1st March 2017 ACSReC Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of the Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) held on Wednesday 1st March at the Waggon and Horses, Beckhampton

Present Avebury Parish Councillors Mrs Lynzey Paradise, Dr. Mike Bedford, Mrs Maggie Lewis and Mr Stephen Stacey, Mrs Di Gater (Community Orchard Group), Mr Alan Blake (Avebury Sports and Social Club)

  1. Apologies Mr Bruce Hinder (Avebury Youth Football Club), Mr Dominic Fry (Avebury Cricket Club)
  2. Declarations of interest None
  3. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising
    1. Notice board – Mrs Paradise reported that the notice board had been removed sensitively with minimal disturbance to the surrounding ground. The NT has been reassured that there was no ground disturbance when it was lifted out of the ground. It was now in storage.
    2. Renewal of lease – Mrs Paradise and Mrs Lewis will attend a meeting with Catherine Hosie, Rural Surveyor for the NT, on Monday 20th March.  Ms Hosie has said that a copy of Alexander Keiller’s will has now been found and she will bring it to the meeting.  It is hoped that a copy can be made.

Although not present at the meeting Mr Fry had suggested that the committee re-read the condition in the lease that the pavilion should be handed back to the NT in the condition that it was given.  The committee felt that the condition of the pavilion when APC took control of it ought to be clarified – this would have been when ASA first came into being in 2000.

It was also reported that the NT considered Mr Colcomb, the map seller, as being engaged in a commercial activity, something proscribed under the terms of the lease.  He has indicated that he is winding down his business but it is not clear how long he will want to continue trading for.

4. Budget

Dr Bedford reported that between the Lloyd’s and Nationwide accounts there is £2,850 and APC has a net liability to ACSReC of £38.82 bringing total funds to £2,889.31.  Fees from ACC will be higher this year following the increase in games as Cherhill CC will be playing fixtures at the ground – £1,200 – and APC has pledged £1,000

It was felt that both the bank accounts should remain active with the Lloyd’s account acting as a working account to pay bills from and the Nationwide account acting as a fundraising account.  Mrs Lewis and Dr. Bedford to liaise to get Mrs Lewis added as a signatory on the Nationwide account.

5. Pavilion

The committee expressed their thanks to Mr Mark Paradise and Mr & Mrs Keith Paradise who had installed new guttering on the pavilion recently.  The rainwater now flows away better as a result into the drainage/soakaway

During the recent risk assessment one of the support posts for the veranda roof and the wooden edge to the veranda were noted to be rotten and posed a hazard.  Mr Mark Paradise had suggested a method of repairing these and improving the maintenance.  Mrs Paradise is happy to ask her husband’s uncle, Mr Victor Paradise, if he can help to do this -proposed by Mr Blake and seconded by Mrs Gater.

Following the request from Thames Water for proof of septic tank emptying Mrs Lewis reported that the tank is situated under the kitchen, which was added as an extension at a later date.  There should be a hatch under the linoleum on the kitchen floor.  Mrs Paradise said that she had attempted to lift the floor covering but it was glued down.  There was speculation that there was not a tank but a soakaway. Old brick work had been noted behind the pavilion during the recent planting exercise.  The issue needs investigating.

Mrs Paradise and Mrs Lewis also noted during the assessment that rubbish bins had been left overflowing and sand buckets on the veranda also had rubbish in.  User groups to be reminded to clear up after themselves.

Other issues noted during the assessment were:

  • Kit in changing rooms should be moved to storage
  • Fire exits need signs to remind users that they should be unbolted when the pavilion is in use and kept clear
  • The mould is still quite bad, it had been suggested that the internal doors be left open to aid air flow. Mrs Paradise and Mrs Lewis had left a small radiator on and it seemed to have made a difference.
  • The new padded benches were an acquisition from Cherhill CC from their old club house.

6. Maintenance

    1. Update on checks – inventory and risk assessment completed.  The PAT testing of electrical items is scheduled for 9th March.  The fire safety assessment has yet to be arranged. It had been noted that mole hills were again appearing and it may be necessary to get WRF Pest Control in at an earlier date than planned
    2. Repairs to roof – following research it had been found that the Church Communities Fund will only make funding grants to churches.  Following an inspection using a cherry picker no obvious signs of damage could be seen so there was no easy way of telling where the water is getting in which meant that patching may not work. The surveyor had suggested that there was a solution that would cost hundreds, not thousands, of pounds and as cost is an issue this seemed like a solution.  To be investigated further.

