not allow anything to take place at the Sports Field that may be or may become a nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to the public.
      4. Include a representative of the [Parish] Council as a member of any Club committee which is responsible for the management of the Sports Field.
      5. Procure that any entity to which the Club assigns its interest in any lease of the Sports Field enters into an agreement with the [Parish] Council on the same terms as those included herein as a condition precedent of any such assignment.

      This Agreement will come into force simultaneously with the surrender of the [Parish] Council’s lease of the Sports Field and the Club taking a lease of the Sports Field from the National Trust….’

      Mrs Paradise further reported that the ASA / ACSReC bank accounts were in the process of being transferred to ASSC and that any ideas for the future of the sports field would be gratefully received by herself and Dominic Fry. She explained roof repairs to the Pavilion were in the pipeline and that other work had already been done to prepare for the Cricket Season. In terms of communications all members of ACSReC had agreed to stay together and report to ASSC annually at ASSC’s Annual General Meeting. She said that there would always be a PC member on the Club Committee; the only requirement to be on the Committee was to be a Club Member. Thanks were expressed to ACC for their involvement in refurbishment work at ASSC to improve the quality of services. Mrs Paradise encouraged members of the public to get involved with Avebury Day 2018 on the 8 September and said they could volunteer by leaving their details on the sign-up sheet on the front table. The Chairman thanked Mrs Paradise for her report.

