5 June 2017 Transport Group : Minutes

Minutes of the 5 June 2017 Transport Group Committee

Avebury Parish Council

Held at 7:30pm on Monday 5 June 2017 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.

Present: M Brennan, D Brotheridge. R Macaire, S.Stacey, M Bedford, A Williamson.

  1. Apologies for absence: Apologies from T Lewis and L Moore
  2. Declarations of interest: None
  3. Acceptance of minutes of 19th April 2017: Accepted
  4. Actions from minutes:
      1. Update WHS Atkins progression : MB had telephone call with S Hind June 1st. SH has had several discussions with Atkins.  Atkins claim there are no issues with Beckhampton but potentially several with W Kennett and so want to separate them as projects.  SH has confirmed to Atkins that both go together  and is meeting to identify sticking points on W Kennett before calling for a meeting with MB and RM to discuss what compromises if any need to be made.This iterative approach is to minimise costs. He noted the individual responsible for the original plans and the current are meeting with him at the same time as there appears to be some differencing in opinion between these individuals which he wants to iron out before we meet as a group.  MB/SH to update in 2 weeks. Noted that the cyclothon has markedly raised the profile of transport in the WHS.
      2. Double Yellow Lines in Avebury Trusloe and Speed limit in Trusloe. Email trail with J Campbell suggests that community should be polled to check if these issues are live and if so where the lines/speed checks should be conducted.  Questionnaire is proposed for dropping in Trusloe to gauge the interest in each of these issues
      3. Footpath 22. Issue has been logged on Wiltshire County site. Details as of 2nd June 2017 are that it has been reassigned to the Highways SERVICE REQUEST #       CATEGORY    Public Rights of Way MB to Reactivate the proposal from J THomson re re-surfacing in financial year 16/17 by writing to J Davies and asking if this can be elevated.
  5. Actions from Village meeting: (a) Interim solutions for parking on Nursery Site .Can gravel be placed over the Nursery Site to prevent the grass from becoming a quagmire.  Problem is that there would have to be matting or gravel over the Centurion owned land so that cars could gain access to the current parking area. Not clear if Centurion are interested in giving us rights of access let alone to put rubber matting over their land to create a car parch access for 7-8 cars. Agreed that the first step should be to investigate potential costs of such matting first to determine if this is feasible first then report back. (b) Speed monitoring through Avebury and Avebury Trusloe – see item 4.b above.
  6. Footpaths: report by Tim Lewis. Report submitted. Lots of detail and total costs identified as 14k for replacing all posts with Oak and installing them. Paper will be presented at October meeting to review the practicalities of the various segments of the whole plan. Ultimately funding will be an issue. Idea of non commercial sponsored posts with donator in the upright routed in rather than inked suggested by MBrennan as a means to part fund the process.
  7. Cyclothon for fundraising – Moya B cycled a total of 298  miles over 3 days and raised £568.Discussion as to whether it is going to be an annual event.  Additional ideas for next year including advertising more with locals and involving local schools to guess the distances before hand, colouring in etc,more sponge throwing etc etc. Idea of a calendar for the transport group to sell in the Henge/Village shop.  Suggested that discussion of potential ideas for next cyclothon should go on the agenda for October to December meeting.
  8. Avenue Closure
    1. The village meeting addressed this and it has gone to the WH Committee who want an evidence based proposal.
    2. Way forward – Transport group could develop a template to highlight the pros and cons of closure. Once this template is completed then the data to support or refute these issues needs to be gathered.
      Pros Cons
      Presevation of verges and historic artifacts

      Tranquility in Avenue

      Reduced danger

      Busses actually go through Beckhampton en route to Swindon

      Enhanced cyclepath 45/safer

      Increased travel time to Swindon

      Increased A4 traffic through Beckhampton and past Avebury Trusloe


      Also need to get traffic flow data from Wiltshire Council.

  9. Any other business: points to consider for next meeting agenda:
      1. Footpath between Silbury Hill and Beckhampton to make a circular route.
      2. Footpath from Avebury towards Swindon towards Dorwyn Manor. At present only alternative is to walk on the road.
      3. Similarly from Gunsite Road eastwards there is only the A4 to walk on to gain access to the Avenue.
  10. Date of next meeting: 10th August 2017, 19:30 at the social centre