6 May 2014 Ordinary Meeting : Minutes

Minutes of an ordinary meeting of Avebury Parish Council held
on 6 May 2014 at the Social Centre, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF.

In these minutes APC stands for Avebury Parish Council, ACC for Avebury
Cricket Club, AHA for Aster Housing Association, ASA for Avebury Sportsfield
Association, BBLP for Balfour Beatty Living Places, CATG for Community Area
Transport Group, MAB for Marlborough Area Board, MADT for Marlborough Area
Development Trust, MDNIA for Marlborough Downs Nature Improvement Area, NT
for the National Trust, EH for English Heritage, UKN for Upper Kennet News,
WC for Wiltshire Council and WHS for World Heritage Site.

Time Start: 19:40

  1. Public question time: There was one member of the public present.
    No questions were asked.
  2. Present: Councillors Andrew Williamson (Chairman), Paul Dixon, Keith
    Howell, Antoinette Kremer and Maggie Lewis,
    In attendance: Miss Liz Moore (Clerk).
  3. Apologies for absence: Councillors Dr Mike Bedford, Mike Daniel,
    Paul Ryder-Morris and Wiltshire Councillor Mrs Jemima Milton.
  4. Declarations of interest: None, except later under item 12a.
  5. Minutes of meeting held on 1 April 2014: Unanimously agreed as an
    accurate record. Proposed by Mr Dixon and seconded by Mrs Kremer.
  6. Matters arising from the minutes:
    1. NT main car park fees: (Minute ref 6c). The Chairman reported
      no response from NT to letter sent by APC and added that he had not personally
      received further complaints from the public. Chairman to raise issue
      with Jan Tomlin
      (NT Manager) at his next meeting with her.
      Mr Howell reported he had noticed more people parking in the small village
      car park as result of the increase in parking fees and that the small car
      park was not policed. Mrs Lewis said the small car park had been full at
      4pm on Saturday 3 May but this may have been partly due to it being
    2. Sarsen Trail 4 May: (Minute ref 15a). Mrs Lewis reported signage
      for the trail had been put up on Friday 2 May. The directions were not
      clear and had caused confusion for other visitors.
    3. Benches at Beckhampton and West Kennett: (Minute ref 19). No
      update given on state of repair; postponed until next meeting.
    4. Lamp 8 not working in Avebury Trusloe: (Min ref. 19). Clerk had
      emailed Highways on 8th April.
  7. Membership: The Chairman listed seven people who had expressed an
    interest in becoming a Parish Councillor (two from Trusloe, one from Bray
    Street, two from Beckhampton and two from the High Street). Members discussed
    the need for ensuring representation from all parts of the village, gender
    balance and the importance of local knowledge. Members noted that Bray Street
    was not represented and unanimously agreed that the Chairman contact Ms
    Zandria Service
    , a resident of Bray Street, to co-opt her to APC. Proposed
    by Mr Kremer and seconded by Mr Howell.
  8. Planning applications and results:
    1. Minute of APC’s Planning Sub-Committee meeting held on 20th July
      2013 received. (Appendix 1).

      – Second application for house at Lower Acre, Bray Street. The Clerk
      said the minute had not been formally received last year although subsequently
      the applicant had withdrawn the application.
    2. Minutes of Planning Sub-Committee meeting held on 12th April 2014
      received. (Appendix 2).

      – Installation of 2 LPG tanks at 110-113 High Street: ref 14/2139/FUL:
      APC had supported
      Garden Wall along Church Walk at Bridge House, High Street: ref
      14/02666/FUL: APC had objected due to inaccurate plans.
    3. Minutes of Planning Sub-Committee meeting held on 28th April 2014
      received. (Appendix 3).

