26 April 2016 – ACSReC Meeting – Minutes

Minutes of the Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) meeting held on Tuesday 26th April at the pavilion, Avebury Sports Field.

Present: Avebury Parish Councillors Mrs Maggie Lewis and Mrs Lynzey Paradise, Mr Dominic Fry (ACC), Mr Alan Blake (ASSC), Mrs Diane Gater (COG)

In these minutes APC stands for Avebury Parish Council, ACC for Avebury Cricket Club, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, AYFC for Avebury Youth Football Club, COG for Community Orchard Group, NT for the National Trust

  1. Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Dr. Mike Bedford
  2. Declarations of interest – Alan Blake for Avebury Rocks licence application and Avebury Day, Mr, Fry and Mrs Paradise for Avebury Day
  3. Minutes of the last meeting apart from an amendment to the wording in item 8 the minutes were accepted as read and signed by Mr Fry
  4. Matters arising from the minutes
      1. Appointment of a new chairman for ACSReC – Mrs Paradise had indicated that she was prepared to offer herself for election as chairman, proposed by Mr Blake, seconded by Mr Fry, and unanimously approved subject to ratification at APC’s AGM on 3rd May
      2. Notice board – The committee expressed their thanks to Mr Mark Paradise for his excellent work in producing the new notice board which has now been installed on the north-west corner of the sports field.  Mrs Paradise also presented two ‘Avebury Sportsfield’ signs made by Mr Paradise which will be placed on the two large gates into the field.  Mrs Gater and Mr Blake paid the outstanding balance to Mrs Paradise.The wording for the two signs to go on the notice board was discussed.  For the sign acknowledging the donations to fund the notice board the wording agreed on
        was:‘This notice board was funded by donations from Avebury Community Shop and the National Trust’

        For the notice reminding owners to clean up after their dogs, Mr Fry noted that the NT have guidance for positive wording to encourage the required behaviour and suggested contacting Eva Steutzenburger of the Visitor Services Team.  The wording the committee felt would be suitable was:

        ‘Children play here! Please clean up after your dog’

        Mrs Lewis to contact Eva for advice before ordering the sign.

