24 May 2016 – ACSReC Meeting – Minutes

Avebury Parish Council


Minutes of the Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) meeting held on Tuesday 24th May at the pavilion, Avebury Sports Field.

In these minutes APC stands for Avebury Parish Council, ACC for Avebury Cricket Club, AYFC for Avebury Youth Football Club, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, COG for Community Orchard Group, NT for the National Trust

Present Avebury Councillors Mrs Lynzey Paradise, Mrs Maggie Lewis and Dr. Mike Bedford, Mr Dominic Fry (ACC), Mr Bruce Hinder (AYFC), Mrs Di Gater (COG) and Mr Alan Blake (ASSC)

  1. Apologies for absence there were no apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest Mr Fry noted that he is chairman of Avebury Sports and Social Club Committee
  3. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising therefrom
    1. King’s Drummers – Mrs Lewis reported that she had received a deposit cheque and a copy of the permit all those attending to drum will display.  It was thought that a limit should be set on the number of vehicles that could be brought onto the sports field and that 20 should be sufficient.  An area will be roped off to indicate where these should be parked.  Mrs Lewis to inform King’s Drummers
    2. Map seller -Mr Fry reported that he had written to Mr Colcomb, the map seller, setting out the terms for his map stall, namely that he would be charged £10 per day, 30 days payable in advance, that only 3 tables should be used and only one car allowed onto the field. He should also have a tidy, printed sign rather than the current handwritten cardboard one.  No response had yet been received
    3. Cleaner – Mrs Gater reported that Ms Wood had done 9 hours so far to clean the whole building and bring it up to a good standard.  She reported that Ms Wood had some observations and questions, namely
      1. recycling and rubbish –  As a rule the users of the pavilion take any rubbish and recycling away at the end of their session.  The excess behind the storage sheds etc. will be removed when the ground is dry enough to enable a vehicle to drive over.
      2. Pest control – Ms Wood reported that she had noticed flies around the bait traps set for rodents and wondered how often they were checked. Mr. Brotheridge, who was formerly on the committee, had undertaken to continue with this task and members were unsure as to whether or not he was still doing it.  Mrs Lewis to check.
      3. Ms Wood asked if the paper towel dispensers in the toilets could be fitted and Mr Fry said that this would be done.

        She was also concerned about some loose beading over the changing room door.  This was removed to inspect water leakage last weekend and will be fixe in due course

  4. Scheme of delegations There was discussion about a proposal to APC for budgetary responsibilities and powers that should be devolved onto ACSReC to allow greater autonomy.  Mrs Paradise said that as she understood things ACSReC could approve spending up to £1000 and that for anything over that amount approval should be sought from APC.  She also stated that all ordering should be done through the Parish clerk, Ms Moore who is the Responsible Financial Officer.  APC’s financial regulations state that 3 quotes should be sought but that in some circumstances 2 would suffice

Mrs Gater asked how small items of expenditure such as cleaning supplies   could be paid for and it was proposed that a petty cash float be asked for,         £100 maximum.

Emergency repair work should be approved by 1 member of the committee and the Parish Clerk.

Mr Hinder commented that he had stated in previous meetings that the roof should be a top priority in making the building sound before any other work was under taken.  It was pointed out that the two quotes, one for £7,000 and one for over £6,000 for just materials, were well beyond the current financial means of ACSReC.  Mr Fry noted that although Marlborough Area Board made grants they did not make them to Parish Councils only to sports clubs and as neither club owned the pavilion it was almost impossible to get grants from any funding body.

There was much discussion on which body, ACSReC or APC, is ultimately responsible for the pavilion and sports field.  ACSReC is a sub-committee of APC so discussion then centered on how ACSReC could be funded, where the funds might come from, the possibility of ultimately replacing the pavilion or amalgamating the pavilion with the Social Centre and ASSC to build one all purpose building.  Mr Hinder said that this had been proposed a number of years and the scheme even got as far as plans being drawn up but conflicting comments from representatives of the NT ultimately stopped any further progress.

General outline for delegated powers

  • Spending approval up to £1000
  • A ‘petty cash’ budget for incidental small amounts, claims to be submitted with receipts for any items purchased
  • Any contracts for work on or to the sports field or pavilion to be discussed with ACSReC in the first instance
  • Sign off on a long term plan for items that will be over £1000 to allow work to be approved without having to revert to APC for approval each time.
  • Proper tendering and contracting procedures to be adhered to

5. Fundraising – the committee considered various options for raising funds.  APC will be asked for financial support but cannot be expected to underwrite all of the expense.

Other methods of raising funds considered were:

  • hiring the field for wedding marquees – this idea might not work as dates will almost certainly clash with cricket or football fixtures.
  • holding one big car boot sale a year
  • table top sales – Mr Blake suggested that these could be held in ASSC as there would be space.
  • teas for tourists – these could be held in the pavilion
  • contacting an advertising agency to see what use the field could be put to for advertising – ASA were approached some years ago but the idea didn’t find favour.
  • AYFC offered to hold a 5 a side football tournament – Mr Hinder and Mr Pryor said these had been run very successfully in the past
  • a donations box on the noticeboard – this would need to be emptied daily
  • camping – at observances there is a need for extra camping space
  • a coffee stall or stall selling hot soup to those walking from the main car park to the village.

7. Maintenance

This was covered under the budget discussions to some extent.  It was felt that there was a need for a working group to consider the rolling plan drawn up by Mr Fry.

a. Aerator – due to slight differences in the specifications in the 3 quotes
obtained there had been some confusion about the correct model to
purchase.  Mr Fry has resubmitted the quotes and hopefully purchase is

8.55 p.m. Mr Pryor had to leave the meeting but requested  an invoice for AYFC’s pitch hire for the year as he needs this to complete his end of year accounts

b. Connection to mains water – the general feeling of the committee, having inspected the area of the trench that had to be dug to carry the mains water pipe to the pavilion, was that the work needed finishing to a better standard and that the contractor, Whatleys, should be recalled to make good the area.  Mrs Lewis to contact Parish Clerk about this.

In discussion about the future of the sports field and pavilion is was agreed that all bodies in the parish should work together in the long term to achieve the aim of constructing a single community building for use in and by the parish

8. Bookings

a. Wiltshire Jaguar Enthusiasts Club – the club have decided not to use the
sports field for their annual meet up in the parish as they do not charge their
members for events and didn’t want to charge £5 per car for use of the field.
They have many members who are NT members and will meet in the car

b. Request to site welfare unit for builders on the field – Mrs Paradise
reported that this was not going to happen as the builders were concerned
about damaging the field by bringing a heavy vehicle onto it to deliver the unit.
It was suggested that they hire the pavilion instead as it fulfilled all the
requirements in that there was running water, electricity and toilet facilities.  A
rate of £25 per day was thought to be appropriate.

9. User Groups

   AYFC – Season over, have been training with the Starlets

   ACC – Nothing specific.  There will be a match against The Authors (a team of
publoished authors) and the club are considering holding a post match barbecue
and inviitng the village to join in.

COG – The fencing between the Sports and Glebe fields is now complete up to       the line of the trees that still have to be dealt with.  At the moment the grass in
the orchard is being mowed with the mower belonging to ACC but the group will
consider funding one next year.  Mr Fry commented that for a small
consideration the club mower was available and could do the orchard.

10. Finance

Cheques for payment were approved for:

  • Ladders to retrieve lost balls
  • PJ Mills for pest control

Cheques for payment were also approved for paint for internal redecoration (£260.84), the overhead storage racking (£129.95) and the re-panelling in the home changing room (£1221)

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 28th June, 7.30 p.m. in the pavilion