24 May 2016 – ACSReC Meeting – Minutes

Avebury Parish Council


Minutes of the Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) meeting held on Tuesday 24th May at the pavilion, Avebury Sports Field.

In these minutes APC stands for Avebury Parish Council, ACC for Avebury Cricket Club, AYFC for Avebury Youth Football Club, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, COG for Community Orchard Group, NT for the National Trust

Present Avebury Councillors Mrs Lynzey Paradise, Mrs Maggie Lewis and Dr. Mike Bedford, Mr Dominic Fry (ACC), Mr Bruce Hinder (AYFC), Mrs Di Gater (COG) and Mr Alan Blake (ASSC)

  1. Apologies for absence there were no apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest Mr Fry noted that he is chairman of Avebury Sports and Social Club Committee
  3. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising therefrom
    1. King’s Drummers – Mrs Lewis reported that she had received a deposit cheque and a copy of the permit all those attending to drum will display.  It was thought that a limit should be set on the number of vehicles that could be brought onto the sports field and that 20 should be sufficient.  An area will be roped off to indicate where these should be parked.  Mrs Lewis to inform King’s Drummers
    2. Map seller -Mr Fry reported that he had written to Mr Colcomb, the map seller, setting out the terms for his map stall, namely that he would be charged £10 per day, 30 days payable in advance, that only 3 tables should be used and only one car allowed onto the field. He should also have a tidy, printed sign rather than the current handwritten cardboard one.  No response had yet been received
    3. Cleaner – Mrs Gater reported that Ms Wood had done 9 hours so far to clean the whole building and bring it up to a good standard.  She reported that Ms Wood had some observations and questions, namely
      1. recycling and rubbish –  As a rule the users of the pavilion take any rubbish and recycling away at the end of their session.  The excess behind the storage sheds etc. will be removed when the ground is dry enough to enable a vehicle to drive over.
      2. Pest control – Ms Wood reported that she had noticed flies around the bait traps set for rodents and wondered how often they were checked. Mr. Brotheridge, who was formerly on the committee, had undertaken to continue with this task and members were unsure as to whether or not he was still doing it.  Mrs Lewis to check.
      3. Ms Wood asked if the paper towel dispensers in the toilets could be fitted and Mr Fry said that this would be done.

        She was also concerned about some loose beading over the changing room door.  This was removed to inspect water leakage last weekend and will be fixe in due course

  4. Scheme of delegations There was discussion about a proposal to APC for budgetary responsibilities and powers that should be devolved onto ACSReC to allow greater autonomy.  Mrs Paradise said that as she understood things ACSReC could approve spending up to £1000 and that for anything over that amount approval should be sought from APC.  She also stated that all ordering should be done through the Parish clerk, Ms Moore who is the Responsible Financial Officer.  APC’s financial regulations state that 3 quotes should be sought but that in some circumstances 2 would suffice

Mrs Gater asked how small items of expenditure such as cleaning supplies   could be paid for and it was proposed that a petty cash float be asked for,         £100 maximum.

Emergency repair work should be approved by 1 member of the committee and the Parish Clerk.

Mr Hinder commented that he had stated in previous meetings that the roof should be a top priority in making the building sound before any other work was under taken.  It was pointed out that the two quotes, one for £7,000 and one for over £6,000 for just materials, were well beyond the current financial means of ACSReC.  Mr Fry noted that although Marlborough Area Board made grants they did not make them to Parish Councils only to sports clubs and as neither club owned the pavilion it was almost impossible to get grants from any funding body.

There was much discussion on which body, ACSReC or APC, is ultimately responsible for the pavilion and sports field.  ACSReC is a sub-committee of APC so discussion then centered on how ACSReC could be funded, where the funds might come from, the possibility of ultimately replacing the pavilion or amalgamating the pavilion with the Social Centre and ASSC to build one all purpose building.  Mr Hinder said that this had been proposed a number of years and the scheme even got as far as plans being drawn up but conflicting comments from representatives of the NT ultimately stopped any further progress.

General outline for delegated powers

  • Spending approval up to £1000
  • A ‘petty cash’ budget for incidental small amounts, claims to be submitted with receipts for any items purchased
  • Any contracts for work on or to the sports field or pavilion to be discussed with ACSReC in the first instance
  • Sign off on a long term plan for items that will be over £1000 to allow work to be approved without having to revert to APC for approval each time.
  • Proper tendering and contracting procedures to be adhered to

5. Fundraising – the committee considered various options for raising funds.  APC will be asked for financial support but cannot be expected to underwrite all of the expense.

