3 Jul 2012 Ordinary Meeting : Minutes

Minutes of an ordinary meeting of Avebury Parish Council held at the Social Centre, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF on Tuesday 3 July 2012.

In these minutes, APC stands for Avebury Parish Council, ASA for Avebury Sports-field Association, ASSF for Avebury Sacred Sites Forum, MAB for Marlborough Area Board, MAPF for Marlborough Area Parish Forum, NT for the National Trust, UKN for Upper Kennet News and WC for Wiltshire Council.

The meeting started at 7.30 p.m.

  1. Public question time:  No member of the public was present.
  2. Present: Councillors Mr Andrew Williamson (Chairman), Dr Mike Bedford, Mrs Beryl Greenaway, Mr Keith Howell, Mrs Antoinette Kremer and Mrs Karyn Pearson.
    In attendance: PC David Tippetts
  3. Apologies for absence: Mr Mike Daniel, Mr Paul Dixon, Mrs Maggie Lewis and Wiltshire Councillor Mrs Jemima Milton
  4. Declarations of interest: None
  5. Minutes of a meeting held on 12 June 2012 were accepted as an accurate record.  Proposed by Beryl Greenway and seconded by Keith Howell.
  6. Matters arising from the minutes:
    1. Antoinette Kremer: The Chairman noted that Antoinette Dyson had changed her name to Antoinette Kremer (item 2).
    2. Proposals for hedge and swings at Sports-field:  The Chairman reported that he had not yet received written proposals for the hedge and for swings on the Sports-field (items 9d and 9e).
  7. Planning applications:  It was agreed the following three applications be supported.   Proposed by Antoinette Kremer and seconded by Keith Howell.
    1. Oak entrance door at the Waggon and Horses, Beckhampton (E/2012/0711/LBC).
    2. 30% Reduction of Ash tree at Bannings, Bray Street (E/2012/0787/TCA).
    3. Render, perimeter eaves and replacement timber garage door at Greystones, Green Street (E/2012/0818/FUL).
    4. It was agreed an application for a Garage and swimming pool at Parthia, Beckhampton (E/2012/0795/FUL) be supported provided no objections were received from local people shortly before the deadline of 26 July.  Proposed by Antoinette Kremer and seconded by Keith Howell.
  8. Transport Group:
    1. Village Traffic Initiative: Stage 2:  Mike Bedford reported that an initial management plan was being constructed for Beckhampton using Ben Hamilton-Baillie’s model as a template. Once completed it would be circulated to other members for completion at Trusloe, West Kennett and Avebury.
    2. WHS Traffic Management and Design Guide funding.  The Chairman said that this Guide would set out an integrated plan for traffic, crossings, parking, signs etc in the WHS and would ensure buy-in from many groups and organisations including the National Trust, Wiltshire Highways, WHS, English Heritage and APC.  Although APC’s initial 15k funding request to the EU LEADER programme to construct this larger and more comprehensive programme had been turned down, it might be possible to put together a package of other funding.  The National Trust had offered £1,000 and the Avebury Society was considering offering £200.  £2,500 might be provided from the Village Traffic Initiative and £1,000 worth of volunteer time might be provided.  APC could put some money into the project and hopefully attract matching money from WC Highways. If APC managed to get funding to construct this plan using the VTI plan as a starting template then it would not only be wider-reaching but also more likely to be implemented.  A meeting was due to be held with Tim Davis of WC on 19 July to discuss how to integrate the work from the Village Traffic Initiative into the larger project of the WHS Design Guide.  It was agreed that APC would consider putting up to £2,000 into this initiative.  Proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Keith Howell.
  9. Solstice 2012
    1. Members noted that very few complaints had been made in the villages and that the Police, NT and others had agreed that solstice had passed with little event, possibly due to poor weather.  The Chairman invited PC David Tippetts to speak; he said there had been four arrests in the Parish for public disorder, but no drug related offences.  Members welcomed the deterrent effect of a drugs dog.
    2. PC Tippetts reported that the Police’s main concern was the presence of camper vans on the Ridgeway and this was agreed by members.  Councillors noted that several individuals had been aggressive when vehicle licence plates were checked following suggestions from the police.  Other concerns related to the lack of toilet facilities, rubbish accumulating and the presence of a mobile hot food van.  The Chairman had received an email from a resident at West Overton detailing problems experienced, including excessive noise at nighttimes.  The resident was also a member of Fyfield and West Overton Parish Council.  PC Tippetts said there had been reports that the local farmer and his family had been abused and damage had been done to a fence which had heightened the issue.
    3. It was agreed that the main problem was not so much camping at Solstice itself but the length of time that campers stayed afterwards.  Many were still present, well beyond solstice.  Karyn Pearson noted that many had stayed behind to listen to the Levellers who were due to perform at Avebury Rocks.