      – Third application/revised proposal for the redevelopment of Lower Acre
      in Bray Street
      with a two storey house. Ref: 14/02099/FUL.
      APC had supported subject to conditions
      – Amended plans for a garden wall at Bridge House/Church Walk:
      APC had objected.
      – An application from the NT to put a gate into a Sarsen Stone wall
      north of the Great Barn
      . Ref: 14/01280/FUL: APC had objected.
    4. Results: Felling of one Corsican Pine at Fosse House, Avebury.
      Ref: 14/03441/TCA. No objection from APC.
    5. Notifications of tree works:
      – NT to remove Sycamore and Lilac pushing over adjoining wall at The Lodge,
      High Street Avebury. APC had not objected.
      – NT to remove Ash tree at 6/7 Green Street and lilac at former Antiques
      Shop. APC had not objected.
  9. Flood Group: Mrs Lewis reported that Mr Danny Everett (WC Drainage
    Engineer) was booked to visit at 2pm on Tuesday 13 May. Mrs Lewis to email Mr
    Michael Daley and Mrs Geraldine Wimble to invite them to attend.
    Mrs Lewis
    said she was waiting for Mr Richard Williams of Atkins to send pictures of the
    work that had been done on the culvert at the end of the High Street and that
    Atkins would investigate to see why the works had not been completed. Mr Howell
    said WC would need to wait for Thames Water to re-lay sewage / storm drains
    prior to any resurfacing works in Beckhampton. Mr Howell reported Mr and Mrs
    Pinch of Earley House and residents of Wansdyke Lodge, Beckhampton, had both had
    sewage backing up in toilets last winter. Mrs Lewis to confer with residents
    and then report to Thames Water.
    Mrs Lewis said a Thames Water representative
    would be attending the meeting with Danny Everett.
    Terms of Reference for Flood Group had been drafted. Clerk to email members
    for discussion at next meeting.

    Town and Parish Council meeting with WC Highways 19 May. Clerk to email
    as not all had received the invitation.
  10. Transport Issues: the Chairman reported:
    1. WHS Transport Strategy and Design Guide: Chairman to report back
      after next meeting with Atkins scheduled for end of May.
    2. Parking in Trusloe: AHA indicative sketch plan of Trusloe Nursery
      Site tabled. (Appendix 4). AHA had sketched a preliminary idea showing 23
      car parking spaces on AHA land with access across APC play area and
      Centurion land, three one-bedroomed houses on part of APC’s play area, and a
      smaller play area. The Chairman noted that the scheme would partly depend
      on APC agreeing to a land swap and that members would need to consider this
      in due course if this option were pursued. Members discussed the pros and
      cons of the sketch and noted it was one of many possible solutions. The
      Chairman stated that recently another company was looking at the Centurian
      owned land and AHA would be reporting back once they had made further
      enquiries. The Chairman added he had not heard back from Mr John Thompson
      (WC). Members agreed to wait to hear from AHA.
  11. Marlborough Area Board: update from Mr Daniel postponed until next
  12. Local issues, including:
    1. Grass cutting: Mr Dixon declared an interest as he was APC’s
      representative on ASA.
      The Chairman stated Becky Busby (WC Highways) was dealing with a possible
      arrangement for WC to cut the grass at the Play Area and the proposal was
      going through an approval process.The Clerk reported on Sports-field grass cutting:

      • BBLP had declined to provide a quotation as it had not been cost
        effective for their organisation at the previous rates.
      • WC had recommended contacting English Landscapes. Estimate obtained for
        cutting the Sports Field £1,254.00 + VAT previously emailed to members. This
        was based on an average of 15 cuts per year.
      • Mr Dixon had previously suggested contacting Broom Landscapes who did grass
        cutting at Rawlins Park and A. Dean of Pewsey who did grass cutting for the
        Church. The Clerk reported both suppliers had said they did not have the right
        equipment to provide the service. The Clerk had contacted several other
        companies who had failed to get back with an estimate and several other town
        and parish councils who were also not able to help.
      • Avebury Cricket Club had previously offered to cut the grass on the Sports
        Field and possibly the Play Area. Quotation of £850.00 (VAT not applicable)
        obtained for cutting the Sports Field previously emailed to members. This was
        based on an average of 15 cuts per year.