Other methods of raising funds considered were:

  • hiring the field for wedding marquees – this idea might not work as dates will almost certainly clash with cricket or football fixtures.
  • holding one big car boot sale a year
  • table top sales – Mr Blake suggested that these could be held in ASSC as there would be space.
  • teas for tourists – these could be held in the pavilion
  • contacting an advertising agency to see what use the field could be put to for advertising – ASA were approached some years ago but the idea didn’t find favour.
  • AYFC offered to hold a 5 a side football tournament – Mr Hinder and Mr Pryor said these had been run very successfully in the past
  • a donations box on the noticeboard – this would need to be emptied daily
  • camping – at observances there is a need for extra camping space
  • a coffee stall or stall selling hot soup to those walking from the main car park to the village.

7. Maintenance

This was covered under the budget discussions to some extent.  It was felt that there was a need for a working group to consider the rolling plan drawn up by Mr Fry.

a. Aerator – due to slight differences in the specifications in the 3 quotes
obtained there had been some confusion about the correct model to
purchase.  Mr Fry has resubmitted the quotes and hopefully purchase is

8.55 p.m. Mr Pryor had to leave the meeting but requested  an invoice for AYFC’s pitch hire for the year as he needs this to complete his end of year accounts

b. Connection to mains water – the general feeling of the committee, having inspected the area of the trench that had to be dug to carry the mains water pipe to the pavilion, was that the work needed finishing to a better standard and that the contractor, Whatleys, should be recalled to make good the area.  Mrs Lewis to contact Parish Clerk about this.

In discussion about the future of the sports field and pavilion is was agreed that all bodies in the parish should work together in the long term to achieve the aim of constructing a single community building for use in and by the parish

8. Bookings

a. Wiltshire Jaguar Enthusiasts Club – the club have decided not to use the
sports field for their annual meet up in the parish as they do not charge their
members for events and didn’t want to charge £5 per car for use of the field.
They have many members who are NT members and will meet in the car

b. Request to site welfare unit for builders on the field – Mrs Paradise
reported that this was not going to happen as the builders were concerned
about damaging the field by bringing a heavy vehicle onto it to deliver the unit.
It was suggested that they hire the pavilion instead as it fulfilled all the
requirements in that there was running water, electricity and toilet facilities.  A
rate of £25 per day was thought to be appropriate.

9. User Groups

   AYFC – Season over, have been training with the Starlets

   ACC – Nothing specific.  There will be a match against The Authors (a team of
publoished authors) and the club are considering holding a post match barbecue
and inviitng the village to join in.

COG – The fencing between the Sports and Glebe fields is now complete up to       the line of the trees that still have to be dealt with.  At the moment the grass in
the orchard is being mowed with the mower belonging to ACC but the group will
consider funding one next year.  Mr Fry commented that for a small
consideration the club mower was available and could do the orchard.

10. Finance

Cheques for payment were approved for:

  • Ladders to retrieve lost balls
  • PJ Mills for pest control

Cheques for payment were also approved for paint for internal redecoration (£260.84), the overhead storage racking (£129.95) and the re-panelling in the home changing room (£1221)

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 28th June, 7.30 p.m. in the pavilion

24th May 2016 – ACSReC Meeting – Agenda

Avebury Parish Council

A meeting of Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) will be held in the pavilion, Avebury Sportsfield at 7.30pm on Tuesday 26th April 2016.

Please note the later start time of the meeting

All members of the public are welcome to attend.

Maggie Lewis, Secretary ACSReC


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising from the minutes
    1. King’s Drummers – deposit and permit design received
    2. Cleaner – trial period and need for invoice
    3. Casual selling from the sports field
  4. Scheme of delegations – to make a proposal for APC on budget, responsibilities, etc. of ACSReC
  5. Run through of procedures for ordering works, purchases, etc.
  6. Fundraising – to discuss the how/when/where /who of fundraising and propose ideas for same
  7. Maintenance – set up priorities for works, projects etc.
    1. Pitch
      • Update – aerator purchase
      • Update – water main
    2. Bookings
      1. WJEC – update
      2. Welfare unit for builders completing work at Spratt’s property
      3. Map man
    3. User Groups
      1. AYFC
      2. ACC
      3. COG
    4. Finance –
      1. Water mains connection
      2. to approve payment of :
        • £1,221 for work to changing room to Mr D Fry
  1. Date of next meeting – Tuesday 28th June at 7.30 p.m

26 April 2016 – ACSReC Meeting – Minutes

Minutes of the Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) meeting held on Tuesday 26th April at the pavilion, Avebury Sports Field.

