5 November 2019 Ordinary Meeting : Minutes

Avebury Parish Council

Minutes of an ordinary meeting of Avebury Parish Council held on Tuesday 5 November 2019 at the Social Centre, Avebury SN8 1RF.

In these minutes ACC stands for Avebury Cricket Club, APC for Avebury Parish Council, ASOP for Avebury Solstice Operational Planning, ASSC for Avebury Sports and Social Club, AWHS for Avebury World Heritage Site, BB & WM PC for Berwick Bassett and Winterbourne Monkton Parish Council, CATG for Community Area Transport Group, MAB for Marlborough Area Boards, NT for the National Trust, PC for Parish Council, PS for Parish Steward, RoW for Rights of Way, SSEN for Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, TG for Transport Group, UKN for Upper Kennet News, WC for Wiltshire Council, WHS for World Heritage Site and WHS PU for World Heritage Site Partnership Unit.

Present: Mrs Maggie Lewis (Vice-Chair), Mr Ben Butler, Mrs Donna Byatt, Mr Mike Daniel, Mrs Lynzey Paradise and Ms Zandria Service.

In attendance: Miss Liz Moore (Clerk) and Wiltshire Councillor Jane Davies (from item 9 onwards).

Time Started:  19:30

  1. Welcome and introductions: Mrs Lewis (Vice-Chair) warmly welcomed Mr Daniel to his first meeting of the Parish Council.
  2. Public question time: there were no members of the public present.
  3. Apologies: Councillors Mr Stephen Stacey (Chair), Dr Mike Bedford (Vice-Chair), Mr Terence O’Connor and PCSO Melissa Camilleri.
  4. Declarations of interest: none declared.
  5. Minutes of meeting held on 1 October 2019: there was one request for an amendment to the minutes. Item 9. to change ‘..In discussion it was agreed that Ms Service should ask..’ to ‘..In discussion it was confirmed that Ms Service had already asked..’ Proposed by Mrs Paradise, seconded by Mrs Byatt and carried unanimously. It was unanimously agreed that the corrected minutes be accepted as an accurate record of the meeting. Proposed by Mrs Paradise and seconded by Mrs Lewis.
  6. Matters arising from the minutes:
    1. Min ref: 8 iii. Resurfacing of footpaths 21 and 22: members noted that resurfacing of both footpaths had been completed. Members were grateful to Martin Cook (WC Highways) for his perseverance in ensuring that the long overdue project to resurface both footpaths had finally been achieved, and at no cost to the Parish Council because the funding had come from WC’s footpaths budget. [A letter / email of thanks would be sent from the Chairman of the Council].
  7. Police report: a PCSO was not present to provide a verbal report. Police reports for September and October previously circulated to members and please see appendix 1.
  8. Planning applications:
    1. Minutes of Planning Committee meeting 20 October 2019: (previously circulated to members and see appendix 2). It was resolved to receive and accept the Planning Committee meeting minutes as an accurate record. Proposed by Mr Daniel, seconded by Ms Service and carried unanimously.
    2. Application for Listed Building Consent at Avebury Manor, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF. Ref: 19/09373/LBC: members noted that the planning application seemed uncontroversial as it removed adaptations to a lean-to building effected some time after its original construction and allowed the building to be restored to use. It was resolved to support the planning application. Proposed by Ms Service, seconded by Mrs Lewis and carried unanimously.
  9. Parish Council budget and precept for 2020/21: the draft first budget for 2020/21 and note on likely reserves next March had been circulated to members that day and a copy was tabled. In discussion it was noted that reserves were likely to be down from £19,583 to £15,149 on the 31 March 2020 due to the PC being invoiced by WC for the Beckhampton and West Kennett road safety projects. Provision of an additional £600 had been included in the precept for 2020-21 to cover defibrillator rental fees due in 2021 (for the defibrillator outside the Social Centre) and in 2022 (for the defibrillator located in the ‘phone box in Avebury Trusloe). The Clerk had previously recommended increasing the precept incrementally to ensure funds would be available for re-renting the defibrillators. The proposed precept for 2020-21 was £13,300 and it was noted that the estimated band D charge per year would be £13,300 (the precept) divided by 216.50 (the tax base) = £61.43. [Using the WC council tax precept calculator that meant an increase of £3.33 to the band D charge compared to the previous year]. In the meantime, members would consider new community projects that might benefit from PC assistance.
  10. Project updates:
    1. Transport Group:
      1. Meeting of Parish Chairs: it was noted that the Chairs had written to local MP Claire Perry O’Neill for support in implementing a lower speed limit on the A4 from West Kennett to Clatford.
    2. Superfast fibre broadband project and 4/5G: in the absence of Cllr O’Connor it was agreed that the item be deferred to the next meeting agenda.
    3. Permissive footpath along the A4361 Swindon Road: Cllr Daniel explained that he had had an initial on-site meeting with Laura Corbett (Landowner) and Hilary Makins (Countryside Manager) and that they were both very supportive of the project. They had discussed roadside ‘pavements’ either to the east or west of the A4361, to join up with those pavements already in situ. The Vice-Chair thanked Mr Daniel for his report. In discussion members noted that the footpath would be more difficult to achieve on the east side of the A4361 because permission would be required  for the footpath to cross the land of all households along that stretch of road. Mr Daniel said that if the footpath was located on the west side of the A4361 then permission would be needed from only three landowners; two of whom were already supportive. Members also considered whether the footpath might be located field side of the hedge. Mr Daniel said that the hedgerow would need to be cut back to accommodate a minimum 1.3 metre path width. An issue of speeding on the A4361 Swindon Road was additionally discussed by members and Mrs Davies asked whether to PC had considered taking part in Community Speed Watch. Next steps: to organize a working party including Helen Ramsey of BB & WM PC, to research costs, materials and funding. Mrs Davies (Wiltshire Councillor) recommended that the PC should contact Alexa Davies (Community Engagement Manager) to discuss funding the project via CATG or MAB and to consider getting an application in by the end of the financial year.