    4. For the future, it was agreed that the impact of the behaviour of fans of different bands be a factor for consideration if the promoters of Avebury Rocks applied for future concerts.
    5. It was agreed that APC’s views be expressed at a proposed meeting on the Ridgeway called by Wiltshire Council.  APC would consider the implications of closing the Ridgeway permanently to vehicles, except for access, on the basis that it would be opened for specific time periods over solstice and perhaps equinoxes.  Such an approach would have to be widely agreed.
    6. Members were disappointed that despite specific requests, Wiltshire Council had not placed cones to block off West Kennett lay-by
    7. Members noted that although the entrance into Trusloe had been policed close to the main road, there had only been space for one car at a time to get off the main road and turn around
    8. It was agreed that letters be written to the NT and the Police to thank them for their input for a well run Solstice.
  10. Jubilee celebration update: The Chairman reported that income for the event had been £1,468. Costs had been a little higher and had included £1,020 for the marquee but income from the sale of fruit trees and a VAT rebate would result in a £211surplus. Some children had not been given commemorative mugs and it was agreed that about 24 more be bought at a rate of about 36 for £123.30.  It was also agreed that the Chairman explore the costs of making a CD of photos of the event and that a grant of up to £100 be offered if a community orchard proposal were developed.  Proposed by Antoinette Kremer and seconded by Mike Bedford.
  11. Local issues
    1. Resurfacing the A4. The A4 had been stripped at Beckhampton and West Kennett and was in the process of being resurfaced.  Requests had been made to follow the design ideas of traffic consultant Ben Hamilton-Baille and avoid markings being laid down at West Kennett, particularly at the entrance to the Avenue.  Members were keen to explore ideas for a holistic plan for the WHS, but did not consider themselves experts on road safety and could not advocate a partial scheme without sufficient evidence.
      Wiltshire Highways had been in contact with APC and had provided two main proposals, one of which added a turning lane into Gunsite Road. Both retained the central turning lanes into the Avenue and to East Kennett  Mike Bedford proposed that APC ask Mark Stansby of Wiltshire Highways to consider collecting data on traffic speed prior to white lining for a week and for week after they were painted.  Data could then be reviewed and provide evidence as to whether the lines had reduced or increased speeds. If the data showed an impressive reduction in speed then white lining per se should be considered more positively.
    2. Brown B&B signs for East Kennett were being looked into by Highways.
    3. Defibrillator: the NT was looking into this.
    4. Concrete had being laid beside one of Robin Butler’s barns to improve the track.
    5. Tourist buses dropping off tourists on High Street: a complaint had been received by the Chairman and it was agreed that operators be alerted to the fact that parking was free for busses in the main car park and that the issue be included in the Design Guide.
  12. Communications: Headlines of APC’s June meeting had been inserted in UKN and put up on APC’s website.  Sir Peter Beale had written an article on the Jubilee event for UKN.
  13. Correspondence:  The Chairman reported on correspondence between Jenny Haines and Inspector Ron Peach about damage caused to the Sports-field by police vehicles during solstice.
  14. Finance and admin:  The Chairman reported that:
    1. he had calculated that APC would be better off at the end of this financial year compared with last, due mainly to APC’s Clerk being on maternity leave.
    2. he had obtained insurance quotes for two extra benches, a set of red stacking chairs and kitchen items in the pavilion and an increased insurance sum for the Beckhampton bus shelter.  They would cost APC an extra £75.31, increasing APC’s annual premium to £1210 overall in 2012/13.  Members noted that an engraving in the Social Centre was insured by both the Social Centre and APC (costing APC £147.42 over five years at present rates).  He suggested the Social Centre insure it as part of their building’s insurance and that APC should give a single donation representing half APC’s premiums for the next 5 years.  All agreed to increase the insurance sum for a premium of £75.31, and to make a donation of £73.71 to the Social Centre towards engraving insurance.  Proposed by Antoinette Kremer and seconded by Mike Bedford.
    3. an invoice for £30 for photography for the Jubilee event had been received from Claire Bennett and all agreed it be paid.  Proposed by Antoinette Kremer and seconded by Karyn Pearson
  15. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 4 September 2012
  16. Any other business: None

Meeting adjourned at 21:35