Present: Avebury Parish Councillors Mrs Maggie Lewis and Mrs Lynzey Paradise, Mr Dominic Fry (ACC), Mr Alan Blake (ASSC), Mrs Diane Gater (COG)

In these minutes APC stands for Avebury Parish Council, ACC for Avebury Cricket Club, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, AYFC for Avebury Youth Football Club, COG for Community Orchard Group, NT for the National Trust

  1. Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Dr. Mike Bedford
  2. Declarations of interest – Alan Blake for Avebury Rocks licence application and Avebury Day, Mr, Fry and Mrs Paradise for Avebury Day
  3. Minutes of the last meeting apart from an amendment to the wording in item 8 the minutes were accepted as read and signed by Mr Fry
  4. Matters arising from the minutes
      1. Appointment of a new chairman for ACSReC – Mrs Paradise had indicated that she was prepared to offer herself for election as chairman, proposed by Mr Blake, seconded by Mr Fry, and unanimously approved subject to ratification at APC’s AGM on 3rd May
      2. Notice board – The committee expressed their thanks to Mr Mark Paradise for his excellent work in producing the new notice board which has now been installed on the north-west corner of the sports field.  Mrs Paradise also presented two ‘Avebury Sportsfield’ signs made by Mr Paradise which will be placed on the two large gates into the field.  Mrs Gater and Mr Blake paid the outstanding balance to Mrs Paradise.The wording for the two signs to go on the notice board was discussed.  For the sign acknowledging the donations to fund the notice board the wording agreed on
        was:‘This notice board was funded by donations from Avebury Community Shop and the National Trust’

        For the notice reminding owners to clean up after their dogs, Mr Fry noted that the NT have guidance for positive wording to encourage the required behaviour and suggested contacting Eva Steutzenburger of the Visitor Services Team.  The wording the committee felt would be suitable was:

        ‘Children play here! Please clean up after your dog’

        Mrs Lewis to contact Eva for advice before ordering the sign.

      3. Roof repairs – Mr Fry tabled two quotes for the replacement of the roof covering, one from Chris Paget for £7,640 in total, and one from Tony Gallop of London Road Roofing for £6,200 for materials only.  Mr Gallop had commented that the undergrowth and overhanging branches from the trees and bushes behind the pavilion were causing further damage as they rubbed on the roof and would need to be removed before any work was carried out.  In view of the costs the need to replace the roof was noted and put on hold pro tem.
    1. Solstice – the current security measures were discussed and felt to be adequate in that the gate is secured by a padlock, the code of which is regularly changed, and is the only vehicular access to the field.  The police presence, though reduced, will help deter any trespass. (See also item 8c)
    1. Licensing application for Avebury Rocks – APC’s clerk had notified Mrs Lewis of the application by the organisers of Avebury Rocks for a licence to sell alcohol.  Mr Blake stated that he was the applicant for the licence as manager of ASSC. The application was noted without objection by the committee
  5. Maintenance
    1. Pitch
      1. Aerator – Mr Fry made the proposal that either APC/ACSReC purchase an aerator or that the work is done under the contract for grass cutting that ACC has with APC and APC pay for the field to be aerated four times a year. As for funding the suggestion was made that APC make a contribution to the purchase and ACSReC funds the balance.There are various types of aerator available and Mr Fry will present specifications and price at the next meeting
      2. Scarification and reseeding of pitch – the quote for the work had been previously circulated to members and it was agreed to accept it.  Proposed by Mrs Paradise, seconded by Mrs Gater
    2. Weed control  Mr Fry tabled a quote from S. Merrett Services, for weed control on the sports field for £282 including VAT.  It was agreed to accept this, proosed by Mr Blake and seconded by Mrs Gater
    3. Pavilion repairs and redecoration
      1. Repair of panelling in changing room –  the work had already been carried out and the committee inspected the new panelling, all agreeing taht it was a great improvement.  Mr Fry tabled the invoices for the work, noting that he would pay quote 3 for panelling the rest of the changing room as he had wanted to get it done.  The two remaining quotes, amounting to £1,221 are outstanding.  It was felt that AYFC, who did not have a representative present at the meeting, should be asked to contribute to the costs, a figure of 25% was suggested.
      2. Dead trees and undergrowth behind the pavilion – Mrs Gater reported that the COG was waiting to hear when work could be done to clear this area.  Mr Fry suggested that it be investigated whether further permissions were needed to remove what were essentially dead trees and undergrowth from behind the building as it was more tidying up than anything and would help preserve the fabric of the building.
      3. Cleaner – the need for someone to clean the pavilion on a regular basis was discussed and it was felt that 2 hours per week would be sufficient. Mrs Gater reported that Ms Fi Wood, who cleans the social Centre, was willing to do the job.  At present she is paid the hourly minimum wage plus expenses by the Social Centre which the committee fleeelt was reasonable.  Mrs Gater and Mr Fry will assess what needs to be done and Mrs Gater will approach Ms Wood.  Mrs Lewis to email Dr. Bedford regarding the need for a formal invoice.
    4. Policy after rain – it was noted that communication had improved. It was also noted that item 9b, in the Conditions of Use policy referred to procedure to be followed in the event that the condition of the pitch was in doubt.
  6. Bookings
    1. Permission to hold barbecues over the Avebury Day weekend – granted unanimously
    2. Wiltshire Jaguar Enthusiasts Club – a charge of £5 per car to be paid on the day was felt to be a fair charge.  The Club should be reminded of item 9b. in the Conditions of Use. Mr Fry to contact Club with this proposal.
    3. Kings Drummers Solstice Parking – the committee felt it wanted to be supportive of a group who were regular attendees at solstice and an integral part of the celebrations.  Mrs Lewis reported that she had spoken to a member of the Drummers who lives locally and they are preparing permits to give to all members for identification purposed and they will have a member of the group on the gate to check.  A copy of the permit will be sent to Mrs Lewis before Solstice.  It was agreed that a member of the ACSReC committee should also be present and that a list of the registration numbers of vehicles attending also be supplied.  A deposit of £50 will be taken.
    4. Map seller – Mr Fry reported that he had been approached by Mr Colcomb, who sold maps on the sports field by the path.  He has been unwell for some time and is going into hospital soon so will not be buying any more maps but still wishes to sell his remaining stock.  It was decided that he should be told to limit his ‘stall’  to no more than three tables, and only one car permitted to be on the sports field.  He will be asked to pay for 30 days selling in advance and to make a neater sign (the present one is handwritten on cardboard).
  7. User Groups
    1. AYFC – no report
    2. ACC – ACC has offered to help with the maintenance of the orchard by cutting the grass in the orchard area.  COG wll supply a mower to do this
    3. COG – it was decided that ACSReC and COG will work in partnership to complete the hedging.  There are still piles of chipping from the removal of the old hedge and trees in the Glebe field.  Mrs Gater asked for suggestions for their disposal and will ask Tony Farthing if it is all right for members of COG to remove them from the field.
  8. Finance
    1. costs for mains water connection – the committee felt that it was the responsibility of APC to pay for this as the scheme was already under way when ACSReC was formed.
    2. overhead storage racks as previously tabled cost £99 per rack.  It was decided to purchase one initially.  Proposed by Mrs Gater, seconded by Mrs Paradise.
    3. Payment of invoices received:
      1. Mr Mark Paradise for notice board – £500
      2. WRF Pest Control for rabit and mole control – £85
      3. Mr Fry for painting supplies and paint to redecorate the pavilion – £245
      4. Mr Bruce Crook for ladders £53.98