  11. To consider and sign off the action-orientated report put together by stakeholders to address residents’ car parking concerns: it was resolved to approve the action paper to improve parking in and around Avebury, subject to changing the timescale for the work to be completed. Members felt that it was not realistic that the NT or the PC would be able to achieve all the tasks listed under ‘by the end of 2019’.
    The suggestion was to keep the resurfacing and re-marking of the High Street car park in the short-term category but move the other tasks into the medium-term category. The Chairman as the PC’s representative would consult with the NT on what works they would like to see kept in the short-term list.  It was resolved that a copy of the revised paper should be inserted into the next edition of UKN to update all parishioners who receive UKN and therefore either live in Avebury or visit Avebury and are affected by parking issues. Proposed by Mrs Byatt, seconded by Mrs Paradise and carried unanimously. Action: Clerk to obtain a quotation for printing 500 A4 black and white inserts. The Vice-Chair and Mrs Paradise would put the inserts into UKN.
  12. Local issues:
    1. Bench at West Kennett: Mrs Byatt reported that the risk assessment would be taking place that week. It was resolved to accept the quotation received from Branson Leisure for a new bench for £486 (ex VAT) and noted that the quotation had already been approved by the PC’s insurance company. The PC resolved to accept one quotation for the reason that a similar bench had been supplied earlier that year from the same supplier and the bench met the PC’s original design requirements. Proposed by Mrs Lewis, seconded by Mr Butler and carried unanimously.
    2. Replacement planters for the High Street: the Clerk reported that she had contacted Grist Environmental and they were in the process of ordering a new planter from Erlestoke.
    3. Repairs to Play Area fencing: quotation not yet received, Clerk to chase contractor. In discussion a member reported that children had been playing on the fencing and that he felt disheartened that the fencing was being damaged. The Clerk advised that anti-social behaviour should be reported to the PCSO. It was resolved that the Clerk would put an advert in UKN to ask families to respect the Play Area particularly as improvements were imminent.
    4. Request for a plastic and metal recycling bin for the High Street: the Vice-Chair stated that she was waiting to receive advice from Alexa Davies (Community Engagement Manager).
    5. Replacement glazing panel on WC bus shelter on A361 at Beckhampton (west bound): the Clerk reported that £300 was available in the budget for repairs and tabled a quotation for £125 (ex VAT). It was resolved to instruct Elysium Woodworking to supply and fit one piece of 6mm solid Polycarbonate to the WC Council owned bus shelter. Proposed by Ms Service, seconded by Mrs Paradise and carried unanimously.
  13. Defibrillator for the Sports Field: a joint project with ASSC: the Vice-Chair explained that the defibrillator would be rented from SWAST for a fee of £1,800. The funds would be made up from the SSE grant of £1,000 and a donation of £800 from ASSC. Subject to receipt of the aforementioned funds it was resolved that the Clerk place an order with SW Ambulance Trust for a third defibrillator. Proposed by Mr Butler, seconded by Mrs Lewis and carried unanimously. Mrs Paradise confirmed that ASSC were happy for the defibrillator to be sited on the outside wall of the Club and would arrange for their electrician to fit the heated cabinet that came with the defibrillator. It was noted that all consumables for the duration of the 4 year rental agreement would be provided by SWAST free of charge. Action: the Vice-Chair to email an update to Julia at SWAST and Dominic Fry (Chair, ACC and member ASSC).
  14. Parish Steward Priority Sheet: it was noted that:
    1. Work completed in October had included checking of culverts and gullies in the High Street and Beckhampton, strimming of grass verges along the footpath between South Street and its bus shelters in Avebury Trusloe, cleaning of glazing panels on bus shelters at Rawlins Park; bus shelters at Beckhampton on A361 to be cleaned next time.
    2. The following priority job requests for November 2019 were recorded as follows: general leaf sweeping, checking of culverts and gullies in the High Street and in particular, PS to check the grating in the ditch by the Community Shop.
  15. Communications: the Vice-Chair reported that PC Headlines had been submitted to the November 2019 Edition of UKN. 
  16. Correspondence: the Vice-Chair reported:
    1. North Wessex Downs Annual Review 2018/2019 letter and brochure had been received and tabled for members to read.
    2. Police Report for September and October 2019 had been previously circulated to members by email.
    3. Temporary Closure of: A4361 Swindon Road, Avebury, Winterbourne Monkton, Berwick Bassett and Winterbourne Bassett was planned for (29/11/19 – 11/12/19).
    4. There was an email invitation to Circles Café pre-view, Thursday 21st November, 4-6pm from the NT. Email read as follows:

