7 Feb 2012 Ordinary Meeting : Minutes

Minutes of a meeting of Avebury Parish Council held on the 7thFebruary 2012 at the Social Centre, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF.  

In these minutes, APC stands for Avebury Parish Council, ASA for Avebury Sportsfield Association, ASSF for Avebury Sacred Sites Forum, FWOPC for Fyfield and West Overton Parish Council, MAB for Marlborough Area Board, MAPF for Marlborough Area Parish Forum, NT for the National Trust, UKN for Upper Kennet News, WALC for Wiltshire Association of Local Councils and WC for Wiltshire Council.

Time Start: 19:30

  1. Public question time: Two members of the public were present. No questions were asked.
  1. Present:  Councillors Mr Andrew Williamson (Chairman), Dr Mike Bedford (Vice-Chairman), Mr Mike Daniel, Mrs Antoinette Dyson, Mr Keith Howell, Mrs Beryl Greenaway, Mrs Maggie Lewis and Mrs Karyn Pearson.
  1. Apologies: Mr. Paul Dixon
  1. Declarations of interest: None (apart Mrs Greenaway declaring an interest as a member of ASA: items 6b, 6c and 14d later in the meeting)
  1. Minutes: The minutes of the Council’s meeting on 6 December 2011 were agreed as an accurate representation of the meeting.  Proposed by Mrs Lewis, seconded by Mrs Greenaway
  1. Matters arising from the minutes:
    1. Works to Trusloe play area(Minute 5c).  Noted that Mr Len Adams was willing to do some work in repairing several items in the play area and that APC has public liability insurance that would cover such work.  Agreed Mr Adams be instructed for these activities.  Proposed by Mr Daniels and seconded by Mrs Pearson.
    2. Relationship with ASA:(Minute 9c).  Mrs Greenaway declared an interest as a member of ASA.  Discussed as information.  Jenny Haines of ASA had emailed to confirm that ASA is happy to manage the Sports-field, repair the pavilion, trim the hedges and pay APC £50 a year rent.  APC will pay the insurance premium for the Sports-field and pavilion and will pay for grass cutting costs.
    3. Pavilion insurance:(Minute 9d).  Current insurance reinstatement value is about £90,000 but Ron Dobson (architect) had given free, informal advice that a rebuild would have to be to current regulations which would put costs at about £167,000.  This would include the contract, debris clearing, fees and other costs.  Alternative advice from Mr Nick Dolman would have incurred a fee and it was agreed that this not be pursued for the time being.  Mr Dobson would be writing to confirm his estimate.  A new premium to cover this increased estimate will be obtained by the Acting Clerk for the next meeting.
    4. Dog Control Orders:(Minute 10f) Wiltshire Council had informed APC it was issuing new dog control orders.  Four conditions exist where dog control orders can be put in place.  There was already a county-wide ban on dogs in children’s play areas.  Local land-owners and farmers had been contacted by the Chairman but none had requested that dog control orders be created
  1. Planning applications
    1. Minutes of Planning Sub-committee 5 October 2011 to 1 February 2012: Agreed by all.  Proposed by Mr Howell, seconded Mr Daniel.  See Appendix 1.
    2. House at South Street: E/2012/1016/REM:  The applicant had revised the scheme in line with APC’s earlier recommendations and all agreed to support the application.  Proposed by Mrs Pearson, seconded Mrs Dyson.
    3. Waggon and Horses sign opposite Silbury Hill car park: Members welcomed that the sign had been changed back to black, its corners had been softened and that its position had been improved by moving it about 50 metres westwards.
  1. Transport Group
    1. Progress and public meeting:Mike Bedford reported on progress. A meeting had been held in January when the document detailing the main issues of concern were proposed and accepted after review.  This was then circulated to Mary Spender and Ben Baille-Hamilton who are working for a Parish and WHS-wide solution. Next step is to invite members of the public who have expressed an interest to a public meeting for prioritisation of the issues of the APC Transport Group.  This meeting was set for Monday 5th March at 18:30 in Avebury Social Centre.  A further newsletter/leaflet drop will be conducted in the next two weeks to ensure all those interested can attend.  It was also proposed that the maximum on membership of the Group which had been set at 12 in the original terms of reference be removed but at least three Parish councillors would be members.  Proposed by Mr Howell, seconded Mr Daniel.
    2. Membership of the Group:A letter from John Cronk was read out which stated that a long held desire to reduce the speed limit to 30mph from the Henge to Beckhampton had failed in the past due to a  lack of governmental precedent which prevents the implementation of such a change. He suggested that the change of the Council to a unitary may represent a change in direction and willingness from the authorities. Members agreed that John Cronk be invited to become a member of the Transport Group.  It was also noted that the National Trust was also interested in contributing to the Group and it was agreed that Usha Gupta be invited as the Trust’s representative.
    3. CCTV cameras at Beckhampton roundabout: A resident at Beckhampton had asked if there was any information on the CCTVs which had been installed on lampposts at Beckhampton roundabout.  No information gleaned from members.
  1. Local Livelihoods and Tourism meeting:  This had been held on 27 January and had been well attended.  Attendees had been keen to have another meeting and this had been set for 4.00 on 12th March at the Red Lion.  The timing of this meeting should enable staff at the catering establishments to attend.  Members noted that one theme for local businesses to discuss further was Avebury’s tranquil environment, which was valued by many visitors and could be developed further. Members received a note of the meeting: see Appendix 2.