Proposed by Mrs Gater, seconded by Mr Blake

Date of next meeting  – 24th May, in the pavilion


26 April 2016 ACSReC Meeting – Agenda

A meeting of Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) will be held in the pavilion, Avebury Sportsfield at 7.00pm on Tuesday 26th April 2016.

All members of the public are welcome to attend.

Maggie Lewis, Secretary ACSReC


  1. Apologies
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Minutes of last meeting
  4. Matters arising from the minutes
    1. Notice board
      • thanks to those involved
      • Design & wording for additional signs on noticeboard (donations and dog fouling)
    2. Roof repair – quotes and action
  5. Solstice – arrangements for security
  6. Licensing application for Avebury Rocks
  7. Maintenance –
    1. Pitch
      • aerator – to consider funding for
      • scarification and reseeding of football pitch: costs and approval (see Appendix 1)
    2. To agree funding for weed control to be paid from ACSReC accounts
    3. Pavilion repairs and re-decoration
      • Repanelling work for home changing room: cost, proposed division of costs
      • Removal of dead trees and undergrowth from rear of pavilion
      • Cleaner for pavilion
    4. Policy for use after heavy rain
  8. Bookings
    1. Avebury Day – permission to hold barbeques over AD weekend
    2. Wiltshire Jaguar Enthusiasts Club
    3. King’s Drummers – Solstice parking
  9. User Groups
    1. AYFC
    2. ACC
    3. COG
  10. Finance –
    1. To agree division of costs between APC and ACSReC for the installation of mains water supply and internal plumbing in the pavilion
    2. To agree purchase of overhead racks for storage in shed
    3. to approve payment of :
      • Mark Paradise for new notice board £500
      • WRF Pest Control £85.00
      • Payment to Dominic Fry for paint and brushes to redecorate the pavilion, £250 approximately
      • Payment to ACC (Bruce Crook) for purchase of ladder to scale fence to retrieve lost balls
  1. Date of next meeting – to fix a regular day for the meetings

15 March 2016 – ASCReC Meeting – Minutes

A meeting of Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) held in the Waggon & Horses, Beckhampton at 7.00pm on Tuesday 15th March 2016.

In these minutes APC refers to Avebury Parish Council, AYFC to Avebury Youth Football Club, ACC to Avebury Cricket Club, COG to Community Orchard Group, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, NT to the National Trust and WC to Wiltshire Council

Present: Councillors Dr. Mike Bedford, Mrs Lynzey Paradise and Mrs Maggie Lewis, Mrs Di Gater (COG), Mr. Bruce Hinder (AYFC), Mr Dominic Fry (ACC), Mr Alan Blake (ASSC).

