16 January 2018 Transport Group Committee : Minutes

Minutes of the 16th January 2018 Transport Group Committee
Avebury Parish Council

Held at 7:30pm on Tuesday 16th January 2018 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.
Present – M Bedford (Chairman), A Williamson, S Stacey, T Lewis, R Macaire, J Campbell

1. Apologies for absence:  Moya Brennan, Angela Norman, Liz Moore.
2. Declarations of interest: none
3. Acceptance of minutes of 30th November 2017: accepted as is
4. Matters arising from the minutes: none that are not on the minutes
5. Visitor parking in the High Street and Green Street including coaches: taken off this group as it is APC level and is on Feb agenda for the Parish Council
6. Footpaths including:
a. Report by Tim Lewis on footpath signage
1. Proposal at stakeholders group at WHS suggests the wooden posts be replaced around the village for £5711 (14 signposts, all oak, guaranteed for 20 years) which includes £750 for an archaeologist on site. TL suggested that waymarking should be preferred over branding signs. Proposal from T Lewis discussed and appreciation for the work noted. WHSC has passed this on to Helen Miah to move this project forwards and discuss next steps. Funding sources not clear but North Wessex Downs, Sustrans and MAB could be approached. This may be more successful if APC were to provide seed money.  Proposed that the transport group approaches the Parish Council for a £1000 donation to use as a lever to garner additional money from the other organisations. If the Parish agrees then TL and other(s) to put together plan to implement the plan including fundraising.
b. Resurfacing footpath 22
1. Sustrans have been approached by Liz Moore last week but no response so far. Wiltshire Council have it on their books for next financial year (ie 2019)
7. Progress on exhibition re transport and travel in the parish and finalization of programme.  Potential for survey of traffic in the Avenue?
a. Amendments to document suggested and agreed and volunteers to distribute noted. Question of timing and how to show the information that we have. Should be run all day but over the evening as well. Would be good to include WC and transport personnel from WC as well as WHS. Open at 4pm for viewing and have presentations from stakeholders later in the evening  – eg 18:30. Vertical boards with space for comments suggested. We should include in the document to be circulated a headline that there will be a follow up meeting to present the conclusions and recommendations
b. Topics to be covered
1. Achievements of the transport group so far – Transport Plan central to whole
2. A4 – W Kennett and Beckhampton
3. Trusloe – Parking  and speeding
4. Yellow lines
5. Footpaths and Byways
6. The future of the Avenue
7. Eroding verges  – Green street and The Avenue
Recognised that items 2-7 which emanate from item 1 needs to follow a standard template – eg Problem/issue, consequences, potential solutions and outcomes.
Exhibition Meeting set on 7th March at the Social Centre at 16:00-20:00.
8. Any other business: eroding verges in Green Street have been reported in MyWiltshire by S Stacey but probably not the relevant place to get a response. S Stacey to approach S Simmonds and Martin Cook re the verges to see if there is an WHS or WC response respectively.
9. Date of next meeting: 8th Feb 19:30 to address preparation for the exhibition as the sole item on the agenda.

Meeting adjourned 2045