14 May 2013 Annual General Meeting : Minutes

Annual General Meeting 2013

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Avebury Parish Council held on the 14th May 2013 at the Social Centre, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF. (For adoption in May 2014).

In these minutes APC stands for Avebury Parish Council and WHS for World Heritage Site.

Time Start: 19:30

  1. Present:  Councillors Mr Andrew Williamson, Mr Paul Dixon, Mrs Antoinette Kremer, Mrs Judy Miller, Mr Keith Howell, Mr Mike Daniel, Mrs Karyn Pearson and Mrs Maggie Lewis.
  1. In attendance: Wiltshire Councillor, Mrs Jemima Milton and Miss Liz Moore, Clerk.
  1. Apologies: Councillor Dr Mike Bedford.
  1. Election of Chairman and Deputy Chairman: the Clerk took the Chair and asked whether Mr Williamson was prepared to stand as Chairman.  He said he would and there were no other nominations. Mr Williamson was proposed as Chairman by Mr Dixon and seconded by Mrs Kremer. Carried unanimously. Mr Williamson reported that Dr Bedford had told him before the meeting that he was prepared to stand as Deputy Chairman. There were no other nominations and, in his absence, Dr Bedford was proposed as Deputy Chairman by Mr Howell and seconded by Mr Williamson. Carried unanimously.

Mr Williamson took the Chair.

  1. Minutes of AGM held on 1 May 2012 were agreed by all as a correct record. Proposed by Mrs Pearson and seconded by Mrs Lewis. 
  1. Membership of Parish Council and Declarations of Acceptance of Office:

    The Clerk confirmed that all nine seats on the Parish Council had been filled and that members had signed declarations of acceptance of office prior to start of the AGM. Dr Bedford would sign his declaration of acceptance as soon as practical.

    Mr Williamson had signed an additional declaration of acceptance of office as Chairman after being duly elected.

  1. Appointment of members of Planning Sub-Committee:  It was unanimously agreed that all members of the Council remain members of the Planning Sub-Committee. Proposed by Paul Dixon and seconded by Keith Howell
  1. Appoint members of:
    1. Transport group: It was unanimously agreed that Dr Bedford, Mr Daniel, Mr Howell and Mr Williamson remain members.
    2. Avebury Sacred Sites Forum:  It was unanimously agreed that Mr Williamson remain a member together with Mrs Kremer and Mr Howell. Mr Howell would attend the next meeting of ASSF and Mrs Kremer the second meeting. Thereafter Mrs Kremer would attend in winter and Mr Howell in the summer.
    3. Traffic and Visitor Management Group, Avebury WHS Steering Committee, Avebury Solstice Operational Planning Meeting and Marlborough Area Parish Forum:  it was unanimously agreed that Mr Williamson remain as APC’s representative.
    4. Footpaths: it was unanimously agreed that Dr Bedford or Mr Howell would be footpath Councillors.
    5. Play area:  it was unanimously agreed that Mr Dixon remain as Play Area Councillor.
    6. Marlborough Area Board: it was unanimously agreed that the nominated representative would be Mr Williamson and that other members were welcome to attend the meetings too.

The above nominations were proposed by Mr Williamson and seconded by Mr Daniel.

  1. Appointment of representatives to other bodies:
    1. Social Centre trustees: it was unanimously agreed that Mrs Pearson be APC’s representative.
    2. Avebury Sports-field Association: it was unanimously agreed Mr Dixon represent APC.

The above nominations were proposed by Mr Howell and seconded by Mr Daniel. 

  1. Payment of annual subscriptions It was agreed that annual subscriptions or donations be made during 2013/14 to Wiltshire Association of Local Councils, Community First and to Upper Kennett News. Proposed by Mrs Pearson and seconded by Mr Howell.

Meeting closed at 7.38pm.