14 June 2019 Transport Group Meeting : Notes

Notes from a meeting of the Transport Group Committee held on Friday 14 June 2019 at Avebury Sports and Social Club.

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Present: Stephen Stacey, Mike Bedford, Stephanie Burgess (project manager, senior engineer Atkins), Helen Weedon (WHS co-ordination committee), Stephen Hind (WC), Angela Norman.
  3. Apologies for absence: Moya Brennan
  4. Declarations of interest: none
  5. Acceptance of minutes of 7 February 2019: accepted (acceptance to be deferred to next meeting as meeting inquorate)
  6. Matters arising from the minutes: none of importance for this meeting
  7. Project progress reports from Atkins on A4 road safety enhancement schemes at Beckhampton and West Kennett
    1. Originally only BH scheme looked at but APC desired both to move forwards. WK and BH proposals discussed. Aim of today to conclude how to finish schemes off. SS noted this is a 4 step process and this meeting is to get us to step immediately before detailed design and implementation. Detailed design and implementation is funding dependent, the current designs we are working on will give ball park figures of construction that are more considered than the WHS estimates.
    2. WK scheme alternative were shown which has no Avenue access and no ghost island. Original work was done by a safety auditor who noted that if the right hand turn on to the Avenue was suggested then the plans would fail at safety audit at highways. Details of gating (open or locked) the avenue discussed but agreed it was something to be considered at implementation. Gating also allows opening in times of emergency. Agreed the current plans were acceptable to the APC and could be taken to next step of rough cost estimates.
    3. BH – Scheme from roundabout to Waggon and Horses shown. Basic splitter principle with gaps to allow for turning of lorries and tractors into relevant entrances/exits shown. Idea to have an on carriage bus stop not warranted as the splitter will effectively. Rest of roundabout with south exit as priority fix to be worked on for next meeting. In the next three months the design should be completed which would enable us to complete the spend of the CATG funding. Hopeful that the project could be completed in the next month.
  1. Next steps
  2. Any other business
  3. Date of next meeting: 6-9th August


  1. Beckhampton Atkins preliminary proposal
  2. WK Atkins preliminary proposal