    4. Local initiatives:
      1. Community Shop: Michele Lomas reported that it had been 10 years since the village had met and decided to set up a Community Shop and that the shop had opened in March 2009 and that next March would be its 10th year of being open. She said it had been challenging keeping the shop open in the snowy weather but thanks to volunteers the shop had been able to remain open. Mrs Lomas said the shop had made donations towards a community defibrillator located outside on the Social Centre wall and had given hampers to various organisations. She thanked everyone for all their support as customers and especially thanked her wonderful volunteers and encouraged anyone to volunteer to help with the shop.
      2. Community Orchard: Jan Polack explained that the idea for the Orchard Group had been formed in support of the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012 and that at the event they had auctioned three varieties of apple trees. She said that 13 trees had been planted on the Sports Field including a crab apple tree in memory of Paul Dixon, two trees had been planted in the Church grounds and one tree had been planted in the Community Shop garden. That year the Orchard Group had offered trees for the Community to adopt and seven trees had been supplied for people to nurture in their own gardens. Mrs Polack thanked all volunteers including Fred Gillan and the Farthings who had helped replant the hedge on the north-western boundary of the Sports Field with native trees and edible plants. Thanks were also expressed to the Community Shop for holding apple day celebrations, Avebury Wassail for fund raising to support the Orchard Group and Marlborough Downs Space for Nature farmers for re-introducing wildlife onto the Downs. Mrs Polack said that the Orchard Group was also supporting the Bee Road Project, a project developed to encourage everyone to plant bee friendly plants to extend the pollinating season. The Chairman thanked Mrs Lomas and Mrs Polack and asked the public if they had any comments and there were none.
    5. Reports:
      1. Wiltshire Council: Jane Davies (Wiltshire Councillor) reported that Wiltshire Council had to make 45 million pounds worth of cuts over the next three years and was giving more responsibility to Town and Parish Councils for anything non-statutory and that meant there would more pressure on Avebury Parish Council. She said APC meetings were friendly meetings and she especially thanked the Chairman. Members of the public gave their support by clapping too.
      2. Police: Emily Sykes introduced herself as the new PCSO for Marlborough and rural and said that part-time colleagues included Mark Braithwaite and Lucy Stonestreet. She reported that over the past year there had been a low amount of crime in the Avebury area and only 55 occurrences, mainly road related, but that 16 occurrences had been vehicle crimes especially at beauty spot areas. She said the Police had installed warning notice boards at all beauty spots and they were asking for support from the National Trust and the Parish Council in putting leaflets on tourists’ cars that contained guidance including asking them not to leave satnavs in their cars. PCSO Sykes reassured members of the public that the waiting time limit for 999 emergency calls in the Avebury area was 10 minutes and that for non-emergency calls the Police aimed to respond within one hour. She said members of the public could also contact the Police via their web-site and emails would be received by a Community Co-ordinator and then sent to the appropriate officer. The Chairman thanked PCSO Sykes for her report. [PCSO Sykes left the room].
      3. WHS Partnership Manager and Partnership Officer: the Chairman introduced Helen Miah as the new WHS Partnership Officer. Mrs Miah explained she had joined on the 30 November 2017 and was focussed on improving communications. She asked if everyone had seen the Bee Road activities in the NT Farmyard in Avebury on 18 April to celebrate World Heritage Day however no one was aware of the activities. She reported WHS would be involved in Open Farm Sunday, Avebury Day 2018 and the annual Archaeology Conference taking place in Devizes on 13 May 2018 and had most recently been working on the A303 consultation. Mrs Miah reported WHS was hosted by WC but WHS was looking to move to a more independent way of working. The Chairman stated WHS were very strong in representing Avebury’s messages and had been talking to the NT about the Chapel and how they could say more about World Heritage. Mrs Miah asked if everyone was aware of Megalith magazine and most people were aware of the magazine published by WHS. Members of the public were encouraged to submit any interesting articles. Mrs Miah said she had been asked by Sarah Simmonds (WHS Partnership Manager) to thank the Chairman for chairing the AWHS Committee. A member of the public reported the state of the Avenue and parking was getting worse and asked whether any improvements were planned. She said that she and her husband were against closure of the Avenue and that a weight limit on the Avenue had been suggested. Mrs Miah said she was working with the Transport Group on solutions and Mrs Davies reported that Steve Hind (WC Senior Highways Engineer) was currently working on ways to rebuild the verges on the Avenue. A member of the public asked who would be taking over the Chairman roles and who would pay for the WHS Officers if WHS was moving away from anything non-statutory. Mrs Miah reported that the WHS Co-ordination Unit was only moving towards being more independent and not separate from WC. Mrs Davies stated WC would continue to pay members of staff and that WC was committed to making a thriving economy.