      In discussion, members resolved to offer the contract to ACC on the following
      basis: (i) APC to receive satisfactory proof of insurance (ii) APC seek, if
      possible for the benefit of both parties, to agree a price of £850.00 for a two
      year period (iii) the contract be reviewed in October with a break clause on
      either side and (iv) a price be obtained for cutting grass at Play Area.
      – Mr Howell briefly left the meeting at this point and then returned to the table.
      Members unanimously agreed the Chairman contact ACC to offer them the
      contract subject to the above conditions. Proposed by Mrs Lewis and seconded by
      Mrs Kremer.

    2. Weed killing on Sports field: had been scheduled for Monday 28 April.
    3. Repairs to Beckhampton bus shelter: the Chairman reported no further progress.
    4. Money received from Jane Brunning: Mr Howell reported money had been collected several years ago [by the Beckhampton Community Group] and that Jane Brunning was passing it on to APC for works to the bus shelter. The Chairman counted £54.66. Action: Clerk to send letter of thanks.
    5. Paths Improvements Scheme 2014: proposal for footpath from Silbury Hill car park to Waggon & Horses PH. Mr Howell reported he had spoken to Mr Michael Crook (WC) and that Mr Crook had apologized for not getting back to him and that this was due to staff changes at WC. Mr Howell said Mr Crook would be following up with their Rights of Way officer and that a feasibility survey would be carried out soon. Mr Howell added that Mr Robin Butler had no objection to a footpath, provided it did not encroach on his land and that Mr Charles Bartholomew had no objection, provided the integrity of the Waggon & Horses PH was respected. Mr Howell also reported that he had asked Mr Bartholomew whether the Waggon & Horses PH might be interested in putting money towards the project.
    6. Vehicles on Windmill Hill: Mr Howell reported that he had spoken to Mr Michael Crook (WC) about reinstating a warning sign on Windmill Hill. Mr Howell said that people were driving up Windmill Hill to the track and risking damage to their vehicles. Mr Howell said this was due to the Ôno vehicle sign’ having been removed. The Chairman said the original warning sign had rusted and had been removed as part of the de-cluttering process.
    7. Change in management of Silbury Hill: Mr Howell reported the NT would be taking over the future management of Silbury Hill from EH. Mr Howell stressed there were current issues regarding people risking their lives climbing the monument and erosion of the monument. Action: The Chairman to speak to Mrs Jan Tomlin (NT Manager).
    8. Email received: Temporary closure of part of South Street in Trusloe from a point outside Strawberry Cottage to a point outside The Bungalow. This would enable Thames Water to carry out a new service connection. Works would commence on 17 June for 3 days.
    9. The Avebury Community Orchard Group was planning to hold the Annual Apple Day on the Sports-field in October. The Clerk had emailed an events form to the Group to fill in for insurance purposes.
  13. Communications: the Chairman reported: April’s ÔHeadlines’ had been included in UKN
    and agenda for Annual Parish Meeting 24 April had been published on all notice boards.
    Notice of appointment of date for the exercise of Electors’ Rights (Accounts for the year ended
    31 March 2014) published on Community Shop notice board 30 April 2014.
  14. Correspondence: the Clerk reported:
    1. Letter received from WC regarding 1 Tonne Salt Bag Scheme 2014/2015. Clerk to send
      copy to members for consideration.
    2. Letter from WC: Notice of Election (South West electoral region) for
      European Parliamentary Elections Thursday 22 May 2014.
    3. Email: Community First newsletter
    4. North Wessex Downs: Invitation to Consultation meeting 6pm
      on 7th May, Marlborough Town Hall.
    5. Email: Police notice of tax refund scam: fake email that appears to originate from
    6. Email: Neighbourhood policing awards 2014. See
    7. Letter from NT: accounts office had moved office to Tisbury.
    8. Telephone call 28 April from resident in Trulsoe concerned about safety aspect of
      installing dropped kerb on the A4361 at the turning into Avebury Trusloe. The
      Chairman confirmed he had tried to call but had not managed to speak to the resident
      concerned. A resident who used a mobility scooter had requested WC install a dropped kerb
      so they might access the bus stop more easily.
  15. Parish Council’s Annual Village Meeting 24 April: the Chairman thanked
    APC members for attending. (See draft minutes of village meeting for full report).
  16. Finance and admin:
    1. The Chairman reported the parish precept (£5,118.54) and precept grant (£331.46)
      had been received from WC. Total £5,450.00
    2. Report on internal audit 2013-2014. (Accounting Statements 2013/14 and Internal
      Audit report 2013/14 previously emailed to members). The Clerk tabled the Annual Return. The
      Chairman said he would need to check through the documents before signing. Approval of
      accounting statements by APC deferred to next meeting.
    3. Review of existing APC financial regulations: (previously circulated to members).
      The Clerk reported the only update was a new provision for electronic banking and removal
      of the requirement for two cheque signatories. The Clerk advised there was not a requirement
      to update the regulations. Members resolved to keep the existing financial regulations.
      Proposed by Mr Dixon and seconded by Mrs Kremer.
    4. Community First: renewal of Zurich Insurance Policy Renewal 1st June 2014. The
      Chairman reported no competitive insurance quotes had been received by the Clerk as the two
      companies approached both said they could not offer a better quotation based on price. The
      Clerk confirmed the renewal quotation was £1,079.30 for one year or £1,025.35 per annum
      (fixed for three years). Action: members resolved to accept the three year Long Term
      further to the Clerk checking (i) whether there were any penalties for
      breaking the three year Long Term Agreement and (ii) if there was one payment for the three
      year period or a fixed payment each year under the Long Term Agreement. Proposed by Mr
      Dixon and seconded by Mrs Lewis.
    5. IT and handover of management of APC’s Web Site to Mrs Kate Fry: the Chairman
      reported Mrs Fry had accepted the role and the Clerk was already working with her.
    6. Cheques for payment: It was unanimously agreed that the following cheques be

