15 March 2016 – ASCReC Meeting – Minutes

A meeting of Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) held in the Waggon & Horses, Beckhampton at 7.00pm on Tuesday 15th March 2016.

In these minutes APC refers to Avebury Parish Council, AYFC to Avebury Youth Football Club, ACC to Avebury Cricket Club, COG to Community Orchard Group, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, NT to the National Trust and WC to Wiltshire Council

Present: Councillors Dr. Mike Bedford, Mrs Lynzey Paradise and Mrs Maggie Lewis, Mrs Di Gater (COG), Mr. Bruce Hinder (AYFC), Mr Dominic Fry (ACC), Mr Alan Blake (ASSC).

In attendance Mr Roy Pryor, Treasurer AYFC

In the absence of a chairman Mrs Lewis chaired the meeting

  1. Apologies for absence There were no apologies for absence
  1. Declarations of interest Mrs Paradise, Mrs Gater and Mr Fry declared a personal connection to one of the firms tendering for the sports field fencing. Mrs Paradise’s husband is also providing the new notice board
  1. To co-opt Mrs Lynzey Paradise as a member of ACSReC – Mrs Lewis proposed that Mrs Paradise be co-opted onto ACSReC, seconded by Dr. Bedford and unanimously approved
  1. To appoint a new chairman for ACSReC – Following the resignation of Mr Mike Daniel the committee doesn’t have a chairman. Mrs Lewis reported that advice from WALC was that although the chairman didn’t have to be an elected councillor, only elected councillors were eligible to vote on issues and it would therefore be better for the chairman to be a member of APC.
    In discussion it was suggested that the three APC councillors shared the chairmanship on a rotational basis but it was later pointed out by Dr Bedford that the standing orders stated that the chair of a sub-committee could only be appointed by APC. This will be taken to the next APC meeting
  1. Minutes of last meeting – The minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed by Mr Hinder
  1. Review of rolling action plan – Mr Fry presented and explained the rolling action plan as a means to keep track of matters discussed or needing discussion. Items highlighted on the list are those still requiring action, those not highlighted have already been completed.
    The list was reviewed, starting with the oldest items and working forwards:
  • Aerating the pitch using machinery – Mr Fry pointed out that to aerate the field would improve the condition of the grass, including all pitches, and the surface generally. The cost of employing external contractors is very high; to buy the aerator to be used in conjunction with existing machinery would be between £700-£1000. It was proposed that APC be requested to help part fund the purchase of an aerator for use on the sports field
  • Flooring in the pavilion – there was discussion on the merits of vinyl flooring versus the existing carpet tiles with regards to keeping the floor clean after use. The quote obtained was thought to be quite high and that 2 others would need to be obtained before a decision could be made. It was decided to review in September.
  • Storage racking for shed – Mr Fry tabled photos of the proposed storage racking that would be suspended for the ceiling. As this item was not included on the agenda no decision could be made and it will be included on the next agenda
  • Notice board – Mrs Paradise presented a sample of the header board for the committee’s approval as well as samples of the board to be used for the display area – one of which had been soaked in water to show how it would fare on exposure to the elements. The committee was very pleased with the design and were happy for Mr Paradise to complete the work, proposed by Mr Hinder and seconded by Mr Blake
    The notice board is being funded by donations from the National Trust, Avebury Community Shop and by members of ACSReC in a personal capacity. Mrs Lewis said that the Shop had requested acknowledgement of the donation on the notice board and a sign will be affixed to it once erected. Mrs Lewis will send a formal letter of thanks to the Shop committee.
    Mr Hinder offered to check the notice board regularly to remove out of date notices.
  • Internal redecoration of the pavilion – ACC and AYFC will undertake the internal re-decoration of the pavilion by mid-April. Mr Fry proposed white, wipe clean paint be used. Action proposed to purchase paint with costs at next meeting by Mr Fry, seconded by Mr Hinder
  • Mr Fry tabled a photo of a ladder he wished to purchase to aid the retrieval of cricket balls that are hit over the barbed wire boundary fence into long undergrowth. At present there is no way of climbing over to get lost balls safely. Mrs Gater suggested an alternative that she has used and will ask Mr Gater to make it. If this proves unsatisfactory then the purchase of the ladder will be considered at the next meeting
  • Bin of sand and loam mix for pitch repair – this is being sourced
  • Tree work on eastern boundary and copper beech – Mr Fry has discussed this with Hilary Makins of the NT and the Trust are willing to undertake modest clipping, are happy to help and will review the matter. It is felt that the copper beech needs more than modest clipping but Mr Fry will keep up a dialogue with the NT.
  • Roof repairs – awaiting quotes for complete replacement of the roof from Shane Rice. Mr Fry will also contact Tony Gallop of London Road Roofing for a quote. One other quote is needed for a large capital project.
  • Matting for pitch entrance by ASSC – matting has been purchased and is awaiting installation. AYFC and ASSC sharing costs. Mr Blake and Mr Fry to liaise over installation
  • Hedge by main gate – Mr Fry reported that some work had been done on the hedge but not enough in his opinion. Other members of the committee commented that they hadn’t noticed any material change in the line of the hedge. More work to be carried out by hedging contractor to improve sight lines.
  • Internal wall panelling – awaiting quote to replace internal panelling in the changing rooms. Agreed in principle, costs at next meeting
  • Weed control on sports field – cost of this work has previously been split between ACC and APC. Motion to pay from ACSReC’s accounts to be tabled at next meeting
  • New booking request from Wiltshire Jaguar Enthusiasts Club – a booking request for the day after Avebury Day has been received from the club. While they could be accommodated they have stated in their booking that refreshments are essential. At the last meeting, in relation to the car boot sales, members stated that they were not prepared to undertake refreshments and that there was no one else who would take it on. The attendees to the WJEC event could be accommodated at the post AD barbecue, if it takes place, and charged for food. It was felt that a minimum charge of £5 per car attending, as for the car boot sale participants, be applied to this event. Mr Fry to reply to request with decision.
  1. Sports Groups – no particular issues to report. Booking conflicts due to season overlap between football and cricket have been resolved. Dr Bedford asked if the bookings can be accessed via the online calendar so he can use this to track payments due, Mr Fry replied that it can.
  1. Community Orchard Group – Mrs Gater reported that the old hedge had been cleared, coppiced and the area replanted with community volunteers. Two quotes for the replacement fencing had been received – from Manor Farm Timber (the NT preferred supplier) for £220 and one from TMN for £756. Mrs Gater commented that the NT had sent the methodology for the installation of the fencing and it is awaiting approval from the archaeologist before work can commence.
    It has already been agreed that costs will be shared by ACSReC and APC and will be presented at the next APC meeting for approval
    There is still work to be done behind the pavilion as, unfortunately, the initial application didn’t include this area. This needs to be done as the trees are causing damage to the roof and it is impossible to access the rear wall for maintenance work. Work won’t be possible until next autumn
  1. Finance – cheques for payment to:
    1. Southern Electric – £103.39
    2. Mr D. Fry for – purchase and fitting of water heater in pavilion £190.85
      – dehumidifier hire to dry out pavilion following roof leak £156.74
  1. Date of next meeting 26th April, in the Social Centre. Schedule of meetings to be debated then.