17 April 2015 Transport Group : Minutes

Avebury Parish Council

Transport Group

Minutes of a meeting of the Transport Group of Avebury Parish Council held at the Social Centre, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF at 7pm on Friday 17th April 2015.

In these minutes APC stands for Avebury Parish Council, AWHS for Avebury World Heritage Site.

Time Start: 19:00

  1. Transport Group members present: Dr Mike Bedford (Chairman of the Group and Vice-Chairman APC), Moya Brannon, Mike Daniel (member APC), Keith Howell (member APC), Rob Macaire , Stephen Stacey and Andrew Williamson (APC member). Member of the public present: Pascale Stacey.
  2. Apologies for absence: David Brotheridge (member APC), Kate Fry, Simon Vatcher and Peter Wilson.
  3. Declarations of interest: none
  4. Welcome and introductions including a statement regarding what members wanted from the Transport group: Dr MB introduced himself as Chairman of the Transport Group. Dr MB: interested in controlling traffic, decreasing traffic speeds in Beckhampton. MD: protecting village, making it a safer environment, decreasing traffic speeds. AW: solving community and WHS issues (speeds, parking, congestion) as effectively as possible while using minimum interventions. MB: primary concern speed. RM: paper tabled with signatures from all households in West Kennett requesting lower speeds on A4. (See appendix 1). SS: solving parking issues but general concern for Avebury and requested an infrastructure that permitted daily life for those that lived there. PS: requested sign at end of Green Street (local traffic only or no through road). Too many drivers were getting lost and going down Green Street.
  5. Review of Terms of Reference of Transport Group: Members had reviewed the TOR (previously emailed). Dr MB stated the Group’s purpose was to develop priorities and then recommend to the Parish Council. Action: no changes were requested therefore document to be adopted by APC at next Council meeting.
  6. WHS Transport Strategy document and Avebury Parish Traffic Plan.


  1. Review of suggested criteria to rank schemes: Dr MB proposed the village would be broken down into four hamlets and low hanging fruit/low cost schemes to be put forward first. AW stated that APC had agreed that all schemes recommended for action by the Group must be in the plans.  He also read out APC’s suggested criteria for choosing priorities (See 2 Dec 2014 APC Minutes item 9b2.). RM urged caution regarding putting rankings on (i) low hanging fruit / instant fixes (ii) schemes that were a priority for the village. In discussion, members agreed they would like to see the projects broken down into bite size chunks starting with the minimum works that could possibly be carried out and the cost.  It was agreed later on in the meeting that due to complexity it would not be useful to rank schemes for the time being.
  2. Projects already completed and work on APC’s current ‘to do’ list:  AW read out a list that included:
    1. Planters in High Street: done
    2. Drop kerbs at Henge: NT still to action
    3. 30 mph extension on Swindon Road: deferred until WHS Strategy published
    4. Parking in Trusloe: in progress
    5. Beckhampton Stables crossing on A4: partly done; railings had been put up and paid for by the landowners
    6. ‘Shot-blasting’ road surface of Beckhapton roundabout: done
    7. Resurfacing of A361: done
    8. Planting on Beckhampton roundabout and verges to reduce speeds by restricting sightlines: APC had considered requesting a planting scheme in these areas. In the interim WC was currently considering an experimental scheme to defer mowing in 2015 to allow grass to grow.
  3. Members invited to present favoured schemes with rationale: Members selected Scheme 1.3 Encourage Slower Vehicle Speeds (AWHS Transport Strategy). It was agreed that the main priority was for vehicle speeds to be reduced. Example: extension of 30 mph limit along Swindon Road because children needed to be able to cross the road safely. Also considered but out of the scope of the project were additional tree plantings on the Swindon Road to help slow traffic by reducing sightlines. Dr MB said a 50mph speed limit across the WHS would send out a calmer message but this was not in the AWHS Transport Strategy Plan. Dr MB reported a possible crossing at Rawlins Park had been identified in the AWHS Plan but that this appeared also to be independent from the plan. Members recommended asking WC for preliminary designs or plans for a particular project but not detailed studies as the latter were far too expensive. RM gave an example of a WC cycle network project study that had cost £79K. Action: AW to email Transport Group members the original application for extending 30mph speed limit northwards on Swindon Road for comment and consideration at next Transport Group meeting.
  4. Review of proposals and consolidation: following preliminary discussion, members agreed the Transport Group should develop the following priorities in the four hamlets:BeckhamptonReduce vehicle speeds by installing splitter islands along A4, A4361 and A361 as shown in the WHS Transport Strategy.


    i. Reactivate the original request for extension of 30mph speed limit along Swindon Road and possibly add request for 40mph limit to East Farm and double white lines in the Rawlins Park to Melbourne House area.                                      ii. Request a sign to limit Green Street to local traffic.

West Kennett

Request Wiltshire Council to draw up a scheme and costing to reduce vehicle speeds by narrowing of the A4 and installing a 40mph limit.


  1. Continue to work with Wiltshire Council and Aster Housing to improve parking, and engage with private landowner at the Nursery Site.
  2. Reduce speeds on A4361 at Trusloe turning.

AW said Martin Cook (Area Engineer at WC Highways) would be available if requested to attend a future meeting and that he and Dr MB were arranging a meeting with Cllr Philip Whitehead (Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport).  AW was also likely to see Jane Scott (WC Leader) and Councillor Stuart Wheeler at the launch of the new WHS Management Plan in May and would be able to press for their support. Members noted there was a need to understand the processes better.

7.  Funding sources: members noted WC funding sources were:

  1. Community Area Transport Group
  2. Annual Maintenance Fund
  3. Substantive Fund (also part of Integrated Transport Fund).

8.  Any questions: RM asked for a date for the next meeting. Next APC Council meeting would be on the 5 May and a Transport Group Meeting was provisionally booked for 7pm on 11 May 2015.

9.  The meeting closed at 21:10


  1. Copy of paper with signatures from all households in West Kennett

8 Jan 2016 Transport Meeting: RESCHEDULED to 18 January


Avebury Parish Council

A meeting of the Transport Group Committee of Avebury Parish Council will be held in the Social Centre, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF at 7pm on Friday 8th January 2016.

All members of the public are welcome to attend.

Mike Bedford, Vice Chairman Avebury Parish Council,

Liz Moore, Clerk to Avebury Parish Council, 31 December 2015


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Acceptance of minutes of 19th November 2015
  4. Actions from minutes
  5. Report from Dr MB and AW on 5 January 2016 meeting with Wiltshire Council’s Chairman of Highways Cllr Philip Whitehead and Highways Engineer Dave Thomas including:
    1. Incorporating AWHS Transport Strategy into WC Highways policy
    2. Update on the proposal for a 30 mph limit in Avebury on A4361
    3. Lowering the current national speed limit to 40 mph on A4361 and how this will affect the speed limit into Avebury Trusloe
    4. Add-on solutions outside of the WHS Transport Strategy including signs and double white lines
  6. Report from AW on CATG meeting 17 December 2015 including progress on design and costing work for the A4 proposals at Beckhampton and West Kennett
  7. Footpaths – Tim Lewis
  8. Signage Audit
  9. Parking in Avebury Trusloe
  10. Any other business
  11. Date of next meeting