      4. APC Website: in the absence of Kate Fry, the Clerk reported that improvements to the website would soon include photographs of Councillors and a new detailed calendar for local events.
    6. Planning: the Chairman reported that APC had supported all planning applications received, being 25 applications from 29 April 2017 to 24 April 2018, some with suggested conditions. The PC had made observations on an application for a mobile ‘phone mast behind the Bell PH in West Overton.
    7. Local issues and Parish Council decisions:
      1. Defibrillator: Mrs Lewis reported the defibrillator on the Social Centre had been part funded by the Henge Shop, the Community Shop and the Parish Council and that a second defibrillator had been purchased at a reduced price for Avebury Trusloe and had been part funded by local residents who wished to remain anonymous and again the Parish Council. She explained the defibrillator would be housed in a heated cabinet inside the BT telephone kiosk because the pads needed to be kept warm to work efficiently and that Mrs Paradise would be looking for a volunteer to look after the defibrillator / check the kit and send a monthly report to SW Ambulance Service via email. Mrs Lewis reported that the next defibrillator training session was taking place at 7pm on 9 July in the Social Centre, all welcome. A member of the public asked if the kiosk would be straightened as it had been leaning for years. It was noted the Parish Council had considered straightening the kiosk but would not be doing so due to electricity supply being located underneath the concrete foundations. A member of the public asked what the procedure was if a tourist became ill. It was noted that in an emergency the public should call 999 for an ambulance and if an ill person was within 200 metres of a defibrillator then it could be used by a member of the public. The emergency services were aware of the location of all defibrillators. The Chairman thanked Mrs Lewis for her report.
      2. Flood Group: there was nothing to report.
      3. Civil Emergency Plan: Mrs Lewis and Judy Farthing were working on updating the document.
      4. Great West Way: the Chairman explained Visit Wiltshire had set up a one million pound project called The Great West Way to encourage foreign, internet based travel agents to bundle holidays for two nights or more and bring tourists to areas of interest along the A4, Great Western Railway, Kennet and Avon Canal and River Thames by all means of transport. It was noted Avebury had about 18 bed spaces for tourists. The Chairman said Visit Wiltshire recognised some places would be able to get huge community returns but that other places such as Avebury were fragile and wouldn’t be able to cope with too many tourists. It was additionally noted with satisfaction that the WHS icon on a Great West Way map was on Stonehenge and not Avebury.
      5. Ridgeway: the Chairman reported WHS had sent a letter in October 2016 to Jane Scott (Leader, WC) requesting that the Ridgeway be closed all year round and had yet to receive a response. APC had included: There should be a plan to ensure that displacement of vehicles particularly at summer solstice does not impact on other visitors, residents, farmers and landowners and the wider WHS. Mrs Davies (Wiltshire Councillor) reported that WC did not want to get involved in litigation with byway users such as the 4×4 Club. Mrs Miah (WHS Partnership Officer) said she was meeting with Sarah Wright (Ridgeway National Trail Officer) because preserving underlying archaeology was a legal reason to close the Ridgeway.
      6. Housing Needs Survey: the Chairman stated that the results of the survey were accessible via the Parish Council web-site and showed there were six households in need. This was not, however, likely to be a good representation as the response rate had been 34% and demand was likely to be higher.
      7. URC Chapel: noted further information in the NT update (see appendix 1).
      8. High Speed broadband: there were various requests by members of the public for assistance in improving broadband and the Chairman said that the PC would continue to try to help.
      9. APC Donations and contributions: the Chairman reported the Parish Council had donated £500 for Avebury Day, agreed to contribute £900 for defibrillators in the High Street and at Trusloe, pledged £1,000 for footpath signage scheme and £250 for HLF fund application for new WHS Trust.
    8. A303 consultations: the Chairman stated APC had written to Chris Grayling (Secretary of State) and responded to the Highways England Consultation. He said it was important to avoid UNESCO taking action that might put Stonehenge and Avebury’s WHS status at risk and that a bypass or longer tunnel would solve the problem.
