14 June 2019 Transport Group Meeting : Notes

Notes from a meeting of the Transport Group Committee held on Friday 14 June 2019 at Avebury Sports and Social Club.

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Present: Stephen Stacey, Mike Bedford, Stephanie Burgess (project manager, senior engineer Atkins), Helen Weedon (WHS co-ordination committee), Stephen Hind (WC), Angela Norman.
  3. Apologies for absence: Moya Brennan
  4. Declarations of interest: none
  5. Acceptance of minutes of 7 February 2019: accepted (acceptance to be deferred to next meeting as meeting inquorate)
  6. Matters arising from the minutes: none of importance for this meeting
  7. Project progress reports from Atkins on A4 road safety enhancement schemes at Beckhampton and West Kennett
    1. Originally only BH scheme looked at but APC desired both to move forwards. WK and BH proposals discussed. Aim of today to conclude how to finish schemes off. SS noted this is a 4 step process and this meeting is to get us to step immediately before detailed design and implementation. Detailed design and implementation is funding dependent, the current designs we are working on will give ball park figures of construction that are more considered than the WHS estimates.
    2. WK scheme alternative were shown which has no Avenue access and no ghost island. Original work was done by a safety auditor who noted that if the right hand turn on to the Avenue was suggested then the plans would fail at safety audit at highways. Details of gating (open or locked) the avenue discussed but agreed it was something to be considered at implementation. Gating also allows opening in times of emergency. Agreed the current plans were acceptable to the APC and could be taken to next step of rough cost estimates.
    3. BH – Scheme from roundabout to Waggon and Horses shown. Basic splitter principle with gaps to allow for turning of lorries and tractors into relevant entrances/exits shown. Idea to have an on carriage bus stop not warranted as the splitter will effectively. Rest of roundabout with south exit as priority fix to be worked on for next meeting. In the next three months the design should be completed which would enable us to complete the spend of the CATG funding. Hopeful that the project could be completed in the next month.
  1. Next steps
  2. Any other business
  3. Date of next meeting: 6-9th August


  1. Beckhampton Atkins preliminary proposal
  2. WK Atkins preliminary proposal

14 June 2019 Transport Group Meeting

Avebury Parish Council

A meeting of the Transport Group Committee will be held at 12 noon on Friday 14 June 2019 at Avebury Sports and Social Club, Beckhampton Road, Avebury SN8 1RD.

All members of the public and press are welcome to attend.

Liz Moore, Parish Clerk, 7 June 2019.


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Declarations of interest
  4. Acceptance of minutes of 7 February 2019
  5. Matters arising from the minutes
  6. Project progress reports from Atkins on A4 road safety enhancement schemes at Beckhampton and West Kennett
  7. Next steps
  8. Any other business
  9. Date of next meeting

7 February 2019 Transport Group : DRAFT Minutes

Avebury Parish Council

Draft: minutes of the Transport Group Committee meeting held 7 February 2019 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.

