3 Sept 2013 Ordinary Meeting : Minutes

Minutes of a meeting of Avebury Parish Council held on the 3rd September 2013 at the Social Centre, High St, Avebury, SN8 1RF 

In these minutes, APC stands for Avebury Parish Council,  AHA for Aster Housing Association,  DCMS for Dept. of Culture, Media and Sport,  EH for English Heritage, NT for National Trust,  WC for Wiltshire Council and WHS for World Heritage Site.

Time start: 19.30

Present:  Councillors Mr Andrew Williamson (Chairman and acting Clerk), Mr Paul Dixon, Mr Keith Howell, Mrs Antoinette Kremer, Mrs Maggie Lewis and Mrs Karyn Pearson

  1. Public question time: there were no members of the public present
  1. Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Mr Mike Bedford, Mr Mike Daniel and Ms Judy Miller
  1. Declarations of interest – none
  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on 2ndJuly 2013 were agreed by all as an accurate record.  Proposed by Karyn Pearson and seconded by Paul Dixon
  1. Matters arising from the minutes: 
    1. Use of small car park(item 7a)  The Chairman reported on a recent meeting with the NT when the use small car park (opposite the Community Shop) was discussed.  Parking by the following users had been confirmed:
      1. those with disabled parking blue badges,
      2. those attending St James’ church,
      3. those attending events in the Social Centre,
      4. staff and volunteers working at the Post Office and shops in the High Street,
      5. customers of the Post Office and shops in the High Street,
      6. parents dropping off their children at the Circle Nursery,
      7. parents attending the toddler group in the Social Centre,
      8. those staying at The Lodge B&B,
      9. the mobile library van and similar public service vehicles.

      The recycling containers and salt bins were also housed there.

      It was agreed that it would help manage congestion in the High Street for the above groups and organisations to be encouraged to continue to issue NT permits.  The issue of minibuses using the car park was not addressed.

      Maggie Lewis asked when/if the NT was going to resurface the car park as a hole in it had had barriers round it for many months and had a weed about three feet high growing out of it.  The Chairman said he would raise this at his next meeting with the NT.

    2. Solstice(item 9). The Chairman had written to thank the police and the NT.  Issues of a campervan at Beckhampton and a Police presence at Rawlins Park had been raised at the Solstice Operational Planning Group but no more had been heard.
    3. Planned meeting to present Traffic Plan to Wiltshire Council (item 10a.ii). The Chairman reported he had asked Councillor Mrs Jemima Milton to arrange a meeting with the Deputy Leader of WC to discuss the Parish Traffic Plan.
    4. Application for licence at West Kennett lay-by (item 10d).  The Chairman reported that nothing further has been heard about an application for a licence to plant fruit trees at the lay-by at West Kennett.  It had been established that the licence would only permit planting in the area in front of the applicant’s property.
    5. Dogs in Trusloe (item 13a).  The Chairman reported that the police attended within two days of the incident being reported and had spoken to the owner/s.  No more had been heard.  The police should be called if there were any further problems.
    6. Play area equipment (item 13b)  The Chairman said that Karyn Pearson had done some analysis of the survey on equipment in the play area and that when she had finished it APC would look at it at its meeting in October or November.  Karyn Pearson said she had also done some research and found that football nets are not allowed in play areas where under-14’s are playing and that goal posts should be plastic, not metal, for health and safety reasons.  The Chairman said that RoSPA was conducting the annual inspection of the equipment in September and that once a date was set it would be useful if a member of APC could attend to discuss options with them.
      Mrs Kremer reported that she had had a problem with older children using nearby garages as goal posts for football games and that they had hit cars a couple of times.  She had spoken to them and they had said that if there were goal posts elsewhere they would use them.  The problem was that there was nowhere for older children to go.
  1. Planning applications:  There were no current planning applications.  The Chairman had previously circulated two applications but it had been agreed that no meeting was needed:
    1. Felling a Sycamore at Shipways, Green Street (ref 13/02748):The tree was situated in the Neolithic circle in an orchard that belongs to Greystones.  The applicant wished to restore the orchard and the tree would be removed for that reason
    2. 19 Trusloe Cottages kitchen extension (13/01825): A minor amendment to an earlier application APC had supported. No action neededLower Acre, Bray Street (13/01196/FUL): The Chairman noted that the revised application had been withdrawn.
  1. Transport reports: 
    1. Resurfacing of Avebury High Street:  Works were scheduled to start on Monday 23rdSeptember but the Chairman had been informed the contractor had not yet obtained scheduled monument consent and that the works might be delayed.The plan was to repair pavements and drains in the interim.The NT had accumulated a number of Sarsen stone setts which the Trust felt were a village asset and should be used by the community to restore the cobbled pavement on the north side of High Street.

      The planters would have to be moved to allow the work to take place and the Chairman had talked to Tony Farthing who was prepared to help with a front loader.  There was a worry that they might collapse due to the weight of the earth contained in them.