    9. National Trust: representations on issues and planned improvements in dialogue. [The Clerk temporarily left the room]. The Chairman reported that APC had included NT update as a standing item on its agenda from June 2016. He said that the NT (Jan Tomlin and Catherine Hosie) had attended one meeting of the PC in the past 12 months on 4 July and since then they had attended no meetings. Councillor James Sheppard (Vice-Chairman WC) had attended four PC meetings (2 May – 5 Sept inclusive) and Jane Davies (Wiltshire Councillor) had attended seven meetings. He reported the Coach House toilets were opening more frequently when the bookshop was open and Emma’s Pantry mobile food van for the High Street Car Park would not be proceeding for the time being as reported in July 2017 PC minutes. In discussion, members of the public expressed discontent and felt that the NT did not recognise that Avebury was an independent village and not the same as Lacock. Mrs Davies (Wiltshire Councillor) proposed that APC write to the new Director General at the National Trust about the need to improve communications and the public asked that APC include that the village also recognised the valuable contributions made by the NT. Proposed by Mrs Davies (Wiltshire Councillor), seconded by Mr Butler and unanimously agreed by those present.
    10. Civil Emergency Plan: covered under item 4.g.iii.
    11. Flood Group: covered under item 4.g.ii.
    12. Arrangements for Summer Solstice 2018: not covered.
    13. Local improvements and works including: the Chairman reported:
      1. High Street planters had been damaged and re-instated.
      2. Litter picking had been postponed twice due to adverse weather and a new date would be announced by the PC very soon.
      3. The PC had made various requests for leaf clearance, street cleaning, potholes, street lamps, salt, strimming verges and some potholes had been filled in including The Avenue, Green Street, Church Walk and Footpath 22.
    14. Precept, finance and administration: the Chairman reported:
      1. The precept had been set at £12,100 in 2017/18 and had remained the same for 2018/19. Expenditure had been budgeted at £16,694, using £4,194 of reserves after allowing for VAT refund of about £400.
      2. The bank balance at 31 March 2018 was £19,861 and compared with about £16,262 on the 31 March last year and that APC’s actual position was more like £6,300 because of £13,500 pledges outstanding. A member of the public asked if the precept might be increased to pay for more services and the Chairman said that if APC didn’t need the money then the precept would not be increased.
      3. APC policy on disposals of assets had been adopted.
      4. The audited accounts for 2016 – 2017 were available for inspection.
      5. Asset register and risk assessments had been reviewed and updated.
      6. Insurance cover had been renewed at a lower rate of £745 for three years until June 2020, but the cost would further decrease to about £360 because the PC would not be insuring the Pavilion.
      7. Annual accounts inspection and internal audit carried out twice a year.
      8. Annual inspection of the Play Area at Avebury Trusloe was carried out by RoSPA.
      9. APC had leased two defibrillators.
  5. Local issues from the public:
    1. A member of the public reported that Thames Water had been carrying out pumping work at the sewage works in Beckhampton until 9pm at night and asked if anyone knew the length of time it would go on for. A member of the public said that tankers had been going through the High Street to get to the pumping station at the end of Church Walk at 4am in the morning. It was noted there were difficulties keeping the pumping station at Avebury going, the sewer systems were connected and that might be the reason why Thames Water were pumping at Beckhampton. Mrs Lewis offered to investigate.
    2. A member of the pubic reported potholes on Green Street needed urgent attention. Mr Stacey said they were on the PC’s list and they would pursue the issue.
    3. A member of the public reported two lamps on Church Walk and two more down by the pumping station needed fixing, one of which had been out for a long time. Clerk to log issue on WC on-line reporting tool.
  6. Local issues from the Parish Council: there were no issues.
  7. Any other business: none declared.
  8. Thanks: the Chairman thanked all those who supported the Parish Council:
    • Litter pickers and those who cleared up after their dogs especially on the recreation ground, Circle and on footpath paths.
    • Trustees, Secretaries and Treasurers of local voluntary organisations and especially ACSReC members.
    • Jane Davies (Wiltshire Councillor), Police, the National Trust, Sarah Simmonds and Helen Miah and Wiltshire Council.
    • the Parish Council’s wider team of Judy Farthing (Civil Emergency Officer), Kate Fry (APC web site), Ron Dobson (advice on buildings), Martin Rendle (small works), John Giles, David Throup (Editor, UKN) and the farmers for fixing stiles and many other small works.
    • Liz Moore (APC’s Clerk).
    • Colleagues on the Parish Council.
    • All those attending the meeting.

