29 Mar 2010 Annual Parish Meeting : Minutes

Annual Parish meeting held on the 29th March 2010.

Three amendments were agreed at the Annual Parish meeting on 7 April 2011 to the draft minutes of the meeting on 29 March 2010 and these are shown in bold in the text below:

  1. The addition of Dr Mike Bedford under apologies (page 1)
  2. Salt bin to be moved in Kyters Walk (page 2)
  3. A revised amendment proposed by Ms Linda Jenkins and seconded by Mr John Wilding (page 3)

There were 31 members of the public present for this meeting.

Apologies were received from Mr & Mrs Latimer-Kerr and Dr Mike Bedford.

The previous years minutes were read, agreed and signed.

Mrs Farthing commented that she had not agreed to the use of the Glebe field for the next 3 years.  This was noted.

Chairman, Mrs Baldrey read through her report of work carried out throughout the last year.  Mrs Karen Pearson had resigned from the Parish Council due to work commitments.  Mrs Pearson was replaced by Mr Andrew Williamson who was co-0pted onto the P.C.

Chairman commented that things were very different under the new Wiltshire Council, she then introduced Cllr Mrs Milton who was the new Cllr for West Selkley Ward.

Chairman informed members that she and the clerk try to attend each of the Area Boards every 6 weeks or so. Cllr Hinder attends the MAVCAP meetings on behalf of the Parish Council. Chairman said she was somewhat confused as to why two groups  were necessary, but as it is early days under the new regime and this may become clearer later.
Avebury village came third in the 2009 Best Kept Village but are not entering this year .
Several Highway matters came to the fore, speeding through Beckhampton and the safety aspect of this became urgent and to this end Cllr Milton had met residents and there would now be bollards etc to slow down the vehicles as they approached Beckhampton,  this would take place by September this year.
There was still great concern about the turning onto the A4361 at Trusloe, the A4 north of the village and the A4 at West Kennett. These concerns were raised regularly at the Traffic & Visitor Management meetings  but are regularly rebuffed by Police personnel and Highways representatives as the correct criteria for speed limits do not apply to the areas in question.
Will, the Parish Steward continues to do a good job in Avebury and always does his best to complete jobs that need doing.  If the public have any concerns over the area he covers then let the Chairman know and she will try to make sure that Will attends to them.  During the recent bad weather the salt bins were kept filled and an extra one was placed at Trusloe.
The Chairman sent a letter of thanks to the Community Shop who stayed open throughout this bad winter and this was much appreciated by many people.
The Chairman thanked those people who litter pick throughout the Parish, they quietly go about this work without fuss or payment.
Unfortunately the new fence around the play area has been vandalised.  The P.C. hope to get this repaired this year at great expense.  Having to replace the play area fencing means that we are unable to improve the equipment in the near future.
After all of the consultations, meetings and discussion about a Pagan Campsite away from any settlement in the Parish,it all ended with what was a fudged decision with the tenting taking place in the Glebe field and in the car park at the back of the vicarage. There has been no solution at all as to where campers can go. The Pagan Community are still trying to negotiate a way in for the campers, other than using the Ridgeway. Although the P.C. has managed to reach a reasonable rapport with all involved participants, mainly the N.T.  E.H. the Police and Pagan community, the patience of some has worn a little thin at this time.  In the short term, we have been informed by Scott Green that the Glebe field will be used for the next three years, although Mrs Farthing, the tenant of the Glebe Field, denies this.
Scott Green, the property manager for the N.T. at Avebury has recently left and the New property manager, Janet Tomlin was present tonight to answer any village concerns.

P.C. Bayliss has left us and we welcome Sarah Watts who has recently taken his place.  Thanks go to P.C. Bayliss for the work carried out by him and his PCSO  Polly Ritchens. Polly is staying with Sarah.

Work is still going on with fund raising for the Avebury Sports Association.  Jenny Haines, chairman of ASA gave a report outlining the years events and reminding all that there will be another Avebury Weekend in July.
The future of Avebury Club is in the balance at the moment through lack of custom and members, and recently the P.C. were informed that the Froebel Centre was closing and another type of nursery style centre could open on the premises.
The 2008/9 audited account books are available this evening for inspection should anyone wish to do so.

