1 May 2018 Ordinary Meeting : Minutes

Avebury Parish Council

Minutes of an ordinary meeting of Avebury Parish Council held on Tuesday 1 May 2018 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.

In these minutes APC stands for Avebury Parish Council, ACSReC for Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee, ARK for Action for River Kennet, ASOP for Avebury Solstice Operational Planning, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, AWHS for Avebury World Heritage Site, EH for English Heritage, FWO PC for Fyfield and West Overton Parish Council, ICOMOS for International Council on Monuments and Sites, NT for the National Trust, PC for Parish Council, SWAST for South Western Ambulance Service Trust, TRO for Traffic Regulation Order, UNESCO for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, WC for Wiltshire Council and WHS for World Heritage Site.

Present: Councillors Mr Stephen Stacey (Chairman), Dr Mike Bedford (Vice-Chairman), Mrs Maggie Lewis (Vice-Chairman), up to item 9.a. Mr Terence O’Connor and Mrs Lynzey Paradise.

In attendance: Miss Liz Moore (Clerk).

Time started: 19:35

  1. Public question time: there were no members of the public present.
  2. Apologies: Mr Dave Brotheridge, Councillor Mr Andrew Williamson and Mrs Jane Davies (Wiltshire Councillor).
  3. Declarations of interest: none declared.
  4. Minutes of meeting held on 3 April 2018: unanimously agreed as an accurate record. Proposed by Mrs Paradise and seconded by Mrs Lewis.
  5. Matters arising from the minutes: none that were not already covered on the main agenda.
  6. Planning applications:
    1. Full planning for the provision of 168 photovoltaic panels in two groups of 84 on the roof of an existing grain store at Grain Store, Windmill Hill Corner, Manor Farm, Avebury Trusloe. Ref: 18/02663/FUL. The plans were considered and it was resolved to support the application. Proposed by Dr Bedford, seconded by Mr O’Connor and carried unanimously.
    2. Advertisement Consent for non-illuminated wall mounted sign to both front and side elevations at Elements of Avebury, Green Street, Avebury. Ref: 17/09193/ADV. The plans were considered and it was resolved to object to the application on the following grounds. Proposed by Dr Bedford, seconded by Mrs Paradise and carried unanimously.
      1. It is unnecessary. The shop has signage on its windows and an ‘A’ board outside its door already. It is obvious that there is a shop there.
      2. There are road safety implications. Additional signage will distract drivers on the A4361.
      3. It is inconsistent with established guidelines. The WHS Management Plan discourages visible commercialisation in the village.
      4. It would not be consistent with current practice. Recent applications for signage have been turned down in order to preserve the character of the village.
      5. It risks setting a precedent. Other commercial operations in the village may consider additional signage at Elements as a signal that they can follow suit.
  7. Transport Group:
    1. Members considered the Transport Group’s interim recommendations for action paper (previously circulated to Councillors and see appendix 1) and feedback from the annual Village meeting. It was noted there had been a lot of support at the Village meeting for getting a 30 or 40 mph limit on the A4361 past Avebury Trusloe in place as soon as possible and Jane Davies (Wiltshire Councillor) had advised that in the meantime part of the Beckhampton Scheme could be fast-tracked through CATG. It was agreed Dr Bedford to directly contact WC to discuss introduction of a 40 mph limit from Beckhampton roundabout past Avebury Trusloe and to ask about adjusting the existing 30 mph towards Beckhampton. In further discussion, members considered ways to enforce the speed limit on the roads around the Parish including the A4361 and it was agreed Clerk to look into the cost of a mini speed display unit. Mr O’Connor stated the gradual introduction of autonomous vehicles that linked the vehicle speed to the speed limit of the road might solve a lot of today’s issues regarding fast speeding of vehicles. Members noted also that a request had been made at the Village meeting for dropped curbs in Avebury Trusloe to help disabled people get about more safely. It was agreed Mrs Lewis to email the resident who had made the request to find out more information and the Clerk to email AHA to inform them of the request and residents’ Health and Safety concerns. There was general agreement on the layout of the draft action paper and it was agreed Transport Group to compile a shopping list.