In attendance Mr Roy Pryor, Treasurer AYFC

In the absence of a chairman Mrs Lewis chaired the meeting

  1. Apologies for absence There were no apologies for absence
  1. Declarations of interest Mrs Paradise, Mrs Gater and Mr Fry declared a personal connection to one of the firms tendering for the sports field fencing. Mrs Paradise’s husband is also providing the new notice board
  1. To co-opt Mrs Lynzey Paradise as a member of ACSReC – Mrs Lewis proposed that Mrs Paradise be co-opted onto ACSReC, seconded by Dr. Bedford and unanimously approved
  1. To appoint a new chairman for ACSReC – Following the resignation of Mr Mike Daniel the committee doesn’t have a chairman. Mrs Lewis reported that advice from WALC was that although the chairman didn’t have to be an elected councillor, only elected councillors were eligible to vote on issues and it would therefore be better for the chairman to be a member of APC.
    In discussion it was suggested that the three APC councillors shared the chairmanship on a rotational basis but it was later pointed out by Dr Bedford that the standing orders stated that the chair of a sub-committee could only be appointed by APC. This will be taken to the next APC meeting
  1. Minutes of last meeting – The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed by Mr Hinder
  1. Review of rolling action plan – Mr Fry presented and explained the rolling action plan as a means to keep track of matters discussed or needing discussion. Items highlighted on the list are those still requiring action, those not highlighted have already been completed.
    The list was reviewed, starting with the oldest items and working forwards:
  • Aerating the pitch using machinery – Mr Fry pointed out that to aerate the field would improve the condition of the grass, including all pitches, and the surface generally. The cost of employing external contractors is very high; to buy the aerator to be used in conjunction with existing machinery would be between £700-£1000. It was proposed that APC be requested to help part fund the purchase of an aerator for use on the sports field
  • Flooring in the pavilion – there was discussion on the merits of vinyl flooring versus the existing carpet tiles with regards to keeping the floor clean after use. The quote obtained was thought to be quite high and that 2 others would need to be obtained before a decision could be made. It was decided to review in September.
  • Storage racking for shed – Mr Fry tabled photos of the proposed storage racking that would be suspended for the ceiling. As this item was not included on the agenda no decision could be made and it will be included on the next agenda
  • Notice board – Mrs Paradise presented a sample of the header board for the committee’s approval as well as samples of the board to be used for the display area – one of which had been soaked in water to show how it would fare on exposure to the elements. The committee was very pleased with the design and were happy for Mr Paradise to complete the work, proposed by Mr Hinder and seconded by Mr Blake
    The notice board is being funded by donations from the National Trust, Avebury Community Shop and by members of ACSReC in a personal capacity. Mrs Lewis said that the Shop had requested acknowledgement of the donation on the notice board and a sign will be affixed to it once erected. Mrs Lewis will send a formal letter of thanks to the Shop committee.
    Mr Hinder offered to check the notice board regularly to remove out of date notices.
  • Internal redecoration of the pavilion – ACC and AYFC will undertake the internal re-decoration of the pavilion by mid-April. Mr Fry proposed white, wipe clean paint be used. Action proposed to purchase paint with costs at next meeting by Mr Fry, seconded by Mr Hinder
  • Mr Fry tabled a photo of a ladder he wished to purchase to aid the retrieval of cricket balls that are hit over the barbed wire boundary fence into long undergrowth. At present there is no way of climbing over to get lost balls safely. Mrs Gater suggested an alternative that she has used and will ask Mr Gater to make it. If this proves unsatisfactory then the purchase of the ladder will be considered at the next meeting
  • Bin of sand and loam mix for pitch repair – this is being sourced
  • Tree work on eastern boundary and copper beech – Mr Fry has discussed this with Hilary Makins of the NT and the Trust are willing to undertake modest clipping, are happy to help and will review the matter. It is felt that the copper beech needs more than modest clipping but Mr Fry will keep up a dialogue with the NT.
  • Roof repairs – awaiting quotes for complete replacement of the roof from Shane Rice. Mr Fry will also contact Tony Gallop of London Road Roofing for a quote. One other quote is needed for a large capital project.
  • Matting for pitch entrance by ASSC – matting has been purchased and is awaiting installation. AYFC and ASSC sharing costs. Mr Blake and Mr Fry to liaise over installation
  • Hedge by main gate – Mr Fry reported that some work had been done on the hedge but not enough in his opinion. Other members of the committee commented that they hadn’t noticed any material change in the line of the hedge. More work to be carried out by hedging contractor to improve sight lines.
  • Internal wall panelling – awaiting quote to replace internal panelling in the changing rooms. Agreed in principle, costs at next meeting
  • Weed control on sports field – cost of this work has previously been split between ACC and APC. Motion to pay from ACSReC’s accounts to be tabled at next meeting
  • New booking request from Wiltshire Jaguar Enthusiasts Club – a booking request for the day after Avebury Day has been received from the club. While they could be accommodated they have stated in their booking that refreshments are essential. At the last meeting, in relation to the car boot sales, members stated that they were not prepared to undertake refreshments and that there was no one else who would take it on. The attendees to the WJEC event could be accommodated at the post AD barbecue, if it takes place, and charged for food. It was felt that a minimum charge of £5 per car attending, as for the car boot sale participants, be applied to this event. Mr Fry to reply to request with decision.
  1. Sports Groups – no particular issues to report. Booking conflicts due to season overlap between football and cricket have been resolved. Dr Bedford asked if the bookings can be accessed via the online calendar so he can use this to track payments due, Mr Fry replied that it can.
  1. Community Orchard Group – Mrs Gater reported that the old hedge had been cleared, coppiced and the area replanted with community volunteers. Two quotes for the replacement fencing had been received – from Manor Farm Timber (the NT preferred supplier) for £220 and one from TMN for £756. Mrs Gater commented that the NT had sent the methodology for the installation of the fencing and it is awaiting approval from the archaeologist before work can commence.
    It has already been agreed that costs will be shared by ACSReC and APC and will be presented at the next APC meeting for approval
    There is still work to be done behind the pavilion as, unfortunately, the initial application didn’t include this area. This needs to be done as the trees are causing damage to the roof and it is impossible to access the rear wall for maintenance work. Work won’t be possible until next autumn
  1. Finance – cheques for payment to:
    1. Southern Electric – £103.39
    2. Mr D. Fry for – purchase and fitting of water heater in pavilion £190.85
      – dehumidifier hire to dry out pavilion following roof leak £156.74
  1. Date of next meeting 26th April, in the Social Centre. Schedule of meetings to be debated then.