    Mrs Lewis proposed a vote of thanks to Andrew Williamson for his dedication and hard work as Chairman of Avebury Parish Council for the past 7 years and presented him with a gift from fellow members and the Clerk. The Chairman sincerely thanked everyone.

    The meeting closed at 21:15

    Appendices (included in the book of Parish Council papers):

    1. National Trust update                                                                             Documents available for inspection were the APC’s minute book, audit reports, bank statements and books of account. The accounts were not inspected.

7 May 2019 AGM + Ordinary Council Meeting : AGENDA

Avebury Parish Council

The Annual General Meeting of Avebury Parish Council will be held at the Social Centre, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF at 7.15pm on Tuesday 7 May 2019 and an Ordinary Meeting of Avebury Parish Council will be held immediately after the Annual General Meeting on the same day and at the same place.

All members of the public are welcome to attend.

Liz Moore, Clerk to Avebury Parish Council, 30 April 2019

Agenda for AGM

  1. Apologies
  2. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairs
  3. Minutes of AGM held on 1 May 2018
  4. Appointment of members of Committees, Sub-Committees and Parish Council representatives
  5. Appointment of representatives to other bodies
  6. Payment of annual subscriptions

Agenda for Ordinary Meeting

  1. Public question time
  2. Apologies
  3. Declarations of interest
  4. Minutes of meeting held on 2nd April 2019
  5. Matters arising from the minutes
  6. Planning applications:
      1. Application for Listed Building Consent for removal of existing modern partitions and WC’s, new staircase, new voids in first floor and relocation of roof lights at Avebury Manor, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF. Ref: 19/00431/LBC.
      2. Full Planning Application for relocation of roof lights at Avebury Manor, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF. Ref: 19/00051/FUL.
  7. Co-option and Membership (closed session)
  8. Review of Annual Village Meeting
  9. WHS Avebury Committee meeting 30 April: oral report (Mr Williamson)
  10. Project Updates:
    1. Transport Group progress report:
      1. Signage project
      2. Resurfacing footpath 21 and footpath 22
      3. Community issue 4245: A4 at Beckhampton and West Kennett
    2. A303 written representation
    3. PC requests for ASOP meeting on 8 May and progress report on permit scheme and arrangements for Solstice
    4. Play area refurbishment: progress report
    5. Broadband/high speed: progress report
  11. Local Issues:
      1. Options for BT ‘phone box in West Kennett and feedback from residents in West Kennett and the wider community
      2. New notice board for West Kennett
      3. Replacement planters for the High Street
      4. Repainting of BT ‘phone box in the High Street
      5. Fly tipping
      6. To agree funding for a third defibrillator and location options
  12. Parish Steward Priority Sheet:
      1. Report on work completed in April
      2. Job requests for May
  13. Communications
  14. Correspondence
  15. Finance and admin including: receipt of parish precept, VAT rebate, arrangements for internal audit and annual return, community litter picking equipment and cheques for payment and cheques for ratification.
  16. Date of next meeting: 7:30pm on Tuesday 4th June 2019 at the Social Centre.
  17. Any other business

5 March 2019 Ordinary Meeting : Minutes

Avebury Parish Council

Minutes of an ordinary meeting of Avebury Parish Council held on Tuesday 5 March 2019 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.

In these minutes AONB stands for Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, APC for Avebury Parish Council, ASOP for Avebury Solstice Operational Planning, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, ASSF for Avebury Sacred Sites Forum, AWHS for Avebury World Heritage Site, BT for British Telecommunications plc, CATG for Community Area Transport Group, EH for English Heritage, LGA for Local Government Act, MAB for Marlborough Area Boards, NT for the National Trust, PC for Parish Council, TG for Transport Group, UKN for Upper Kennet News, WC for Wiltshire Council and WHS for World Heritage Site.

Present: Councillors Mr Stephen Stacey (Chairman), Dr Mike Bedford (Vice-Chair), Mrs Maggie Lewis (Vice-Chair), Mr Ben Butler, Mr Terence O’Connor and Mrs Lynzey Paradise.

In attendance: Miss Liz Moore (Clerk).

