6 March 2018 Ordinary Meeting : Minutes

Avebury Parish Council

Minutes of an ordinary meeting of Avebury Parish Council held on Tuesday 6 March 2018 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.

In these minutes APC stands for Avebury Parish Council, ACSReC for Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee, AONB for Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, AYFC for Avebury Youth Football Club, AWHS for Avebury World Heritage Site, EH for English Heritage, NT for the National Trust, PC for Parish Council, TRO for Traffic Regulation Order, UNESCO for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, WC for Wiltshire Council and WHS for World Heritage Site.

Present: Councillors Mr Andrew Williamson (Chairman), Dr Mike Bedford (Vice-Chairman), Mrs Maggie Lewis (Vice-Chairman), Mr Dave Brotheridge, Mr Jon Campbell, Mrs Lynzey Paradise, Ms Zandria Service and Mr Stephen Stacey.

In attendance: Miss Liz Moore (Clerk).

Time started: 19:40

  1. Public question time: there were no members of the public present and no questions were asked.
  2. Apologies: Mr Terence O’Connor.
  3. Declarations of interest: none declared.
  4. Minutes of meeting held on 6 February 2018: unanimously agreed as an accurate record. Proposed by Mrs Paradise and seconded by Mr Stacey.
  5. Matters arising from the minutes: members noted:
    1. Min ref. 5.a. Future use of High Street car park: no further correspondence had been received from the NT.
    2. Min ref. 5.b. Detached railing on the Big Arch Bridge: Clerk to re-report issue to WC as being dangerous and needing urgent attention.
    3. Min ref. 12. Coach House toilets: no further information and item deferred to next meeting.
  6. Planning applications: there were none received.
  7. Transport Group: Dr Bedford reported:
    1. Plans for exhibition on 7 March: there was to be a central element created by a local resident from an aspirational point of view to show pictures of where we live, what we live with and making it better. There would be eight themes put together by the Transport Group and an information board from the WHS. The purpose of the exhibition was to gather feedback to help inform the Transport Group’s strategy for moving some or all of the proposed projects forward. Action: Clerk to publish PC’s exhibition material on web site and send a link to councillors. Dr Bedford to create a sign-in sheet for the exhibition and Mr Stacey to collate feedback. Clerk to put Trusloe parking on next meeting agenda.
    2. Feedback from signage meeting on 21 February: the Chairman reported the Avebury WHS Charity had pledged £250 towards new footpath signage and that Helen Miah, the new Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site Partnership Officer, would be working with Steve Leonard (Rights of Way Officer at WC) to agree style of signage, logos, branding and responsibility, and also liaising with the NT.
    3. Feedback from CATG meeting 22 February on A4 project: Dr Bedford reported that a request for help with funding the road project at Beckhampton had been rejected by a contact at Wadworths and noted it might would be worth approaching the owners instead. The total cost of design work for Beckhampton had increased by £150 due to Atkins fees going up and the cost was now £9,800. CATG was funding half that figure (£4,900) and the PC and Beckhampton residents a quarter each (£2,450 each). The current position on the latter figure for Beckhampton was that £850 had already been donated or pledged by residents to date.  A further £250 had been now been pledged by the Avebury WHS Charity, £300 had been offered by an anonymous donor and £300 might be used from the Cyclothon fundraising event. This would leave a deficit of £712.50 on the earlier cost of £2,412.50. MB had initiated a second round of fund raising and it was hoped that contributions would increase.  In discussion it was agreed it was important that WC instruct Atkins before a further price rise in April and it was resolved that subject to general consensus following the Transport Group Exhibition, the PC would fund a deficit in residents’ funding of up to an extra £712.50. This would be taken from APC’s reserve fund for the WHS design guide of £2k and would enable Atkins to proceed with the design work for Beckhampton. Proposed by the Chairman, seconded by Mr Stacey and carried unanimously. It was also separately resolved that the PC would fund £37.50 equivalent to a quarter of the £150 increase in Atkins’ fees. Therefore total extra amount to be funded by APC would be up to £750.00 ex VAT. Proposed by Dr Bedford, seconded by Mrs Paradise and carried unanimously.
  8. ACSReC:
    1. Report on execution of Deed of Surrender, Sports Field Agreement (between APC and ASSC) and new Lease (between NT and ASSC): the contents of the draft lease were noted.
    2. Banking arrangements: members noted £718.83 had been transferred from Lloyds to HSBC Account on 9 February 2018 for money owed to APC from ACSReC Committee.
  9. Defibrillator for Avebury Trusloe: Mrs Lewis reported that the Social Centre had been booked for 9 July in the evening for a defibrillator training session. The PC was waiting for WC to contact BT to give the go ahead for the PC to adopt the ‘phone box in Avebury Trusloe. Mrs Lewis to check with SW Ambulance Trust that they would be ok to put acquisition of the defirillator on hold and to ascertain timescales.
  10. Local Issues:
    1. Great British Spring Clean on 3 March: Mrs Lewis reported the event had been postponed due to the winter weather conditions. It was agreed to run the event over two Saturdays and the new dates would be the 17 and 24 March.