11 Feb 2016 – ACSReC Meeting Agenda

Avebury Parish Council

A meeting of Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) will be held in the Social Centre, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF at 7.00pm on Thursday 11th February 2016.

All members of the public are welcome to attend. Maggie Lewis, Secretary ACSReC


  1. Apologies
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Minutes of last meeting
  4. Matters arising from the minutes
    1. Finance
      • VAT update (MB)
      • Contribution towards fencing on NW border
      • Cheques for payment:
        1. invoice from Wiltshire Maintenance for installation of new water heater in pavilion
        2. hire of dehumidifier for drying out the pavilion following roof leak
        3. Wiltshire Maintenance for fitting water heater in pavilion
      • To approve the continuation of Scottish & Southern Electricity as supplier
      • To approve payments made to:
        1. Protect Fire Equipment for service extinguishers and for purchase of 2 new extinguishers
        2. Apest Solutions for routine pest control visit
        3. Mr Brotheridge for keys cut for the pavilion
        4. Scottish & Southern Electricity for meter costs of 586 units over period of 22nd August to 20th November 2015
        5. London Road Roofing for temporary fix to leaking pavilion roof
        6. PJ Mills for gassing of rabbits and moles on sports field, 1st November 2015 to 1st February 2016
    2. Housekeeping
      • Pavilion update on damp and mould – repairs and funding required for these (DF)
      • Location of commemorative tree for Paul Dixon (DG/DF)
      • Update on floodlighting installation and safety (BH)
      • Noticeboard on NW boundary (DF)
      • Entry gate to sports field – proposal to improve entrance and allow safer access for vehicles
      • Pitch repair and maintenance
  5. To review and adopt the Conditions of Hire and Fees Schedule
    1. Review the item “ ‘mixed’/light commercial activity” (all)
    2. Timings of car boot sales (all)
  6. Medium & long term repair and maintenance priorities
  7. Work to boundary hedge and trees (DG)
  8. Date of next meeting

12 Jan 2016, ACSReC meeting minutes

Minutes of the meeting of Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee held on Tuesday 12th January, 2016 at the Social Centre, High Street, Avebury.