    2. Transport Group exhibition at Kennet Valley Hall: members noted the exhibition date for the 18 May had been postponed and that a new date would be arranged for the end of May or beginning of June. Dr Bedford stated that the purpose of the exhibition was to present the WHS Traffic Calming Scheme as well as to explain the pros and cons of closing the Avenue and that the Transport Group would be open to all feedback. Mr Stacey said the Transport Group would also like to take into consideration a lower speed limit from the Bell PH as requested by FWO Parish Council. Mrs Paradise offered to advertise the event to parents at Kennet Valley School, Lockeridge.
    3. Wiltshire Great West Way update meeting 24 April: Mr Stacey explained that Wiltshire had been slipping down the list of tourist destinations and as a result Visit Wiltshire had set up the Great West Way Project with the aim of turning routes along the A4 into tourist traps. He reported that Visit Wiltshire was offering support and co-branding to help increase business’ revenue and that WC was contributing £250,000 to the project. He added the idea was to encourage tourists to visit less well known areas and to use forms of transport other than the car wherever feasible.
    4. Byway closed to aid Ridgeway recovery: discussed at item 8.b.               [A section of the Ridgeway near Avebury will remain closed to cars and motorbikes for an extra 21 days while it recovers from severe winter weather. The byway from Green Street to Hackpen Hill in the heart of the World Heritage Site is still affected by deep ruts and standing water. It was due to re-open for the summer on 1 May, but Wiltshire Council has introduced a three-week prohibition of driving order to give it more time to recover. The order may be extended by an extra 21 days if necessary. The stretch will remain open for walkers, horses and cyclists but closed to motorbikes and motor vehicles apart from emergency services and landowners].
  8. ACSReC:
    1. Deed of Surrender: Mrs Paradise reported that legal work had completed on 17 April 2018, Avebury Sports and Social Club was now the leaseholder of the land and a joint meeting had been arranged between ASSC and the NT to look at future plans for the Sports Field and Pavilion.
    2. Storm damage to Pavilion roof: the Clerk reported that the insurance claim has been set up and an estimate for repair work had been sent to insurance company. It was noted the PC would be kept informed of progress. The Chairman reported that the byway along Green Street was to close from the 1 May for an extra 21 days to aid recovery of the Ridgeway. Mrs Paradise reported that ASOP meeting was on 23 May and it was agreed that she contact Simon Rowe (WC Highways) to discuss Ridgeway closure and parking permits. Thanks were expressed to Mrs Paradise for her assistance.
  9. Defibrillator for Avebury Trusloe:
    1. Electrical work on kiosk: Mrs Lewis reported that in order to ascertain the costs for the electrical work, Julia Doel at SWAST had recommended speaking with Little Cheverell Parish Council because they had installed a heated cabinet into a ‘phone kiosk. It was noted SWAST recommended using a heated cabinet with the defibrillator. In discussion it was felt that should the electrical work prove to be cost prohibitive the kiosk could always be used for another community purpose such as a book exchange.
    2. BT Agreement: it was resolved therefore to endorse the agreement between BT and Avebury Parish Council for the sale and purchase of the telephone kiosk adjacent to Trusloe Cottages for £1.00. Proposed by Mrs Paradise, seconded by Mrs Lewis and carried unanimously. [The Chairman signed the agreement].
  10. Review of annual Village meeting: already covered at item 7.a. and noted that most issues to be dealt with by Transport Group and members recommended arranging a separate meeting for Avebury Trusloe residents. In discussion members commented that the meeting seemed generally to be appreciated but in future: 1. It might be helpful to have a representative from the NT 2. It would be worth considering whether the PC’s report of activities in the year to date should be balanced with a brief outline of its priorities or aspirations for the year to come 3. Further thought should be given as to how best to give parishioners attending the meeting opportunities to make constructive suggestions for the work programme for the following year.
  11. Local Issues including:
    1. Great British Spring Clean: Mrs Lewis explained that adverse weather had meant new dates for a Community litter pick had been postponed and she suggested that rather than setting a new date, the PC could encourage people all year round to pick up litter. Members endorsed this view and it was agreed Mrs Lewis and Mrs Paradise to work on a poster for UKN and the notice boards.