7. Groups

    1. COG – the remaining whips were planted behind the pavilion on a cold snowy morning in the middle of February.  Mrs Gater reported that Mr Farthing will be asked to spread wood chip mulch on the area in due course.
    2. AYFC – no report
    3. ACC
  • have completed the merger with Cherhill Cricket Club, adding 26 new members, a second Saturday side, and 8 new Wednesday evening fixtures.
  • we hope to add 40 members to the Avebury sports & social club this year.
  • our fixture list for 2017 now includes 36 Saturday fixtures, 18 Sunday friendlies and 15 mid-week fixtures, 69 fixtures in total.
  • sadly, we fell victim to the 90mph winds of storm Doris and suffered around £2,000 of damage to our practice batting cages and artificial net. Unfortunately, we were not covered by our insurance for these items.

 Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 5th April, venue to be advised

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.49 p.m.

31st May 2017 ACSReC Agenda

Avebury Parish Council

A meeting of Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) will be held in the Pavilion, Avebury Sports Field at 7.30pm on Wednesday 31st May 2017

All members of the public are welcome to attend.                               Maggie Lewis, Secretary ACSReC


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
  4. Budget
    1. Financial statement
  5. Lease Renewal (confidential session)
  6. Fundraising suggestion from Kennet Community Minibus
  7. Groups
    1. Community Orchard Group
    2. Football Club
    3. Cricket Club
  8. Date of next of meeting





1st February 2017 ACSReC Agenda

Avebury Parish Council

A meeting of Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) will be held in the meeting room, Waggon and Horses, Beckhampton at 7.30pm on Wednesday 1st February

All members of the public are welcome to attend.

Maggie Lewis, Secretary ACSReC


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
    1. Noticeboard
  4. Budget
    1. Financial statement
    2. Bank update
    3. Fundraising
      1. Film nights
  5. Pavilion – to consider the next steps in light of the surveyor’s repor
  6. Maintenance
    1. Safety checks
      1. Fire safety
      2. PAT testing of electrical equipment
      3. Risk assessment
      4. Inventory check
      5. Septic tank
  7.  Groups
    1. Community Orchard Group
    2. Football Club
    3. Cricket Club
  8. Next meeting – frequency of meetings




24th October ACSReC Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee held on Monday 24th October 2016, in the pavilion, Avebury Sportsfield

In these minutes APC stands for Avebury Parish Council, ACC for Avebury Cricket Club, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, AYFC for Avebury Youth Football Club, COG for Community Orchard Group, NT for National Trust and WC for Wiltshire Council

Present: Parish Councillors Mrs Lynzey Paradise (chairman), Mrs Maggie Lewis, Mr Stephen Stacey, Dr. Mike Bedford, Mr Dominic Fry (ACC), Mr Bruce Hinder (AYFC), Mrs Di Gater (COG), Mr Alan Blake (ASSC)

Apologies for absence None

Mrs Paradise welcomed Mr Stacey to the meeting as the newest member of the committee

  1. Minutes of the last meeting

As these had been circulated very late they were not reviewed or signed.  This will be done at the next meeting

Lease terms and conditions

Mrs Paradise and Mr Stacey reported that they had met with Catherine Hosie, NT Rural Surveyor for what was a productive and useful meeting.  Ms Hosie didn’t feel a need for the recital of the (factually accurate) history in the lease and is researching for her own satisfaction.  The recital is thought to be useful as it shows long term use by the community which could be useful when applying for funding.

The conditions of use were agreed as acceptable and Mrs Paradise asked if there were any specific prohibitions to which the answer was only activities for commercial gain.  The map seller may muddy the waters a little in this area but it was felt that as he was a part time seller this could be overlooked.

Ms Hosie asked that the NT be informed of any activities in advance as a courtesy to avoid a clash, it might be possible to liaise to run complementary events.  The committee felt that it would be nice to get more than a week’s notice of any events.  The expansion of the APC website to include a village diary would help – Mrs Gater noted that a physical diary used to be kept in the village shop.

The NT are happy to look at a 40 year lease, having initially suggested 25 years, which would also help with funding applications and they have agreed to provide a supporting letter to go with any funding applications.

Ms Hosie also told Mrs Paradise and Mr Stacey of a scheme in Lacock in which a private individual is putting a community building on NT land and she will provide some details of this to help inform ACSReC.