      1. Paul Birkeland-Green: IT Services   £98.00
      2. WALC Annual Subscription 2014-2015   £183.76
      3. The ICO: data protection registration renewal   £35.00
      4. Jamie Guy: half year internal audit 2013/14   £75.00
      5. Liz Moore: additional hours work in April + expenses   £349.30
      6. Avebury Social Centre: rent   £26.50

      Cheques signed by the Chairman and Mr Dixon.

  17. Date of next meeting and formal AGM: 7.30pm on Tuesday 3 June 2014.
  18. Any other business:
    1. Email addresses/in-boxes: The Chairman read out an email received that day from
      Mr Paul Ryder-Morris about APC members’ email addresses. Members raised technical questions
      for which they did not have information and, as not all members were present, it was agreed
      that APC reconsider Mr Ryder-Morris’ request at its next meeting. In the meantime, the Clerk
      would discuss implications with Mrs Fry.
    2. Dawn chorus and early morning walk: Mr Howell reported the MDNIA was holding an
      early morning walk in Berwick Bassett to celebrate the dawn chorus on Saturday 17 May
      (5am-7am). Leaflet tabled. To book contact WC T. 01225 718758.
  19. The meeting closed at 21:24

Appendix (included in the book of Parish Council papers):

  1. Minute of Planning Sub-Committee meeting held on 20th July 2013.
  2. Minutes of Planning Sub-Committee meeting held on 12th April 2014.
  3. Minutes of Planning Sub-Committee meeting held on 28th April 2014.
  4. AHA indicative sketch plan of Trusloe Nursery Site.