      3. Roof repairs – Mr Fry tabled two quotes for the replacement of the roof covering, one from Chris Paget for £7,640 in total, and one from Tony Gallop of London Road Roofing for £6,200 for materials only.  Mr Gallop had commented that the undergrowth and overhanging branches from the trees and bushes behind the pavilion were causing further damage as they rubbed on the roof and would need to be removed before any work was carried out.  In view of the costs the need to replace the roof was noted and put on hold pro tem.
    1. Solstice – the current security measures were discussed and felt to be adequate in that the gate is secured by a padlock, the code of which is regularly changed, and is the only vehicular access to the field.  The police presence, though reduced, will help deter any trespass. (See also item 8c)
    1. Licensing application for Avebury Rocks – APC’s clerk had notified Mrs Lewis of the application by the organisers of Avebury Rocks for a licence to sell alcohol.  Mr Blake stated that he was the applicant for the licence as manager of ASSC. The application was noted without objection by the committee
  5. Maintenance
    1. Pitch
      1. Aerator – Mr Fry made the proposal that either APC/ACSReC purchase an aerator or that the work is done under the contract for grass cutting that ACC has with APC and APC pay for the field to be aerated four times a year. As for funding the suggestion was made that APC make a contribution to the purchase and ACSReC funds the balance.There are various types of aerator available and Mr Fry will present specifications and price at the next meeting
      2. Scarification and reseeding of pitch – the quote for the work had been previously circulated to members and it was agreed to accept it.  Proposed by Mrs Paradise, seconded by Mrs Gater
    2. Weed control  Mr Fry tabled a quote from S. Merrett Services, for weed control on the sports field for £282 including VAT.  It was agreed to accept this, proosed by Mr Blake and seconded by Mrs Gater
    3. Pavilion repairs and redecoration
      1. Repair of panelling in changing room –  the work had already been carried out and the committee inspected the new panelling, all agreeing taht it was a great improvement.  Mr Fry tabled the invoices for the work, noting that he would pay quote 3 for panelling the rest of the changing room as he had wanted to get it done.  The two remaining quotes, amounting to £1,221 are outstanding.  It was felt that AYFC, who did not have a representative present at the meeting, should be asked to contribute to the costs, a figure of 25% was suggested.
      2. Dead trees and undergrowth behind the pavilion – Mrs Gater reported that the COG was waiting to hear when work could be done to clear this area.  Mr Fry suggested that it be investigated whether further permissions were needed to remove what were essentially dead trees and undergrowth from behind the building as it was more tidying up than anything and would help preserve the fabric of the building.
      3. Cleaner – the need for someone to clean the pavilion on a regular basis was discussed and it was felt that 2 hours per week would be sufficient. Mrs Gater reported that Ms Fi Wood, who cleans the social Centre, was willing to do the job.  At present she is paid the hourly minimum wage plus expenses by the Social Centre which the committee fleeelt was reasonable.  Mrs Gater and Mr Fry will assess what needs to be done and Mrs Gater will approach Ms Wood.  Mrs Lewis to email Dr. Bedford regarding the need for a formal invoice.
    4. Policy after rain – it was noted that communication had improved. It was also noted that item 9b, in the Conditions of Use policy referred to procedure to be followed in the event that the condition of the pitch was in doubt.
  6. Bookings
    1. Permission to hold barbecues over the Avebury Day weekend – granted unanimously
    2. Wiltshire Jaguar Enthusiasts Club – a charge of £5 per car to be paid on the day was felt to be a fair charge.  The Club should be reminded of item 9b. in the Conditions of Use. Mr Fry to contact Club with this proposal.
    3. Kings Drummers Solstice Parking – the committee felt it wanted to be supportive of a group who were regular attendees at solstice and an integral part of the celebrations.  Mrs Lewis reported that she had spoken to a member of the Drummers who lives locally and they are preparing permits to give to all members for identification purposed and they will have a member of the group on the gate to check.  A copy of the permit will be sent to Mrs Lewis before Solstice.  It was agreed that a member of the ACSReC committee should also be present and that a list of the registration numbers of vehicles attending also be supplied.  A deposit of £50 will be taken.
    4. Map seller – Mr Fry reported that he had been approached by Mr Colcomb, who sold maps on the sports field by the path.  He has been unwell for some time and is going into hospital soon so will not be buying any more maps but still wishes to sell his remaining stock.  It was decided that he should be told to limit his ‘stall’  to no more than three tables, and only one car permitted to be on the sports field.  He will be asked to pay for 30 days selling in advance and to make a neater sign (the present one is handwritten on cardboard).
  7. User Groups
    1. AYFC – no report
    2. ACC – ACC has offered to help with the maintenance of the orchard by cutting the grass in the orchard area.  COG wll supply a mower to do this
    3. COG – it was decided that ACSReC and COG will work in partnership to complete the hedging.  There are still piles of chipping from the removal of the old hedge and trees in the Glebe field.  Mrs Gater asked for suggestions for their disposal and will ask Tony Farthing if it is all right for members of COG to remove them from the field.
  8. Finance
    1. costs for mains water connection – the committee felt that it was the responsibility of APC to pay for this as the scheme was already under way when ACSReC was formed.
    2. overhead storage racks as previously tabled cost £99 per rack.  It was decided to purchase one initially.  Proposed by Mrs Gater, seconded by Mrs Paradise.
    3. Payment of invoices received:
      1. Mr Mark Paradise for notice board – £500
      2. WRF Pest Control for rabit and mole control – £85
      3. Mr Fry for painting supplies and paint to redecorate the pavilion – £245
      4. Mr Bruce Crook for ladders £53.98

Proposed by Mrs Gater, seconded by Mr Blake

Date of next meeting  – 24th May, in the pavilion