  1. Local Action:
    1. Notice-boards:AveburyTrusloe and West Kennet notice boards had been repaired.  The National Trust had given APC a relatively new second-hand board which has been placed at Beckhampton.  It was agreed that APC write a letter to Jan Tomlin in appreciation of the gift
    2. New basket ball net: Dave Scattergood had provided and installed a new net.  Letter to be written in appreciation of his action.
    3. Millennium bench.  This had now been returned to its original position following repair by the Trustees of the late Sherrie Echols estate. Letter of appreciation to be sent to Jenny Bromilow
    4. Jubilee celebrationwill be held on Sports-field Monday 4th June, with a marquee, ‘bring your own lunch’ and dancing in the club.  Paul Dixon will be applying to get £500 from MAB and APC had previously agreed to donate £250 for the event.
    5. Ridgeway fencenow in place on Overton Hill to prevent access to Tony Farthing’s field and manage access to the Ridgeway.  Proposal to request a temporary closure on ridgeway due to considerable damage. Noted that the legal line of the Ridgeway is unclear
    6. Stile [by Sloe Wood on the path to Monkton] – Robin Butler had mended it
    7. Pot holes in High Street– some filled
  1. Communications
  1. Newsletter circulated round all households in the village
  2. Annual village meeting: date agreed for 7.00pm on 19th April in the Social Centre
  1. Information
  1. Manor re-openson Feb 11th from 11.00 to 2.30 and guided tours of 15 people each between 10.00 and 11.00.
  2. Dog bins in Trusloe: Sarah Richards had noted that there were no dog bins ion Sarsen Housing association’s estate; she ahd offered to empty them if they were put in place.  Agreed that Sarsen was responsible for putting bins up and that this was not something that APC could resolve.
  1. Correspondence
    1. Letter from Paul Dobson: A letter dated 9 January from the developer building Skokholm had been read out at APC’s planning sub-committee meeting on 27 January
    2. Letter from Sally Nelson: A letter from Sally Nelson was read out.  At an Avebury Manor volunteer meeting it had been proposed that the tall fence running alongside Hunter’s Walk be removed and the area planted with trees, perhaps financed by some APC Jubilee money.  Members noted that the fence prevented unauthorised access to the Manor and gave a sense of security to people walking along the path, especially at night.  Chairman to discuss with NT.
    3. A Guide to Neighbourhood Planning had been received.
  1. Local affairs
    1. Members noted that the pantomimehad been a great success and had been well attended.  Agreed that a letter of appreciation from APC be sent to Mike Polack to thank him and all involved, and another letter be sent to Paul Birkeland-Green for scriptwriting
    2. Stage lighting in Social Centrewas being looked at by Social Centre trustees.  APC had been asked for a donation towards this a total cost of about £3500 – £4000.  MAB was being asked for a grant for the majority of costs.  Agreed that a £250 donation be made provided MAB request is successful.  Proposed by Mr Bedford, seconded by Mrs Dyson.
    3. A permissive access to Long Stones fieldnorth of Nash Lane had been agreed by Robin Butler and a plan was tabled at the meeting
    4. An application to launch hot air balloonson the Sports-field had been received by ASA.  It had been proposed that a hot air balloon be launched every three weeks at 0630 and 1800.  Mrs Jenny Haines of ASA had noted that APC needed to give consent.  Members expressed concern that launches would be close to the A4361 and the proposed times would coincide with considerable commuter traffic; safety issues would arise if motorists were distracted.  Launches involved significant noise and could also attract crowds during evenings.  The World Heritage Site Management Plan provides for the Neolithic monument to be appreciated in a tranquil setting.  There were many other potential launch sites available in Wiltshire that did not have these constraints. It was unanimously agreed that permission not be given.
    5. Mud on road at Skokholmin Green Street from building site. Mr Howell to call builder and request road cleaning
    6. Streetlight in West Kennet had gone out again but Mrs Greenaway had contacted CLARENCE again
    7. A Social Centre trusteewas needed to represent APC.  Mrs Pearson volunteered and this was unanimously agreed
    8. Avebury Sacred Sites Forum – The dialogue at this Forum was very positive.  Councillors Howell and Dyson expressed interest in attending more regularly and the Chairman will speak to Hilary Makins at the NT..
  1. Finance and admin
    1. An application following APC’s advert for a Handyman had been received from Mr Len Adams and it was agreed that he provide services to APC at a rate of £15 an hour
    2. Mr Adams had completed repairs to two notice-boards at West Kennett and Avebury Trusloe and had installed a third notice-board at Beckhampton.  Final costs were below his original quote and it was unanimously agreed that a cheque for £460 be paid to him.
  1. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 6th March 2012
  1. Any other business
    1. The Avebury Society had asked APC if there was a possibility to switch off street lighting at Beckhampton roundabout.  It was agreed that APC was not the right organisation to put this forward to Highways and this would be communicated back.
    2. Members noted a request for a footpath between the Waggon and Silbury Hill.  This would be dealt with by the Transport Group.
  1. Meeting closed at 21:28

Appendices (included in book of Parish Council papers):

  1. Minutes of Planning Sub-committee 5 October 2011 to 1 February 2012
  2. Notes of a meeting on Local livelihoods and Tourism held on 27 January 2012