A meeting between NT, APC, ASSC and ACSReC to brainstorm ideas was suggested.  Mrs Paradise asked who would represent ASSC at such a meeting and Mr Fry said that he and Mr Blake would.  Mrs Gater reported that the Social Centre Committee didn’t view the idea of combining ASSC, the Social Centre and the Pavilion favourably but she would be interested in being involved.  Mr Hinder noted that, from his past experience, the agreement with the NT should be obtained first before any plans are drawn up.

Ms Hosie will now be ACSReC’s main point of contact with the NT.  A draft copy of the new lease will be sent in due course



The NT want the new noticeboard removed on the grounds that they were not consulted on the process.  Mr Fry has already circulated one email chain that indicates that they were consulted on the whole process as well as part funding it and has other emails that show that they were in the loop.  APC Chairman Mr Williamson has forwarded this to Jan Tomlin but has yet to receive a response.  A site meeting has been proposed with all interested parties.

The committee debated the objection from the NT and decided that on the evidence of co-operation from the NT no further action was required.  Mrs Lewis will check previous minutes for reference to NT being aware of the installation of the noticeboard.

Lloyd’s Bank Update

Mrs Lewis gave a brief résumé of her efforts to get the bank mandate sorted out – it would seem that 2 sets of correctly signed papers and proofs of identity from Mrs Lewis and Dr Bedford have been lost in the system and no-one knows what is happening!  Mrs Paradise asked that the complaints procedure be initiated as it has now been 9 months since the process started.

Dr Bedford gave a brief update on the budget and will go to see Mr Williamson to run through it before the APC meeting on 1st November as he is not able to attend.  The projected net outgoings are £4, 822 more than we earn at present.  The net gain/loss per year is £3-4,000.  Running costs are £4,200.  There was no income from Avebury Day.

If the outfield dressing, seeding and repairs and the cost of employing a cleaner are removed then the costs go down to £2,200 not including the capital expenditure which would be £6,486.  ACSReC will be £4,500 in debt in a year’s time if additional income isn’t generated.

Income yet to be received is £825 from the Spratts for the hire of the pavilion during their building works and £200 from Mr Colcomb in addition to the £300 already paid.

Mr Hinder suggested a fundraising committee and that participation in the village bazaar might raise some funds.  Mrs Paradise noted that Marlborough Area Board grants are capped at £5,000 but that our local councillor, Mrs Jemima Milton, is very supportive and councillor led funding isn’t capped.

Cost cutting measures were discussed at it was decided that we cannot afford to have a regular cleaner so Ms Wood’s services will be terminated.  Mrs Lewis to action.  If we don’t install new flooring and gate and undertake minimal maintenance then we could break even.

User fees to be reviewed and a possible cancellation policy – no play, no pay is the current policy but this is dependent on the weather and no shows.  Cancelled games are rearranged.

It was decided that a strategy to replace the building be formulated, that we tread water as far as the current building is concerned and fundraising is undertaken.


Until the new lease is in place it will be hard to know what we can and can’t do.  A first priority is to raise money to maintain what we already have.  It was decided that a working group should meet to discuss fundraising ideas.


The external tap has been installed and a notice informing people that the water is not suitable for drinking has been put up.  The tap should be turned off under the sink and drained after use.

User groups

    1. Community Orchard – Mrs Gater reported that the application for further work to the trees behind the pavilion has been submitted and that the work is hoped to be carried out before Christmas.  Following this clearance work will be undertaken by volunteers and more whips slit-planted and the fencing completed.  There will be some costs but there is no expectation of a contribution from ACSReC
    2. Avebury Youth Football Club – Mr Hinder asked if there should be a fee for the Sunday morning training session for the Starlets, the youngest group.  The participants pay and sessions last about an hour.  The general feeling was that no charge should be made but a donation would not be refused.

Mrs Paradise asked  that parents attending all sessions be asked not to park too far down the field so as not to damage the surface.

c. Avebury Cricket Club – ACC have gained promotion to the 1st Division.

Mr Fry reported that there is a community fund to bring an overseas player in again in 2017 who will coach the youth sides as well as play for the club.  The club has also received a grant of £10,000 from Sport England for new equipment to maintain the pitch as well as a grant for new covers.  He also reported that there had been no progress on maintenance works on copper beech on the northern side of the field, the crown of which needs raising a couple of feet.  Mrs Paradise suggested contacting Ms Hosie to see what can be done.

Date of next meeting

The next meting will be a working group to discuss fundraising and will take place on 1st December, venue to be advised.


28th June 2016 ACSReC meeting

A meeting of Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) held in the pavilion at 7.30pm on Tuesday 28th May 2016.