Time started: 19:39

  1. Public question time: the Chairman welcomed Mrs Jane Davies (Wiltshire Councillor: up to and including item 9.c) to the meeting and thanked her for attending. There were no other members of the public present.
  2. Apologies: Councillors Mr Paul Ryder-Morris, Ms Zandria Service and Mr Andrew Williamson.
  3. Declarations of interest: none declared.
  4. Minutes of meeting held on 5 February 2019: unanimously agreed as an accurate record. Proposed by Mrs Paradise and seconded by Dr Bedford.
  5. Matters arising from the minutes: the Chairman reported:
    1. Min ref. 14.a. Further to a request by Tony Langridge to consider how best to use the nursery site including a proposal to exchange land, a meeting had been arranged at 11am on 12 March 2019. As previously discussed Mr Stacey and Mr Williamson would attend and report back to the PC.
    2. Min ref. 15.b. Swing seat: the new shackle assembly for one of the chains did not fit the existing fixing on the horizontal swing beam. Action: Clerk to contact Wicksteed to request replacement shackle.
  6. Planning applications: none received. The Clerk stated that several members of the public had noted that Sarsen Kennels on the A4 had recently erected a large business advertisement with down lighting on their fence fronting the A4. As the PC had received no notification from WC, it was believed that the work had been carried out without planning permission. The Chairman said that he had contacted Sarah Simmonds (WHS Manager) and had suggested that the sign would not enhance appreciation of the WHS. Sarah agreed and pointed out that it was contrary to WHS Management Plan recommendations. Mrs Davies (Wiltshire Councillor) added that, as the sign was clearly not a temporary banner, it would need planning permission. Action: Clerk to email WC enforcement with the details.
  7. PC’s Statement of Intent for handling applications to attend to trees: it was resolved to adopt a Statement of Intent concerning applications to fell trees. Proposed by Mrs Paradise, seconded by Mrs Lewis and carried unanimously. (See appendix 1).
  8. The Parish Emergency Plan (document previously circulated to members): members had reviewed the document. The Chairman thanked Mrs Lewis and Mrs Farthing for their hard work in updating the plan. One or two comments were made (e.g. there were in fact more salt bins in the parish than had been referenced) and Mrs Lewis asked that other remarks be sent to her by email so that she could update the plan in time for approval at the next PC meeting on 2 April.
  9. Project Updates:
    1. Transport Group progress report: Dr Bedford reported:
      1. Recommendations from Transport Group meeting 7 February: the meeting had focused on the Atkins initiative and since then he had contacted Steve Hinds (WC Highways) to again request the output for Beckhampton. He said that he wanted to encourage WC to start the design work for West Kennett as funding to do so had been committed locally and having the plans might help secure wider support from the community. In addition the TG had asked the PC to request WC to introduce a 40mph restriction on the section of the A4361 from Beckhampton roundabout to the existing 30mph restriction at Avebury. Dr Bedford undertook to do this using the MAB part of the Wiltshire online portal. In discussion it was noted that there was never likely to be the required material change of a new housing or industrial estate abutting the road, without which WC was reluctant to consider a request for speed restriction, since the area was in the WHS. It was suggested that there ought to be flexibility in interpreting the rule book given the challenging road safety issues at this point for pedestrians trying to cross the road to get to the bus stop and vehicles pulling into / out of the Trusloe turning that was on the brow of a steep hill. It was agreed that the Chairman and Dr Bedford would work on a draft document for submission to CATG. Dr Bedford explained that he had also been asked to identify the largest vehicles that would need to cross the new splitter islands on the A4 and had discovered that a bin lorry or medium articulated lorry was likely to be the biggest vehicle. Mrs Davies (Wiltshire Councillor) reported that decreasing speeds on A-roads was supported by many Parish and Town Councils including Royal Wootton Bassett and she intended to raise the following items at the next CATG meeting on 14 March to request: 1. WC carry out a long-term strategic review of roads 2. Police support for enforcement of existing speed limits. In further discussion a question was asked about whether there was a designated person responsible for road safety in WC, to which Mrs Davies advised that there was no such job role.
      2. A4 traffic calming project / road safety: report on meeting of the Chairs that took place on 18 February not covered.
      3. Project to improve road signage in Avebury: the Chairman reported that, further to a meeting he had attended on 27 February between representatives of the NT, WC and WHS Management Team, there had been agreement to renew highway signage and brown information signs (which would include no more than three symbols, being the WHS brand signifier, P for car parking, and M for museum) plus repaint existing signs on the road and renew yellow lines in primrose yellow where faded. It was noted that there would be no cost to the PC and that it was hoped that the work would be completed by the end of the summer or early autumn.
      4. Repairs to B4003 West Kennett Avenue: the Chairman reported that, following the 27 February meeting noted above, he had submitted a request to CATG to repaint the double yellow lines on the B4003. In parallel Wiltshire Highways would research how best to fill the two gaps where there were currently no double yellow lines, noting that this might require public consultation. He said that he expected the proposal to repair and reduce the ‘informal’ layby would be considered by the AWHS Committee next month. It was agreed that Dr Bedford or Mr Williamson would attend the next CATG meeting.
    2. ASSF meeting 14 January: Mrs Lewis said that there had not been much camping over winter Solstice and that the NT had observed that what appeared to be burial ash had been sprinkled on some of the sarsen stones.