    2. Implementation of Village Traffic Plan– The traffic plan had been adopted in July and now needed implementation.  A meeting with John Thomson and Parvis Khansari of Wiltshire Council was anticipated but the Chairman said he hoped it wouldn’t get lost in the round of staff redundancies that had just been announced at WC.
    3. WHS Transport Design Guide– Highways had requested their consultants, Atkins, to prepare a brief for their work on the Design Guide.  Their ideas had however been weak and the Chairman and others had submitted comments.  Atkins were currently revising their proposals and would re-submit.
    4. Parking in Trusloe– Mrs Karen Kelleher had held another meeting for Trusloe residents in July which had been well attended.  Several areas for action were identified for Aster to address and Karen Kelleher was due to meet with the Chairman to take these forward.
    5. 20 mph speed limits– The Government had previously published proposals for 20 mph speed limits within 30mph areas, and WC were now consulting on their own scheme.  If existing mean traffic speeds were 24 mph or less then a 20 mph limit could be considered.  Research showed that speeds drop from 24.6mph to 23.0mph in such areas.  It was likely that only two schemes a year could be approved in each Area Board.  Keith Howell suggested Beckhampton be considered as he felt that some farm vehicles travel too fast through the hamlet, but it was noted that there was no 30mph limit in Beckhampton.
      Members noted that the Parish only had one 30mph limit, through Avebury, and that a 20 mph limit was not in Parish’s traffic plan because traffic speeds were not so critical as other issues.  Members agreed however that Avebury should respond to the consultation as a courtesy.  Proposed by Mrs Pearson and seconded by Mrs Kremer.
    6. Sign de-cluttering scheme.It was unanimously agreed that the Parish respond positively to a scheme proposed by Wiltshire Council to remove redundant road signs, posts etc.  Proposed by Chairman, seconded by Mrs Lewis.
  2. Community Emergency Plan– The Chairman presented the final draft of the CEP with a few late additions.  He thanked Mrs Farthing (Community Emergency Volunteer) and Mrs Lewis for the work they had done to get the plan completed.  In view of personal details in the plan, Councillors felt that it needed to be marked ‘Restricted circulation’; copies would only be given to the CEV, APC members, Rev. Maria Shepherdson, PC David Tippetts (Community Beat Manager) and the Emergency Planning Officer at WC. It was unanimously agreed the Plan be adopted subject to minor amendments. Proposed by Mr Howell and seconded by Mr Dixon.
  3. Community Days– WC had proposed a scheme for Highways and Streetscene operatives to join together with communities to implement projects e.g. litter picking, gulley clearing and grass cutting.  The Chairman commented on the difficulty of getting basics done regularly; Karyn Pearson and Antoinette Kremer said that grass cutting had been done by Aster but that areas that are usually the responsibility of WC did not seem to have been cut. The Chairman would contact Wiltshire Streetscene to suggest a community day to get outstanding work completed.Keith Howell mentioned that there was a lot of litter at Silbury Hill and that there were still visitors climbing the hill.  He had spoken to one such group who said they were looking for ‘alien circles’.  Antoinette Kremer disagreed that personal action be taken but Keith Howell responded that it was a criminal offence to climb on the monument for whatever reason and that EH would prosecute if the police were informed when violations are spotted.  The fence should have been repaired and Pyrocantha planted to prevent people reaching the monument.
  4. Paths for Community funding: Keith Howell reported that progress had been delayed by Michael Crook at WC being on holiday.  He was due back on 9thSeptember but had previously pointed out that there were redundancies looming and he might not be in post to see the scheme through.
  5. Local issues:
    1. Community Wi-Fi: MAB were asking for expressions of interest in this.  Chairman had rung saying the Parish would be interested and had asked what area the signal would cover.  He had been told that no figures would be available until interest had been expressed.  If all four areas of Avebury parish were submitted, the Parish would take up most of the available funding for the Marlborough area.  Members noted that Avebury might be proposed as many visitors would also benefit, and that Trusloe might be proposed as it would benefit a relatively large number of people due to the density of its housing stock.  Mrs Kremer said that it would be perfect for Avebury.  It was agreed that APC express interest.  Mr Howell proposed, Mrs Kremer seconded.
    2. Advertising signs on roundabouts:WC had sent out information about erecting advertising signs on roundabouts to generate income for the County and the Beckhampton roundabout was one of those listed.  The Chairman had responded pointing out that adverts would be inappropriate in the WHS area and had spoken to Graham Morrison and Sarah Simmonds to ensure its removal from the list.
    3. Village Retail Award nomination: The Chairman reported that he had responded to a request from the Community Shop and had sent a letter to Community First to nominate the Shop for this award.
  6. Communications, correspondence and Chairman’s action– nothing to report.
  7. Finance and admin – The Chairman reported that RoSPA’s quotation for an inspection of the play area at Trusloe was £65 + VAT.
    t was unanimously agreed that a cheque for £90 (£75 + VAT) be paid to Butler Bros (Avebury) Ltd for digging out the ditch at the end of the culvert that served the High Street.
  8. Date of next meeting – 1stOctober. Lucy Hawkins would be speaking about the Good Neighbours Scheme
  1. Any Other Business–Keith Howell asked whether the Beckhampton bus shelter had been examined so that the anti-vandal coating could be applied.  The Chairman replied that Sarah Simmonds has not yet seen it but he would remind her.

End time 20:45

Appendix 1: Community Emergency Plan