Present :  Mike Bedford, Stephen Stacey, Andrew Williamson, Helen Ramsay

  1. Membership
    1. Tim Lewis noted he wants to be taken off the committee. Having submitted his report re signage and status of footpaths early last year there has been little response from the NT and he feels the time is not well spent.
  2. Apologies for absence: Angela Norman, Tim Lewis, Moya Brennan
  3. Declarations of interest: none
  4. Acceptance of minutes of 11 June 2018 and 19 September 2018: S Stacey proposed, AW seconded, accepted.
  5. Matters arising from the minutes: all matters are on the agenda.
  6. Footpaths – Footpath 22:
    1. S Stacey met Martin Cook who noted there may be some money for FP22 and to contact Steve Leonard. Also considered FP 21 (spur to Avebury Trusloe from big arch bridge). S Stacey to follow up with S Leonard.
  7. A4 work update:
    1. Beckhampton and West Kennett:
      1. MB had phone call with S Hind 6th Feb 2019. Beckhampton plans are nearly complete but he has yet to see final version. Pressing Atkins weekly to deliver the plans – hopefully before next CATG. Noted that these plans were not what is known as detailed plans but preliminary plans. Nevertheless preliminary plans are far more detailed than the original sketches and remove most if not all potential problems that would prevent the plans being taken forwards. Suggested we meet once the plans are in to discuss outputs to sense check it is delivering what the community wants. MB to check progress with S Hind next week and report back.
      2. W Kennett. S Hind re-iterated that WK plans will not happen without closure of Avenue. We would still see value in the W Kennett plans going forward in expectation that we will get consensus. The transport group has to convince enough of the surrounding parishes to support or at least not challenge closure of the Avenue. Next discussion with S Hind to press for continuance of the W Kennett plans following 18th Feb meeting with surrounding parishes to explain our strategy.
      3. Another target in discussions could be to emphasise making cycling safe on the A4 by implementing cycle lanes which would effectively narrow the road. This should be part of the Great West Way initiative to increase tourism in Wiltshire.
      4. Trusloe. Need to consider reducing the speed limits from Avebury towards Trusloe. There is in the WHS traffic plan a proposal to have a 40mph limit from the roundabout to Trusloe. Suggested we put it in as a local area issue on the Wiltshire Council website to reduce the speed limit. MB to log this on the website.
    2. Interaction with other Parish Councils:
      1. Next meeting on 18th February at Holly Lodge ( N Fisk). Avebury, E Kennet, Fyfield and W Overton and Jill Petchey (Monkton and BB). Idea is to present the project as an A4 and WHS wide project.
    3. Next steps – action recommended
      1. Action the Trusloe reduced speed request as per 7,a,4.
  8. Priority check:
    1. Roads (Other than A4 above)
      1. A4361 50mph speed limit from Winterbourne Basset to Avebury and crossing the road for buses. Berwick Basset asked to seek support from Avebury Parish Council for traffic calming, footpaths in particular and cycling between Avebury and WM and BB. TG understands that WMBB is raising this issue with CATG.
      2. State of repair – A4361 is poor and noted M Cook asked if there was a need for white lining anywhere. Roundabout at Beckhampton is not safe  -several accidents into Beckhampton stables in the last 4 months. Improved grip may encourage greater speed. Proposed action is to push for reduced speed limit (40 mph) on the WC issue board 7,a,4 which would extend for 300m from each exit from the roundabout.
    2. Footpaths (state of repair of current)
      1. There is some support for fixing the byway circumscribing the Adam and Eve field. Is this something we put to CATG? Given only one item can go to CATG if we wish to be successful, agreed we should focus on the 40mph at Trusloe to roundabout.
    3. Footpaths – new
      1. WK to Avebury
      2. Beckhampton to Silbury Hill
        1. Agreed these are important but we need fix the current paths before we consider this.
    4. Parking:
      1. Many cars broken into in the NT car park – any responsibility of the NT to CC TV the site? Suggested APC bring this up with the NT
    5. Speed limits – particularly extension of speed limit on A4361 to Trusloe. What can we do – how can we achieve this. See 7a4.
    6. Other
  9. Any other business
  10. Date of next meeting: To be determined after CATG and 18th Feb meeting of surrounding parishes

7 February 2019 Transport Group Meeting : Agenda

Avebury Parish Council

A meeting of the Transport Group Committee will be held at 7:30pm on 7 February 2019 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.

All members of the public and press are welcome to attend.

Liz Moore, Clerk to Avebury Parish Council, 30 January 2019.


  1. Membership
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Declarations of interest
  4. Acceptance of minutes of 11 June 2018 and 19 September 2018
  5. Matters arising from the minutes
  6. Footpaths – Footpath 22
  7. A4 work update
    1. Beckhampton
    2. West Kennett
    3. Interaction with other Parish Councils
    4. Next steps – action recommended
  8. Priority check
    1. Roads (other than A4 above)
      1. State of repair
    2. Footpaths (state of repair of current)
    3. Footpath – new
      1. WK to Avebury
      2. Beckhampton to Silbury Hill
    4. Parking
    5. Speed limits
    6. Other
  9. Any other business
  10. Date of next meeting



11 June 2018 Transport Group : Minutes

Minutes of the 11th June 2018 Transport Group Committee

Avebury Parish Council

Held from 7:30pm on Monday 11 June 2018 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.