    3. Proposed permit scheme and arrangements for Solstice: Mrs Paradise explained that there had been no further progress on the general residents’ parking permit scheme and that for Solstice the PC would need to revert to existing arrangements. In discussion it was noted that previously there had been a lot of last minute requests for additional permits and it was agreed to set a limit of two permits per address. The Chairman thanked Mrs Paradise for her work on this subject. Action: Clerk / Mrs Paradise to check distribution list and the Chairman to find out the date for the next meeting of ASOP. Mrs Lewis said that camping dates would be from Thursday 20 – Saturday 22 June.
    4. Superfast fibre broadband project and 4/5G: Mr O’Connor reported that everyone who had taken part in the survey would like to see improvements to telecommunications in the Parish. He would raise the subject again at the Village meeting so that those interested in the project could give consent for further communication and supply their email addresses. He added that further to the Village meeting he would then approach the service provider (BT). The Chairman thanked Mr O’Connor for his research.
    5. Play area refurbishment: Mrs Paradise reported that there had been 54 responses to the survey with children’s responses recorded too. She said that the largest age group requiring equipment had been 4-7 year olds and teenagers and therefore the Play Area would need to be hard wearing as well as in keeping with the WHS setting. It was noted that the most popular equipment choices had been a slide, obstacle course and zip wire as well as several requests for seating. It was agreed that Mrs Paradise should select suitable play equipment suppliers from those that had emailed their details and set up meetings so that suppliers could provide design ideas and estimates. Thanks were expressed to Mrs Paradise for her work.
  10. Electoral Review of Wiltshire: members reviewed the Local Government Boundary Commission’s draft recommendations, noted that Marlborough West would continue to have one Unitary Councillor, and agreed that the PC had no comment to make. [For information on the consultation please see www.lgbce.org.uk].
  11. Local Issues:
    1. Repairs to road mirror in Beckhampton: it was agreed that a small to medium sized mirror should be ordered by the Clerk. Mrs Lewis to supply the product details.
    2. State of BT ‘phone box in West Kennett: it was agreed that the Chairman would put a note in UKN asking for residents’ views on the state of the ‘phone box and send a letter to West Kennett residents asking them for feedback, too.
    3. Community litter pick: Mrs Lewis reported that notices for the litter pick had been put on the community Facebook page and that she would also put the information on the PC’s notice boards. It was noted that the litter pick was going to take place on Sunday 17 March and everyone should meet in the High Street car park at 9:30am. Hilary Makins (Head Ranger) at the NT had once again agreed to lend litter picking equipment for the event. It was envisaged the event would finish at 12:30pm and members of the public were advised to bring Hi-Viz jackets and gloves if possible.
    4. Replacement planters for the High Street: Mrs Paradise reported that several planters were showing wear and tear due to the wood rotting or vehicles having knocked into them and she thought that recycled plastic might be a better option. Mr O’Connor said that sustainability was an important criterion. It was noted that Mrs Paradise had sought the views of several households living adjacent to the planters and ascertained that they were not in favour of having a seat around the planter. It was agreed Mrs Paradise to seek the view of the WHS team on the use of recycled plastic for street furniture and continue to research pricing.
    5. Street lamps at Beckhampton roundabout: in discussion members noted that all the lamps were now working and indeed new poles had been inserted with exceedingly bright LED bulbs, which residents especially of  Isobel Cottage found distinctly irksome. Mrs Lewis offered to seek redress from WC Highways.
  12. Annual Parish Meeting: PC to set out its projects and aims for the year and theatre style seating to be set up with overhead projector. It was agreed to set the date for the Village meeting for Tuesday 16 April 2019 at 7pm with refreshments being served from 6:30pm. Clerk to check availability of the Social Centre.
  13. Parish Steward Priority Sheet:
    1. Report on work completed in February: the Clerk reported that the following jobs had been requested: fill potholes and check culverts and gullies along the High Street.
    2. Job requests for 13 March: Mr Butler requested that the white metal railings at Big Arch Bridge on footpath 22 should be repainted. There were no other requests.
  14. Communications: the Chairman reported that the PC’s Headlines had been submitted for the March Edition of UKN.
  15. Correspondence: the Clerk reported:
    1. Thank you letter had been received from The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust for £50.00 donation.
    2. Police report for February 2019: not received.
  16. Finance and admin including:
    1. Training: the Clerk reported that members were invited to take part in Community Organising training and a taster session had been arranged for 7pm on Tuesday 2 April 2019 prior to full Council meeting from 7:30pm on the same day.
    2. The approved minutes of the Transport Group Committee meeting dated 11 June 2018 were received for the minute book (see appendix 2) and the minutes of a meeting with Wiltshire Highways dated 19 September 2018 were also received for the minute book (see appendix 3).
    3. Cheques for ratification and cheques for payment: it was resolved that the following cheques be paid. Proposed by Dr Bedford, seconded by Mrs Paradise and unanimously agreed.
      1. ASSC: 1st part payment of donation towards new Pavilion       £750.00
      2. Wicksteed Leisure Ltd: fixings for baby swing (including VAT)  £20.40
      3. Miss E Moore: Clerk’s overtime and expenses 22 January – 21 February 2019                                                                            £328.58
  17. Date of next meeting: 7:30pm on Tuesday 2 April 2019 [apologies received from Mr Stacey].
  18. Any other business: members noted that:
    1. A water leak on Green Street had been reported on the 25 January and would be repaired by Thames Water once scheduled monument consent had been granted (six to eight weeks hence).
  19. The meeting closed at: 21:41