In these minutes ACSReC refers to the above committee, APC to Avebury Parish Council, WC to Wiltshire Council

Present: Dr. Mike Bedford (Treasurer), Mrs Maggie Lewis (Secretary), Mr David Brotheridge, Mrs Di Gater, Mr Alan Blake, Mr Bruce Hinder, Mr Dominic Fry

  1. Apologies for absence – Mr Mike Daniel (chairman)
  2. In attendance – Mr Andrew Williamson, Chairman APC
  3. Declarations of interest – None
  4. Minutes of last meeting Proposed by Dr. Bedford, seconded by Mrs Lewis
  5. Matters arising from the minutes
    1. Finance
      • Bank accounts: Dr Bedford reported that the Nationwide account now has himself as a signatory and that Mr Daniel and Mr Williamson are to be added to the account as signatories.  Dr. Bedford has the passbook.  The previously received invoices have been paid from the Nationwide account. We are still struggling to change the signatories on the Lloyds account; Lloyds have sent forms, completed in the relevant sections by themselves, for signature.
        Two more bills have been received from London Road Roofing, for work to the pavilion roof, and from PJ Mills, for control of moles on the sports field.  He proposed that he be authorised to pay these from the Nationwide account.  Proposed by Mrs Gater and seconded by Mr Blake
        The Nationwide account has £3,202.85 and the Lloyds account approximately £3,000.  It wasn’t possible to be more precise about the Lloyds account as the changes to the account are not yet finalised.  A spreadsheet for the ACSReC account to track spending and income has been started.
        Dr. Bedford also reported on his research into the issue of VAT and what ACSReC should collect it on. VAT must be collected on supplies i.e. hiring, called output tax, unless 10 sessions are booked and paid for in advance.  One off events, such as Avebury Day or Avebury Rocks may be exempt as they do not use the field on a continuous basis.   There is a ‘de minimis’ of £1000 a year output tax collection, payable on the collection of £5000 of revenue of VATable revenue, from which the football and cricket bookings will be exempt.  It is unlikely that the sports field will generate this much income. HMRC’s advice is that they “will only accept a ‘clearance applications’ where you can show that there is uncertainty about the interpretation of the legislation” which Dr. Bedford felt we could use to apply for clearance as he has been given different, conflicting advice from HMRC when calling them.
        Mr Williamson felt that this should be endorsed by APC, and should be on APC’s agenda for the next meeting; he also suggested that any advice should be backed up in writing. This is a very complicated area and needs further discussion and research.
    2. Future membership:  Mrs Lewis couldn’t update the meeting on the co-option of a new member but had spoken to Mrs Kremer recently who had indicated that she was willing to continue to attend meetings until such time as a new councillor could be appointed.  Mrs Lewis said that Mrs Kremer had said she would attend tonight’s meeting.
    3. Housekeeping
      • Internal decoration: Mr Hinder reported that, following the cancellation of the football match last weekend (Sunday 10th January) he and another member of AYFC’s committee inspected the pavilion and found mould spreading in several areas caused by the damp conditions in the building due to the leaking roof.  They managed to clear some of it away and he felt that the committee should focus resources on improving the building. In light of the damp and mould in the building a decision on when internal decoration can start was deferred until the damaged wall has been removed and the building dried out.  Mr Hinder also mentioned the electric sockets some of which are in the affected area and one of which appears not to be working.
        In discussion it was decided that the water damaged sections of the internal wall should be removed to speed the drying out process and dehumidifiers and space heaters hired to dry the damp areas.  Mr Williamson suggested regular checks should be made when the dehumidifiers were in to ensure the wood wasn’t being dried out too quickly or too much.  The hire of dehumidifiers and space heaters was proposed Mrs Gater, seconded Mrs Lewis.
      • Further removal of rubbish/junk from pavilion: agreed, proposed by Mr Hinder, seconded by Dr Bedford
      • Removal of sign from front gate: agreed, proposed by Mr Fry, seconded by Mr Blake
      • Western boundary Hedging: Mrs Gater gave an update on an ongoing project by the COG.  Conservation area consent has now been obtained and a plan made.
        Planting should be done by mid-March and volunteers will be needed.  A clear up session will take place on 6th February, and coppicing and removal of old fencing over the weekend of 27th/28th February.  Tree work on the west boundary will be done on 5th March and planting of new whips on 13th.  Fencing will be done between 6th and 13th March.  This is all in accordance with the terms of the NT lease with APC
        Mr Brotheridge asked where the tree that was being planted in memory of Paul Dixon could be planted, would it be possible to integrate it into the hedgerow.  Mrs Gater replied that this would not be possible as the hedge will be laid in due course so another site will be found.  Mr Williamson remarked that APC wished for a tree to be planted and after discussion no suitable location was settled on.  To be discussed at next meeting.
      • New Community notice board/sign at NW corner of field: the present notice board is in poor condition, having been made from an MDF cupboard door and is in dire need of replacement.  It was felt that it should not be in the style of NT notice boards to distinguish the sports field from NT held facilities in the village.  Mrs Gater asked if permission should be sought, which is should as they have been more accommodating and supportive but that APC and ACSReC should be able to take their own decisions
      • AYFC floodlights on Sportsfield: Item has previously been discussed and is included under ‘Any Other Business’.
