19 February 2018 Transport Group : Minutes

Minutes of the 19 February 2018 Transport Group Committee

Avebury Parish Council

Held at 7:30pm on Monday 19th February 2018 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.

Present – M R Bedford (Chairman), A Williamson, S Stacey, J Davies, A Norman, R Macaire, R Gamble, H Miah, S Simmonds.

  1. Introductions – S Simmonds, Richard Gamble, Helen Miah.
  2. Apologies for absence: Tim Lewis (note signage meeting in two days), Liz Moore.
  3. Declarations of interest: None.
  4. Acceptance of minutes of 16th Jan 2018: Accepted as is.
  5. Matters arising from the minutes: None that are not on the minutes.
  6. Footpaths including:
    1. Update on wayposts. Noted that the Parish has offered £1000 towards the renewal of finger posts throughout the parish provided the synthetic posts are reconsidered as a cost cutting measure. Noted also that the goal is for consistency across the WHS so the decision on post choice should be for the whole WHS. These issues will be discussed on Wednesday at the next signage meeting.
    2. Dog fouling. Complaints regarding dog fouling on footpath 22 have been raised. A service request was raised (1823593) on Wiltshire Councils web site to log the problem by L Moore. Dog warden can be called to patrol the path if it persists and signs can be obtained from the dog wardens office. Most effective response is to advertise that there will be a clear up, clear up the path and post signs. L Moore to enquire re getting signs from the dog warden.
  7. Progress on the exhibition in March. Finalising the flyer, content and date for the exhibition:
    1. The exhibition will focus on the 7 key transport related elements which have been of most interest to parishioners (listed below) and put them in context with a central display which covers the entire WHS. The goal of the exhibition will be to inform attendees of the facts regarding each element and to garner input, comment and facts. These will be collated and a report produced to present the findings of the exhibition and where possible propose actions. The 7 elements that will be highlighted at the exhibition are;
      1. Achievements of the transport group so far
      2. A4 – W Kennett and Beckhampton. Traffic calming measures
      3. Trusloe – Parking and speeding
      4. Yellow lines throughout the parish
      5. Footpaths and Byways – state of repair
      6. The future of the Avenue
      7. Eroding verges – Green street and The Avenue
    2. Each element will be displayed at a station where the format for each is;
      1. What are the issues
      2. What have we done so far
      3. Next steps

Central to all these stations will be a view of the whole WHS of Avebury which puts each of the elements into the perspective of the wider WHS transport strategy. The WHS transport strategy drew significant input from the Avebury transport plan which was produced with input from more than 100 parishioners so there is already significant ownership which needs to be augmented by direct input from parishioners at the exhibition. It was also noted that local parishes also need to be consulted as some of the elements (especially the Avenue) impact them as well. Inclusion of the items listed in item 7a in the parish magazine along with a brief description of the goal of the exhibition will alert the other local councils and individuals of the agenda and planned date of the exhibition such that all can contribute.

Proposal to implement the above and plan for the exhibition day is as follows:

  1. Produce a note for the parish magazine based on 7 a) above by Tuesday Feb 20th (A Williamson). The note placed in the parish magazine will be used as a template to be produce a flyer which will be circulated by hand to parishioners 7-10 days prior to the exhibition as a reminder. MB to circulate the text for the flyer to the transport group for confirmation once AW has produced the parish magazine note and allocate printing/delivery responsibilities. Text of the flyer to be emailed by L Moore to clerks of surrounding parishes and the National Trust.
  2. Complete the text for each element (2 and 7 already completed). The Avenue will be started by R Macaire then circulated for input by others. M Bedford to ensure the other 4 elements are completed by “volunteers” by the end of next week. A Norman to design the “comments” note for attendees to fill in with comments, suggestions and points of view so that data can be captured easily.
  3. Design of central display to be co-ordinated between S Simmonds and A Macaire to include an aerial picture of the entire WHS.
  4. L Moore to investigate the costs of producing each element on A1 paper with the inclusion of 2-3 photographs to highlight the main features of each element. Also to investigate the planning of the stations and central display (ie easels, tables etc).
  5. L Moore to confirm the 7th March fron 4:30pm to 8.00pm is booked at the village hall.

c. Follow up – Noted that it is important to produce an output from the exhibition as quickly as possible to keep the issues live and out of respect of the input from those who attend. S Stacey to produce a straw man output and work with the transport group to finalise and exhibition report highlighting the main findings and suggestions for next steps within one month of the meeting.

8. Any other business: None

9. Date of next meeting: 27th Mar 19:30

Meeting adjourned 2055