Appendices: (included in the book of Parish Council papers)

  1. Statement of Intent – Felling of Trees and the Ten Principles of the Tree Charter
  2. Approved minutes of 11 June 2018 Transport Group Committee meeting
  3. Minutes of 19 September 2018 meeting with Wiltshire Highways

16 April 2019 Annual Village Meeting : AGENDA

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held in the Social Centre, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF at 7.00pm on Tuesday 16 April 2019 (refreshments from 6.30pm).

All members of the public are very welcome.

Stephen Stacey

Chair, 8 April 2018


  1. Welcomes and introductions
  2. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 24 April 2018 (see Parish Council website www.aveburyparishcouncil.org)
  3. Matters arising from the minutes
  4. Report on the work of the Parish Council and local organisations in the past year, including:
    1. Elections and membership
    2. Police Community Support Officer
    3. National Trust
    4. World Heritage Site Partnership Manager
    5. Wiltshire Council
    6. Avebury Sports and Social Club, to include pavilion update
    7. Community Shop
    8. Community Orchard
    9. Transport Group: local road and footpath schemes
    10. Community High Speed Broadband: project report
    11. Community Play Area: project report
    12. Planning decisions
    13. Civil Emergency Plan
    14. Precept, finance and admin, data protection and improvements to Parish Council website.
  5. Local issues from the public: the past year and for the next 12 months.
  6. Local issues from the Parish Council: the past year and for the next 12 months.
  7. Any other business.