        Mr Hinder said that he had arranged for Wheelers of Warminster to come and do the lights.  He has yet to receive a schedule of what they are going to do but they are asked wire the lights correctly and issue the relevant certificates.  Mr Hinder asked if the committee would require a separate meter to calculate the electricity used when the lights were in use.  He was not aware of how the wiring will be done but they won’t be digging a trench as far as he’s aware.  Mrs Lewis requested that Mr Hinder inform the committee when Wheeler’s were going to attend.  Mr Fry asked if the supply wiring would be permanent or removable which Mr Hinder didn’t know.  It would appear that the initial visit would be to survey and recommend and Mr Hinder thought that no work would be carried out until the committee had been consulted on the recommendations.
    4. Review of draft Conditions of Hire: There was discussion of the conditions of use with amendments being discussed; Mr Fry will update the document.
      • A member of the committee will check the pavilion and sports field before the return of the deposit after each hire.
      • Scale of the deposit – to be decided on a case by case basis
      • Method of hire – if bookings are made on line it will give a trail to check back to.  Online banking will also be investigated to improve payment.
      • Cleaning the pavilion – previously done by a member of ASA, no decision on whether a cleaner is hired.
      • Hirer’s liability – advice to be sought from WALC on activities covered and general terms
      • Adult team bookings – there was a long discussion as to whether adult teams should be allowed to play, given that they may cause more damage to the pitch.  A case by case basis with consultation with the committee was thought to be the best solution. AYFC may have a team of older players in the future as the youngsters come up.  Mr Williamson suggested a deposit commensurate with the damage potential on a sliding scale and Dr. Bedford suggested that ACSReC should be able to cancel bookings.  At the end of the discussion it was felt that ultimately the user should pay for damage.
    5. Review of summary of NT lease:  Mr Williamson updated the committee on the situation regarding the lease. The current lease was set in 1990 and the National Trust has asked for a renegotiation.  In discussion with Katherine Hosey NT surveyor an annual rent of £75 over a 25 year period or the same reviewed periodically over 40 years has been proposed with the former being the favoured option.
      The sports field was conveyed to the NT in 1947 and let to the PC for 1/- a year for 25 years. He felt that this demonstrates that APC is not a normal tenant paying a market rent as the NT is a ‘landlord in trust’ i.e. holding the land in trust for the community.  He also commented that APC had noted 5 or 6 possible uses for the sports field, being sports, recreation, community benefit events e.g. Avebury Day, charity events that benefit parishioners e.g. Avebury Rocks that raises funds for the Prospect Hospice, ACSReC events to raise funds so the committee can meet expenses and ‘other similar events which could be included in the updated version of the lease.
    6. Review of draft schedule of proposed fees: A discussion was had as to whether a booking fee mechanism a sensible way to account for the risk of potential external clubs or better to have one fee and deal with it by deposits.  Fee shouldn’t be a deterrent but should reflect cost of preparing ground for external i.e. non parish related, hire and or some repairs after.  Equipment belonging to AYFC is often used by external hirers. It was suggested that the simplest way would be to deal with the occasional external hire by committee decision, reviewing who the hirer was, what facilities or extras they might need, whether they had hired before and at what cost.  Local hirers could all be treated in the same way.  Groups like the Jaguar Owners Club will be reviewed if they apply to use the field this year and decide by committee decision.  Fees schedule to be updated to show ‘Parishioners’, ‘Local teams/groups’ and ‘Any other group’ which would cover events like Avebury Rocks and teams from outside the area.  An indication of the deposit expected will be included.  Review at next meeting.
    7. Bookings
      • update on online bookings: no online bookings are being taken as yet.  Avebury Rocks is on the schedule as being 9th July and appropriate arrangements for cricket matches to be away that day have been made with the League.
      • Mr Williamson suggested that the practice of occasional sellers, such as the map seller, should be restricted to one pitch only under the rule of custom and practice. As a new committee ACSReC could make a clean break from the past practice of allowing a number of casual sellers.  Dr Bedford commented that this could cause problems under the ongoing VAT research. To be discussed at the next agenda.
      • update on booking form: Mr Brotheridge expressed his view that the draft booking form was too complicated for the small number of new external hirers we are likely to attract.  He thought that conditions of hire should be sent out and it should be discussed on a case by case basis.
      • Mr Fry outlined how the system would work using the APC website which will give all the information a hirer needs and the enquiry form to complete.  The enquiry form will generate an email that is automatically sent to Mr Brotheridge, as bookings secretary, which he can circulate to the committee if required.  A calendar of events with dates already booked marked, the webmaster for APC will enter any bookings onto the calendar.  Once the booking has been accepted the booking secretary will contact the potential hirer to discuss fees, deposit etc.
      • It was thought that existing users, such as the sports clubs, should also fill out the form so that all relevant information could be recorded.  All new hirers will proceed as discussed. Mrs Gater suggested she trial the system by booking for the COG’s proposed work on the hedge.
  6. Date of next meeting: The next meeting will be held on Thursday 11th February in the Social Centre