7 February 2019 Transport Group : Minutes

Avebury Parish Council

Minutes of the Transport Group Committee meeting held 7 February 2019 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.

Present :  Mike Bedford, Stephen Stacey, Andrew Williamson, Helen Ramsay

  1. Membership
    1. Tim Lewis noted he wants to be taken off the committee. Having submitted his report re signage and status of footpaths early last year there has been little response from the NT and he feels the time is not well spent.
  2. Apologies for absence: Angela Norman, Tim Lewis, Moya Brennan
  3. Declarations of interest: none
  4. Acceptance of minutes of 11 June 2018 and 19 September 2018: S Stacey proposed, AW seconded, accepted.
  5. Matters arising from the minutes: all matters are on the agenda.
  6. Footpaths – Footpath 22:
    1. S Stacey met Martin Cook who noted there may be some money for FP22 and to contact Steve Leonard. Also considered FP 21 (spur to Avebury Trusloe from big arch bridge). S Stacey to follow up with S Leonard.
  7. A4 work update:
    1. Beckhampton and West Kennett:
      1. MB had phone call with S Hind 6th Feb 2019. Beckhampton plans are nearly complete but he has yet to see final version. Pressing Atkins weekly to deliver the plans – hopefully before next CATG. Noted that these plans were not what is known as detailed plans but preliminary plans. Nevertheless preliminary plans are far more detailed than the original sketches and remove most if not all potential problems that would prevent the plans being taken forwards. Suggested we meet once the plans are in to discuss outputs to sense check it is delivering what the community wants. MB to check progress with S Hind next week and report back.
      2. W Kennett. S Hind re-iterated that WK plans will not happen without closure of Avenue. We would still see value in the W Kennett plans going forward in expectation that we will get consensus. The transport group has to convince enough of the surrounding parishes to support or at least not challenge closure of the Avenue. Next discussion with S Hind to press for continuance of the W Kennett plans following 18th Feb meeting with surrounding parishes to explain our strategy.
      3. Another target in discussions could be to emphasise making cycling safe on the A4 by implementing cycle lanes which would effectively narrow the road. This should be part of the Great West Way initiative to increase tourism in Wiltshire.
      4. Trusloe. Need to consider reducing the speed limits from Avebury towards Trusloe. There is in the WHS traffic plan a proposal to have a 40mph limit from the roundabout to Trusloe. Suggested we put it in as a local area issue on the Wiltshire Council website to reduce the speed limit. MB to log this on the website.
    2. Interaction with other Parish Councils:
      1. Next meeting on 18th February at Holly Lodge ( N Fisk). Avebury, E Kennet, Fyfield and W Overton and Jill Petchey (Monkton and BB). Idea is to present the project as an A4 and WHS wide project.
    3. Next steps – action recommended
      1. Action the Trusloe reduced speed request as per 7,a,4.
  8. Priority check:
    1. Roads (Other than A4 above)
      1. A4361 50mph speed limit from Winterbourne Basset to Avebury and crossing the road for buses. Berwick Basset asked to seek support from Avebury Parish Council for traffic calming, footpaths in particular and cycling between Avebury and WM and BB. TG understands that WMBB is raising this issue with CATG.
      2. State of repair – A4361 is poor and noted M Cook asked if there was a need for white lining anywhere. Roundabout at Beckhampton is not safe  -several accidents into Beckhampton stables in the last 4 months. Improved grip may encourage greater speed. Proposed action is to push for reduced speed limit (40 mph) on the WC issue board 7,a,4 which would extend for 300m from each exit from the roundabout.
    2. Footpaths (state of repair of current)
      1. There is some support for fixing the byway circumscribing the Adam and Eve field. Is this something we put to CATG? Given only one item can go to CATG if we wish to be successful, agreed we should focus on the 40mph at Trusloe to roundabout.
    3. Footpaths – new
      1. WK to Avebury
      2. Beckhampton to Silbury Hill
        1. Agreed these are important but we need fix the current paths before we consider this.
    4. Parking:
      1. Many cars broken into in the NT car park – any responsibility of the NT to CC TV the site? Suggested APC bring this up with the NT
    5. Speed limits – particularly extension of speed limit on A4361 to Trusloe. What can we do – how can we achieve this. See 7a4.
    6. Other
  9. Any other business
  10. Date of next meeting: To be determined after CATG and 18th Feb meeting of surrounding parishes