    2. Dog fouling: in discussion it was felt that the notice in the April edition of UKN asking people to pick up after their dogs had been effective and that there was less dog mess around. The Clerk reported WC had also been instructed to clean footpath 22 and that might also be the reason why the footpath was cleaner. She tabled for members’ information a leaflet from Marlborough Veterinary Surgery that contained an article about how Drove Vets were working alongside ARK to see a “Poo Free” Stonebridge Wild River Reserve and had sponsored a bin in the area and she also tabled a doggy dirt bag that was 100% biodegradable. The Clerk advised that provision of a dog bin and bags might also be an option for the Council to consider. It was agreed Mrs Lewis to contact ARK about the dog bin initiative and the PC to ask members of the public via UKN if they would like a bin.
    3. Removal of graffiti and re-painting Beckhampton bus shelter: Mrs Lewis reported the work would be actioned when the weather was fine.
    4. Parish Steward Priority Sheet: the Clerk reported that the Parish Steward was working on a back-log of weed-killing and grass cutting and requests would not be actioned until the June visit. She said the Chairman had noticed that two drain holes by the post carrying the signboard of the Red Lion seemed to be blocked and that rainwater was flowing diagonally across the top of the High Street. She added that due to the nature of the work it was likely a tanker would be needed to unblock the drains and therefore the problem had been reported to Martin Cook (WC Highways). Mrs Paradise asked if the Parish Steward could regularly check the culverts at the bottom of the High Street. Clerk to ensure request put on priority sheet each month.
    5. Re-instatement of Play area fencing along main road perimeter: the Clerk reported that the work was scheduled to be carried out in May.
    6. Resurfacing of footpath 22 and AVE30/10 from NT car park to High Street: Clerk to forward Councillor Wayman’s newsletter to Dr Bedford about extra Government funding for footpaths and Dr Bedford to contact Jane Davies (Wiltshire Councillor) to discuss.
    7. Summer solstice management and permits: Mrs Paradise reported she would be attending the next ASOP meeting and was working on getting residents’ parking permits approved.
  12. Communications: the Chairman reported a notice of vacancy in the office of Councillor had been published on notice boards on Friday 27 April and that a second vacancy had occurred. It was noted Mr Dave Brotheridge had recently tendered his resignation due to family and work commitments.
  13. Correspondence: the Clerk reported:
    1. A letter had been received from a member of the public raising the issue that Kyter’s Walk (footpath between the Old Vicarage and St Andrews Cottage) was still being used as a byway (especially by motorcyclists) and not a footpath. The letter was tabled and read out. Members noted the following points: 1. Footpath used a lot more because NT had taken away wire fence directing people to use tarmacadam footpath 2. Bollards at the southern end of Kyter’s Walk might reduce usage as a byway (though not, presumably by motor cyclists, since the bollards at the northern end seem not to work as a barrier 3. Concern that wild flowers were being destroyed by strimming. In discussion it was agreed that the PC would visit the site and also ask for evidence from the member of the public who had written to the Parish Council and offer assistance in gathering evidence. Mrs Paradise and Mr Stacey offered to act as points of contact and to help collect evidence. Decision deferred to next meeting. Clerk to write to the member of the public to thank them and let them know that the PC would look into the matter.
    2. Email received from a member of the public concerned about encampment on nursery site in Avebury Trusloe: it was noted the private landowner was dealing with the matter and would be in contact with the Parish Council for further information if required.
    3. Temporary Closure of: A4361 (Part), Broad Hinton (11/05/2018 for one day).
    4. Invitation to CPRE Wiltshire’s AGM: to be held at Sarum College, Salisbury on Monday the 18th of June at 13:30. ADMISSION FREE. [Guest Speakers are: Crispin Truman (Chief Executive) CPRE National Office – ‘CPRE the way forward’ and Henry Oliver (Director of North Wessex Downs AONB) ‘The AONB – Past, Present and Future’].
    5. The PC had been mandated at the Village meeting to write to the new NT Director General. It was noted the Chairman and Clerk to draft letter.
    6. Email response received from Highways England on 26 April in response PC’s response to the A303 consultation sent to the Secretary of State for Transport. It was noted the Secretary of State had not responded directly and had passed the PC’s email to Highways England.