    2. Dog fouling on footpath 22 and into Avebury: the Chairman said he had received an email from a resident concerned about the growing problem of dog fouling in Avebury including dog waste being deposited in a local farmer’s field. Action: Clerk to re-log issue with WC and contact the dog warden directly to find out what previous action had been taken as the feedback report from the WC on-line system simply stated that work had been completed.
    3. Parish Steward Priority Sheet and update on work completed for February: the Clerk reported that no extra work had been sent to the Parish Steward for February.
    4. New replacement planter for the High Street: members noted the damaged planter had been replaced and replanted, and expressed many thanks to local residents for their voluntary help in doing so.
    5. Re-instatement of cobbles in pavement outside 113 High Street: members noted work had yet to be completed by Thames Water. Action: Clerk to chase request.
    6. Re-instatement of play area fencing along main road perimeter: members noted the work had been ordered and was due to be carried out early March.
    7. Resurfacing of footpath 22 and AVE30/10 from NT car park to High Street: the Clerk reported Sustrans was in contact with Rights of Way Officer at WC to find out what funding might be available for footpath 22 and would report back to the PC.
    8. Request for support for proposed new Stonehenge and Avebury WHS Trust application to Heritage Lottery fund for grant and matched funding: members considered the request for funding, noted the importance of giving political support for the WHS and that money had been budgeted in the Avebury Community Fund to support all Avebury Community Projects. It was resolved to pledge £250 to support the Stonehenge and Avebury WHS Charity’s bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund. Proposed by Mr Stacey, seconded by Mrs Lewis and carried unanimously.
  11. Communications: the Chairman reported Headlines for Dec 2017, Jan and Feb 2018 had been published on notice boards and in UKN.
  12. Correspondence: the Clerk reported the following information had been received:
    1. Temporary Closure of: A4361 (Part), Broad Hinton (16/03/2018 one day)
    2. WALC Newsletter and information on councils’ powers to discharge their functions.
    3. Marlborough Area Development Trust: information on local Marlborough Area Makerspace http://www.makerspace.marlborougharea.org. Digital making using Raspberry Pi and workshop 4 March at the Town Hall, Marlborough.
    4. Proposals for upgrading the A303 at Stonehenge. Further public consultation see following link: https://highwaysengland.citizenspace.com/he/a303-stonehenge-2018/
    5. Police report for Avebury: three crimes carried in January including attempted theft of lead flashing, driver caught over drug limit and no insurance and handbag stolen from car and money withdrawn from bank card. To check stats in more details see: https://www.police.uk
    6. Refill 2018: a scheme whereby local businesses can sign up to offer free tap water refills of any water bottles to help reduce the amount of waste plastic in our environment. For more information see: https://www.refill.org.uk/get-the-refill-app/
    7. Lockeridge Mobile Youth Club – see PC website for poster
    8. Visit Wiltshire Newsletter: including business networking event at Merchant House Familiarisation Visit 2-4pm 17 April 2018.
  13. Finance and admin:
    1. VAT rebate: the Clerk reported a VAT rebate of £743.21 had been received on 6 February 2018.
    2. Draft Data Protection Policy: (draft General Privacy Notice courtesy of NALC had been previously circulated to members – see appendix 1, and a personal data audit questionnaire completed by the Clerk). Members considered the General Privacy Notice and it was resolved to adopt the policy. Proposed by Mr Stacey, seconded by Mrs Paradise and agreed. Thanks were expressed to the Clerk for her work on the audit questionnaire.
    3. The approved minutes of Transport Group Committee meeting dated 16 January 2018 were received for the minute book (see appendix 2).
    4. Cheques for ratification and cheques for payment: it was resolved that the following cheques be paid. Proposed by Ms Service, seconded by Mr Stacey and carried unanimously.
      1. Avebury Day 2018: donation                                       £500.00
      2. National Trust: rent of Sports Field 30 Mar 2017 – 29 Mar 2018 £60.00
      3. Rainbows: 5 Ltr pot of Santex paint for bus shelter       £22.00
      4. South Western Ambulance Service: Defibrillator Support Package (inc VAT)                                                                      £1,200.00
      5. Liz Moore: Clerk’s overtime and expenses 22 Jan – 21 Feb 2018  £367.66
      6. Kennet Print: printing costs for exhibition posters and artwork   £151.75 + VAT
  14. Date of next meeting: 7:30pm on Tuesday 3 April 2018. [The Chairman gave his apologies for the PC’s meeting in May].
  15. Any other business:
    1. the Chairman said he would be inviting ASSC to provide a report at the Annual Village meeting on 24 April.
    2. Mr Campbell said he would be standing down as a member of the PC shortly as he and his family would be re-locating to America during the summer. Members were sorry to hear the news and wished him well for his exciting venture.
  16. The meeting closed at 9:20 pm

Appendix: (included in the book of Parish Council papers)

  1. Draft General Privacy Notice
  2. Approved minutes of 16 January 2018 Transport Group Committee meeting – not seen by the meeting but added subsequently.