During question time Heather Peak-Garland reminded the W.C. that although there is a R.O.W past her house the grit bin was blocking her access. She had requested that the bin be moved along Kyters Walk, but not removed. Peter Hanson said he would get it moved.
Question were raised about the solstice arrangements for this year which we have been told by the Police that they would be the same as last year except for the use of the Glebe Field.  There is still nowhere for campers and only tents would be allowed in the car park but agreement has yet to be reached.
Gordon Rimes asked that the sign at the top of the High Street
Be put back up.  Mr Hanson would deal with this.
Mrs Tomlin was asked about the plans put in recently by Mr Mallett for change of use of the coach house from A1 to b1 business use.  Mrs Tomlin said that there was no likelihood of the N.T. agreeing to any lease at any time as the water supply for the toilets was in this building.
Mr Mann stated that the Coach House was in a bad state of repair.
Mr Holmes reported that the application had not been correctly made out and should never have been submitted. Mr Holmes also felt that there were not enough N.T. wardens in the village at peak times.
Mr Paradise asked that the holes in the High street needed attention and that it was over 30 years since the High Street had been resurfaced.  Peter Hanson said that this is unlikely in the near future.
The footpath over the bridges will not be resurfaced this year but some general repairs may be carried out.
Mrs Farthing said that pot holes and breaking away of green Street needed attention.  Mr Hanson would look into this. He also said that if there are any concerns about this sort of issue, then the people to phone was CLARENCE on 0800 232323 and report the problems.
Gordon Rimes asked when the N.T. and W.C.   would drop the curb of the entrance into the circle for disabled access.  Jan Tomlin said this would be looked into along with comments from Wiltshire Highways,
The footpath from the car park to the High Street was in a bad state of repair and clerk would email Esther Daly to try to get this sorted out.
Lady Beale asked that bins again be provided in the High street and with the addition of a dog waste bin.  As there is only a fortnightly collection this may not be feasible, but Mrs Milton was asked if the Council could do anything about this. It was noted that a new grit bin was needed in the High Street. Peter Hanson had noted this and would try to oblige.

Ms Linda Jenkins raised a concern about the minutes of PC meetings, asking that topics and outcomes/decisions be communicated clearly, rather than e.g. “a letter from X was read out and discussed”.

Cllr Baldrey emphasised the distinction between minutes and resumes, and Ms Jenkins clarified she was referring to whatever form of public record the PC chooses, by which to inform the electorate of developments on matters of public interest.

Cllrs Hinder and Greenaway were concerned it would be too much work for the Clerk. Ms Jenkins agreed the records needed to be brief, but commensurate with purpose, which is to give clear information about decisions that PC members make or contribute to on residents’ behalf.

The Cllrs said Ms Jenkins should attend meetings in person if she wanted to be better informed. Ms Jenkins said transparent public records were of wider interest, and this shouldn’t be treated as a personal matter. 

Ms Jenkins also raised the issue of access to the minutes/resumes, asking if they could be reinstated on the Kennet Valley News website and/or the Parish Magazine. Even if a bit out of date due to publishing deadlines, it still enabled people better to keep track and retain a record of some local situation if they wished, but those arrangements had been discontinued without explanation. 

The PC noted that resumes of the meetings were regularly placed on the notice boards, and did not agree to continue posting minutes/resumes on the Kennet website or in the Parish Magazine, due to the cost

The Clerk offered to email Ms Jenkins with the minutes of future meetings. Ms Jenkins thanked the Clerk, but stressed her concern was about better access to information for the community as a whole, and the Clerk’s offer didn’t address that. John Wilding then offered to host the PC minutes on the Henge Shop website, free of charge, and people attending the meeting responded positively to his suggestion. Cllr Baldrey concluded by saying the PC would look further at the issue of communication.

There were no further questions and the meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.