In these minutes APC refers to Avebury Parish Council, AYFC to Avebury Youth Football Club, ACC to Avebury Cricket Club, COG to Community Orchard Group, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, NT for the National Trust, HSE for Health & Safety Executive, COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health), UKN for Upper Kennet News

Present Avebury Parish Councillor Mrs Maggie Lewis, Mr Dominic Fry (ACC), Mr Bruce Hinder (AYFC), Mr Alan Blake (ASSC) and Mrs Janet Polack (COG)

Apologies for absence were received from Mrs Lynzey Paradise, Dr Mike Bedford and Mrs Di Gater

Declarations of interest None

Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising from

The minutes of the last meeting were proposed as correct by Mr Fry and seconded by Mr Blake.  Mrs Lewis signed them for the APC minute book.

    1. Kings Drummers parking – 27 cars were parked by members of the King’s Drummers.  Mrs Paradise and Mr Blake stayed for the drumming and saw all the vehicles off the field by 11.30 p.m.  Mrs Lewis has the deposit cheque and it was suggested we ask that it be a donation, otherwise it will be destroyed.
    2. Mr Fry said he had received reports of someone coming to the pavilion, smoking a lot outside and ‘pushing the Hoover around’. He had ascertained that this was Ms Wood.

The Hoover was found to be broken and had been dumped in the shed. (It was                    subsequently ascertained that the Hoover had been placed in the shed for safe                  keeping while spares were sought)

                 Mrs Gater has had to buy supplies of paper towels and toilet paper.  Washing                      up liquid is still needed.  It was decided that a list of duties for the cleaner be                        drawn up for her to work to and that Mrs Gater should impress on her the need                    to stick to this.  Mr Fry will draft this.

                 Mrs Lewis suggested that supplies could be purchased via the community shop                  as and when needed. This was accepted as a good way of keeping the pavilion                  resourced.

Scheme of delegations

As Mrs Paradise was unable to attend the meeting, Mrs Lewis suggested that she and Mrs Paradise work on a draft scheme for presentation at the next meeting

Health & Safety Guidelines for the field and pavilion

Mr Fry pointed out that there was already a set of Health and Safety guidelines, printed by the HSE on display – these were on the inside of the kitchen door! They were moved to be displayed in a more prominent position and the need for a Health & Safety contact (Mrs Lewis?) and to put the details of WC H&S contacts noted.

Mr Blake asked if Ms Wood had been instructed in the COSHH guidelines as she works with cleaning products.  Mrs Lewis said she wasn’t aware of the guidelines but would research and she and Mrs Gater will make sure Ms Wood knows what to do.


Mr Fry reported that the Cricket Club had purchased two donation buckets and put them on the fence on the day of the Authors cricket match (19th June) – a grand total of £7 was collected!  The low amount was probably due to the very poor weather that day and they will try again at future matches.  He also stated that the coffee van, Carpuccino, had been invited to the cricket on the same day and had been there for 2 hours.  The owners had reported that they had enjoyed doing this, had been supported by locals as well as visitors and would be happy to do the same again.  In future it may be possible that they would donate a percentage of their takings to ACSReC.  There had been no feedback from the NT.

Mr Blake said that the snooker table in the club had been sold and that this would give them much more space to hold a table top sale in future.  He had put the idea to the ASSC committee who had agreed to it.  Dates were discussed and 17th September was decided on.  Ads will be put in the July and August editions of UKN for sellers and the public and possible the ‘What’s On’ section of the local paper.

Mrs Lewis reported that she had been speaking to the local ladies looking for a venue for their Pilates class.  They are keen to find a suitable space which the pavilion could provide.  An hourly rate needs to be decided on and should include the cost of heating/lighting for the colder months.

Mr Hinder said that AYFC would like to run a 6-a-side tournament at the end of next season. The date will be decided on in October when the fixtures list is finalised but he would prefer a date in June.  The event would be run over a weekend – Friday evening to Sunday and the age groups would be U10, U11 & U13, U14 and U15.  The U18 team will not be playing next season.  He would need to borrow 4 sets of goal posts to supplement the club’s 2 and asked if anyone had contacts at Marlborough College.  Mr Fry offered to speak to someone he knows there.

It was suggested that collecting buckets be put out in the Pav Caff on Avebury Day in September for the ‘Save our Roof’ fund.