Present – M R Bedford (Chairman), A Williamson, S Stacey, A Norman,  J Turner (W Overton PC traffic), M Brennan, L Bennett-Nutt (Winterbourne Monkton and Berwick Bassett PC)

  1. Apologies for absence
    1. Liz Moore, Helen Ramsay and Sarah Nichols
  2. Declarations of interest
    1. None
  3. Acceptance of minutes of 27th March 2018
    1. Accepted
  4. Matters arising from the minutes
    1. None
  5. Transport Group Exhibitions held in Avebury and Lockeridge
    1. Reports.
      1. Red Lion and KVH summaries by Stephen circulated. Community concern about the A4 and commitment to act to improve safety for all road users stood out. In discussion it was noted that there have been near misses, serious injuries, and deaths on this road in recent years. The existing proposal to improve safety at Beckhampton and more so West Kennett (which Wiltshire Highways has advised would require closure the Avenue) was prominent in exchanges between participants of the KVH meeting.  Other issues mainly related to Trusloe parking, the A4361 at Trusloe, Green Street and footpaths.  A document detailing the issues raised at the Red Lion meeting and the suggested responses and priorities had been produced before the Kennet Valley Hall meeting and it was agreed that it would be right to modify this document if it seemed necessary to do so.
    2.  Priorities
      1. It was agreed at the outset that, given the outputs of both exhibitions, safety on the A4 should be the priority of this group. The Beckhampton plans have already gone to Atkins for detailed drawings. West Kennett needs to be submitted for the same treatment. Closure of the Avenue, a consequence of improving safety on the A4 at West Kennett, is not yet supported by some residents of Avebury and other parishes on the grounds of inconvenience to them and difficulties for emergency vehicles. We noted that access can be addressed by permitting use by emergency and farm vehicles and it is the view of the Transport Group that improving road safety must take precedence over convenience.
      2. The KVH meeting clearly identified the significant desire of W Overton to extend the A4 calming suggested in the W Kennett proposals eastwards past the Bell and beyond to North Farm to the WHS boundary. Fyfield and West Overton PC supports the efforts of the Transport Group in this regard and would be keen to take forward the plans of the Sanctuary scheme presented in the WHS Transport Strategy for Avebury and extend them past North Farm. The W Kennett plans should link with the Overton plans such that residents of all parishes make the connection between the benefits of calming of the A4 for all and the consequential closure of the Avenue.
      3. Further implementation of the WHS plans at Silbury Hill would complete the entire A4 scheme in the WHS Strategy and would facilitate the suggestion of a 50mph WHS wide speed limit to bring some control over traffic speeds and thus safety on the A4361 N towards and past Avebury Trusloe. The Committee welcomed the proposal that the Transport Group should work closely with Berwick Bassett and Winterbourne Monkton Parish Council.
      4. Actions : The Transport Group recommends that Avebury Parish Council works closely with Fyfield and West Overton PC and Berwick Bassett and Winterbourne Monkton PC and;
        1. Should push ahead with the West Kennett proposals as presented in the WHS plans. In presenting this recommendation it should be noted that the proposals are tightly linked with the extension of the Sanctuary plans eastwards as indicated in action 2 below.
        2. The Transport Group and Fyfield and West Overton Parish Council work together to bring forward an extended Sanctuary detailed plan which encompasses the A4 towards and beyond North Farm.
        3. Following on from 2, the plans for the Silbury hill modifications should be proposed for detailed plans to complete the entire A4 proposal in the WHS plans.
        4. This would allow for a more coherent approach from all Parish councils from West Overton to Winterbourne Monkton to press Wilts Council for a WHS wide 50mph speed limit.
    3. Actions: Listed in bold above. Other recommendations as per the output from the previous meeting will stay as listed as there were no significant differences between the Red Lion and KVH exhibitions with regards to prioritisations or topics. Final document encompassing the above actions will be completed and forwarded to APC on agreement of the minutes.M Bedford to circulate minutes and suggest to Jill Turner that a joint meeting with W Overton PC be held to discuss extension of Sanctuary plans to the east for submission to Wilts Council. Transport Group to seek support of W Overton for the plans for W Kennett. We want to maintain the current momentum and so the next transport group meeting is expected to be held in September once APC and Overton have met.
  6. Any other business
    1. None
  7. Date of next meeting
    1. TBA