      ‘You might have been wondering for months what magic is going on behind the heras fencing around the Circles Café in the farmyard. We are really excited to finally be able to lift the curtains and invite the local community together with our staff and volunteers to a sneak preview of the amazing transformation of the space. This will be a very informal drop-in event. Please be aware that some works will still be going on; but we wanted to give you all the opportunity to view our new café before it opens to the public the following weekend. Please pop in any time between 4-6pm’.

    5. Marlborough Downs Space for Nature planting campaign was taking place on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th November, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please see PC website for details.
    6. Dorset & Wilts Fire and Rescue Authority, Wiltshire Local Performance & Scrutiny Committee meeting  was on the 8 November 2019. Please see PC website for details.
    7. Highways newsletter received [file too big to put on website but please feel free to request an email copy].
    8. Elections to NALC’s Smaller Councils’ Committee: NALC’s Smaller Councils Committee has opened up nominations for three directly elected candidates for 2020-21. Members and the Clerk were invited to apply, closing date 8 November 2019.
  17. Finance and admin including: Mrs Lewis reported:
    1. Half year internal audit: had been carried out on 20 October 2019 and a clean audit report given.
    2. Grant of £1,000 from SSE for a third defibrillator: nothing to report [£1,000 grant received from SSE the next day].
    3. RoW meeting at ASSC, 23 November 2019: it was resolved to pay £10 towards room hire for the group to meet at ASSC. [Section 137]. Proposed by Mrs Lewis, seconded by Mr Butler and carried unanimously.
    4. Donations to charities: the Clerk said that requests for financial support had been received from three charities including St. John Ambulance, North Wessex Downs Landscape Trust and Victim Support and that £100 was available in the budget. It was resolved to donate £50 to St John Ambulance and £50 to North Wessex Downs Landscape Trust. Proposed by Mrs Paradise, seconded by Mr Daniel and carried unanimously. Members had selected charities that they felt would be of most benefit to the local area. 
    5. To set a date for the Clerk’s appraisal: it was agreed that Mrs Lewis (Vice-Chair) and Mr Stacey (Chairman) would arrange a meeting in December to carry out the Clerk’s appraisal.
    6. Review of Asset Register: members reviewed the Asset Register (previously circulated to members and see appendix 4) and noted that it had been updated to include the new notice board at West Kennett. It was unanimously agreed to adopt the updated Asset Register.
    7. Cheques for payment: it was resolved that the following cheques be paid. Proposed by Mrs Byatt, seconded by Ms Service and carried unanimously.
      1. Fyfield & West Overton Parish Council: New Councillor Training on Monday 30 September 2019                     £60.00
      2. Mr Jamie Guy: half year internal audit                        £75.00
      3. Avebury Social Centre: hire of hall for extraordinary meeting on 26 November 2019                                       £10.00
      4. ASSC: part payment of room hire for RoW meeting 23 November 2019                                                                  £10.00
      5. Miss E. Moore: Clerk’s overtime and expenses 22 September – 21 October 2019 inclusive                                            £373.23
  18. Date of next meeting: 7pm on Tuesday 26 November 2019 for an extraordinary meeting and then 7:30pm on Tuesday 3 December 2019 for the ordinary Council meeting.
  19. Any other business:
    1. Mrs Lewis said that she was pleased to report that the BT ‘phone kiosk in the High Street had been repainted by BT as requested.
    2. Mrs Byatt said that she had reported the broken lamp on the outside wall of Elements to WC and had been informed that the issue had been passed to WC’s lighting contractor to investigate.
  20. The meeting closed at: 21:21

Appendices: (included in the book of Parish Council papers)

  1. Police Reports for September and October 2019
  2. Minutes of Planning Committee meeting 20 October 2019
  3. Draft first budget for 2020/21 and note on likely reserves next March
  4. Asset Register