    1. Grant for roof – Mrs Paradise has been talking to Marlborough Area Board to see if funding to repair the roof would be possible.  It is difficult as they don’t give grants to PC’s and the sports clubs don’t own the building.  A full report will be given next meeting
    2. Entrance to sports field – it was noted some time ago that the entrance gateway was becoming increasingly potholed and that some repairs should be carried out as soon as possible.  Mr Fry and Mr Blake will investigate the possibility of doing this themselves.


    1. All seems to be going well with the builders using the pavilion.  Ms Wood or the cricket grounds man should report any problems.
    2. Map seller – a cheque has been received for 10 bookings but it wasn’t clear how many times Mr Colcomb had been at the field this summer as the weather had been very poor.

User groups

    1. AYFC – nothing to report
    2. ACC – Mr Fry noted that ACC had undertaken various repairs in the pavilion, namely the hanging of mirrors in the bathrooms and changing rooms, painting of benches, towel dispensers installed in bathrooms and the beading over the changing room door repaired.  They had also purchased a small lawnmower for cutting smaller areas (such as round the orchard trees) that were inaccessible to the tractor mower.  All the compostable material that had been dumped had been pushed into one area and will be boxed off to make a compost heap to keep the area tidy.

He asked for the APC bank account details so that ACC could pay their match                    fees electronically.  Mrs Lewis will ask the Parish Clerk to supply these.

He also reported that the supplier for the racking for the storage shed had let                      them down and that a refund was being given.  Materials will be purchased to                      build suitable storage racking.

The maintenance plan should include all work done and costs incurred and he                     felt that ACSReC should consider payment to those who had done the work.

                   COG – Mrs Polack reported that the weeding day had been cancelled due to                      bad weather but they were hoping to organise another date in July or                                   September to clear the guards around the new whips of grass and weeds.  The                   coppicing will need working parties and they will select a date, preferably a                         Sunday, in July.

New permission to clear behind the pavilion is to be applied for so that the work                   can be done later this year.

The COG would like to hold Apple Day on Saturday 8th October this year, at                       the pavilion.  Mr Fry noted this for the bookings calendar


    1. Lloyds Bank update – Mrs Paradise is to speak to Mrs Haines, of ASA, to get her signature on the bank mandate which should then allow us to access the money in the Lloyds account.
    2. Cheques for payment:
      1. Fencing £264.00
      2. Mrs D. Gater £  35.98 for supplies for pavilion
      3. Ms F. Wood £117.24 for cleaning the pavilion

Proposed by Bruce Hinder, seconded by Alan Blake

 Date of next meeting

Mrs Lewis noted that at the first meeting of ACSReC it had been decided to review the frequency of meetings in 6 months and asked the committee if monthly meeting were still needed.  The committee felt that they were as there was still a lot of work to be done and that monthly meetings were still needed to keep a track of this.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 21.10 p.m.


27 July 2016 ACSReC Meeting Agenda

Avebury Parish Council

A meeting of Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) will be held in the pavilion, Avebury Sportsfield at 7.30pm on Wednesday 27th July 2016.

Please note the later start time of the meeting

All members of the public are welcome to attend.

Maggie Lewis, Secretary ACSReC


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising from the minutes
  4. Lease terms and conditions
  5. Budget
  6. Maintenance – set up priorities for works, projects etc.
    • Pavilion
      • External tap
      • Rear shed – work done and costings relative to initial estimate
  1. Date of next meeting


28 June 2016 – ACSReC Meeting – Agenda

Avebury Parish Council

A meeting of Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) will be held in the pavilion, Avebury Sportsfield at 7.30pm on Tuesday 28th June 2016.

All members of the public are welcome to attend.

Maggie Lewis, Secretary ACSReC


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising from the minutes
    1. King’s Drummers – review of parking at Solstice
  4. Scheme of delegations
    1. Addition to terms of reference – extra paragraph on budget responsibilities
    2. Formalise a proposal to put to Avebury Parish Council
  5. Health and Safety guidelines for field and pavilion
  6. Fundraising
    1. Update on ideas floated at last meeting (see highlighted section of minutes)
    2. Classes in pavilion – Pilates
  7. Maintenance – grant for roof, entrance to sports field from road
  8. Bookings
    1. Welfare unit for builders completing work at Spratt’s property
    2. Map man
  9. User Groups
    1. AYFC
    2. ACC
    3. COG
  10. Finance –
    1. Lloyds Bank update
    2. to approve payment of :
      • Fencing                                             £264.00
        Di Gater Emergency rations             £35.98
        Fiona Wood Cleaning                        £117.24
    3. Date of next meeting
      1. frequency of meetings