      ‘…Thank you for your email of 20 April, originally sent to the Secretary of State for Transport, relating to the A303 at Stonehenge. The Secretary of State receives many items of correspondence and I’m sure you’ll appreciate that it’s not possible for him to reply to each one personally. Your email was therefore passed to Highways England, as we are responsible for the A303 Stonehenge proposals, and I have been asked to reply.

      I can confirm that we’ve recorded your comments on behalf of Avebury Parish Council as feedback to the public consultation. Once we’ve taken the feedback we receive into consideration, we’ll prepare a report on the consultation, recording the feedback and our responses to the matters raised. This will be published with our application for a Development Consent Order in autumn 2018.

      With regard to your concerns about UNESCO/ICOMOS, please be assured that we’re continuing to work with UNESCO/ICOMOS to develop and deliver this scheme that will benefit Stonehenge and the entire South West. The purpose of building a tunnel is to bring benefits to the Stonehenge landscape, and we will continue to seek UNESCO/ICOMOS’s endorsement for the proposals we develop…’

      (See appendix 2 to view ICOMOS-UK response to A303 consultation previously circulated to members).

    7. Sarsen Trail and Neolithic Marathon Sunday 27 May 2018 register at www.wiltshirewildlife.org
    8. Various WC Briefing Notes: including: information about termination of free of charge waste collection services from halls, meeting rooms or social clubs and that new arrangements should be in place by 29 July 2018.
  14. Finance and admin including:
    1. Parish Precept: the Chairman reported £6,050.00 had been received from WC on 23 April 2018.
    2. Internal GDPR processes: the Clerk said she would be contacting those who had previously signed up to receive information by email to advise them on re-registering.
    3. Localism Act 2011 Standards and feedback for government consultation. It was agreed members to email Clerk with any feedback.
    4. Government Consultation on powers for dealing with unauthorised developments and encampments. It was agreed members to email Clerk with feedback for NALC.
    5. The approved minutes of Transport Group Committee meeting dated 27 March 2018 were received for the minute book (see appendix 3).
    6. Cheques for ratification and cheques for payment: it was resolved that the following cheques be paid. Proposed by Mrs Paradise, seconded by Mrs Lewis and carried unanimously.
      1. The Information Commissioner: data protection registration renewal  (VAT: nil)                                                                                  £35.00
      2. Community First: Parish Council Insurance year 2 of 3 year LTA £314.55
      3. Mrs Lewis: expenses for Santex paint and Tetrosyl graffiti removal spray for bus shelter  (inclu VAT)                               £36.06
      4. SSE Southern Electric: electricity for Pavilion 23 Feb – 17 April 2018 final bill payment (inclu VAT)                                                    £15.24
      5. Liz Moore: overtime and expenses 22 March – 21 April 2018  £263.10
    7. It was additionally resolved to add the Chairman, Mr Stephen Stacey as a fourth cheque signatory to the HSBC account. Proposed by Dr Bedford, seconded by Mrs Paradise and carried unanimously.
  15. Date of next meeting: 7:30pm on Tuesday 5 June 2018
  16. Any other business: the Clerk reported:
    1. Winter 2018/19 and PEAS Scheme: PC needs to fill in form if supplies need re-stocking and let WC know what salt bins need re-filling. Mrs Lewis to action.
  17. The meeting closed at 9:37pm.

Appendix (included in the book of Parish Council papers)

  1. Transport Group’s interim recommendations for action paper
  2. ICOMOS-UK response to Highways consultation
  3. Approved minutes of 27 March 2018 Transport Group Committee meeting – not seen by the meeting but added subsequently.