1st March 2017 ACSReC Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of the Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee (ACSReC) held on Wednesday 1st March at the Waggon and Horses, Beckhampton

Present Avebury Parish Councillors Mrs Lynzey Paradise, Dr. Mike Bedford, Mrs Maggie Lewis and Mr Stephen Stacey, Mrs Di Gater (Community Orchard Group), Mr Alan Blake (Avebury Sports and Social Club)

  1. Apologies Mr Bruce Hinder (Avebury Youth Football Club), Mr Dominic Fry (Avebury Cricket Club)
  2. Declarations of interest None
  3. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising
    1. Notice board – Mrs Paradise reported that the notice board had been removed sensitively with minimal disturbance to the surrounding ground. The NT has been reassured that there was no ground disturbance when it was lifted out of the ground. It was now in storage.
    2. Renewal of lease – Mrs Paradise and Mrs Lewis will attend a meeting with Catherine Hosie, Rural Surveyor for the NT, on Monday 20th March.  Ms Hosie has said that a copy of Alexander Keiller’s will has now been found and she will bring it to the meeting.  It is hoped that a copy can be made.

Although not present at the meeting Mr Fry had suggested that the committee re-read the condition in the lease that the pavilion should be handed back to the NT in the condition that it was given.  The committee felt that the condition of the pavilion when APC took control of it ought to be clarified – this would have been when ASA first came into being in 2000.

It was also reported that the NT considered Mr Colcomb, the map seller, as being engaged in a commercial activity, something proscribed under the terms of the lease.  He has indicated that he is winding down his business but it is not clear how long he will want to continue trading for.

4. Budget

Dr Bedford reported that between the Lloyd’s and Nationwide accounts there is £2,850 and APC has a net liability to ACSReC of £38.82 bringing total funds to £2,889.31.  Fees from ACC will be higher this year following the increase in games as Cherhill CC will be playing fixtures at the ground – £1,200 – and APC has pledged £1,000

It was felt that both the bank accounts should remain active with the Lloyd’s account acting as a working account to pay bills from and the Nationwide account acting as a fundraising account.  Mrs Lewis and Dr. Bedford to liaise to get Mrs Lewis added as a signatory on the Nationwide account.

5. Pavilion

The committee expressed their thanks to Mr Mark Paradise and Mr & Mrs Keith Paradise who had installed new guttering on the pavilion recently.  The rainwater now flows away better as a result into the drainage/soakaway

During the recent risk assessment one of the support posts for the veranda roof and the wooden edge to the veranda were noted to be rotten and posed a hazard.  Mr Mark Paradise had suggested a method of repairing these and improving the maintenance.  Mrs Paradise is happy to ask her husband’s uncle, Mr Victor Paradise, if he can help to do this -proposed by Mr Blake and seconded by Mrs Gater.

Following the request from Thames Water for proof of septic tank emptying Mrs Lewis reported that the tank is situated under the kitchen, which was added as an extension at a later date.  There should be a hatch under the linoleum on the kitchen floor.  Mrs Paradise said that she had attempted to lift the floor covering but it was glued down.  There was speculation that there was not a tank but a soakaway. Old brick work had been noted behind the pavilion during the recent planting exercise.  The issue needs investigating.

Mrs Paradise and Mrs Lewis also noted during the assessment that rubbish bins had been left overflowing and sand buckets on the veranda also had rubbish in.  User groups to be reminded to clear up after themselves.

Other issues noted during the assessment were:

  • Kit in changing rooms should be moved to storage
  • Fire exits need signs to remind users that they should be unbolted when the pavilion is in use and kept clear
  • The mould is still quite bad, it had been suggested that the internal doors be left open to aid air flow. Mrs Paradise and Mrs Lewis had left a small radiator on and it seemed to have made a difference.
  • The new padded benches were an acquisition from Cherhill CC from their old club house.

6. Maintenance

    1. Update on checks – inventory and risk assessment completed.  The PAT testing of electrical items is scheduled for 9th March.  The fire safety assessment has yet to be arranged. It had been noted that mole hills were again appearing and it may be necessary to get WRF Pest Control in at an earlier date than planned
    2. Repairs to roof – following research it had been found that the Church Communities Fund will only make funding grants to churches.  Following an inspection using a cherry picker no obvious signs of damage could be seen so there was no easy way of telling where the water is getting in which meant that patching may not work. The surveyor had suggested that there was a solution that would cost hundreds, not thousands, of pounds and as cost is an issue this seemed like a solution.  To be investigated further.

7. Groups

    1. COG – the remaining whips were planted behind the pavilion on a cold snowy morning in the middle of February.  Mrs Gater reported that Mr Farthing will be asked to spread wood chip mulch on the area in due course.
    2. AYFC – no report
    3. ACC
  • have completed the merger with Cherhill Cricket Club, adding 26 new members, a second Saturday side, and 8 new Wednesday evening fixtures.
  • we hope to add 40 members to the Avebury sports & social club this year.
  • our fixture list for 2017 now includes 36 Saturday fixtures, 18 Sunday friendlies and 15 mid-week fixtures, 69 fixtures in total.
  • sadly, we fell victim to the 90mph winds of storm Doris and suffered around £2,000 of damage to our practice batting cages and artificial net. Unfortunately, we were not covered by our insurance for these items.

 Date of next meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 5th April, venue to be advised

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.49 p.m.