3 May 2016 Ordinary Meeting : Minutes

Avebury Parish Council

Minutes of an ordinary meeting of Avebury Parish Council held on 3 May 2016 at the Social Centre, High Street, Avebury SN8 1RF.

In these minutes APC stands for Avebury Parish Council, ACC for Avebury Cricket Club, ACSReC for Avebury Community Sports and Recreation Committee, AHA for Aster Housing Association, AWHS for Avebury World Heritage Site, AYFC for Avebury Youth Football Club, EH for English Heritage, LGA for Local Government Act, NT for the National Trust, RoSPA for The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, TOR for Terms of Reference, TTRO for Temporary Traffic Regulation Order, UKN for Upper Kennet News, URC for United Reform Church, WC for Wiltshire Council and WHS for World Heritage Site.

Time Started: 19:29

  1. Public question time: There were three members of the public present for all or part of the meeting. A member of the public stated he had given APC, just before the meeting, a signed petition from residents in favour of removing the four sets of railings in Avebury Trusloe. He said local residents would like to see the railings removed, that they were ugly and people should not be cycling on the footpaths. Another member of the public said her main concern was safety and she felt the railings should not be removed especially the ones fronting South Street. She said the footpath from the bus shelter to South Street was downhill. It was noted the issue was on the agenda later on in the meeting and the Clerk advised any decision should be deferred to that part of the meeting. The Chairman reported he had received an email from Mrs Judy Farthing congratulating the Parish Council for managing the Village Meeting well and endorsing its proposals for a consultation scheme. He read out her email. (See appendix 1).
  2. Present: Councillors Mr Andrew Williamson (Chairman), Mrs Maggie Lewis (Vice Chairman), Mr David Brotheridge, Mr Jon Campbell, Mrs Lynzey Paradise, Ms Zandria Service and Mr Stephen Stacey. In attendance: Miss Liz Moore (Clerk).
  3. Apologies: Dr Mike Bedford
  4. Declarations of interest: none declared except later under item 7.a. Mr Campbell had yet to declare his interests on the WC website.
  5. Minutes of meeting held on 7th April 2015: Unanimously agreed as an accurate record. Proposed by Mr Brotheridge and seconded by Mr Stacey.
  6. Matters arising from the minutes:
    1. Min ref. 18.a. planters in High Street: Mrs Lewis said she had contacted Martin Cook (WC Highways) and ascertained there was no reason why the planters couldn’t be moved although there was some confusion as to whether the planters were supposed to have had feet to make them easier to move. The Chairman said the planters would need straps around them in order to move them without breaking the container. Mrs Paradise and Mrs Lewis to speak to John Wilding about the precise problem that needs to be solved.
    2. Min ref. 12.g. Community Litter Pick 28 May: members agreed the meeting point should be the NT car park in the High Street and set the start time for 9:30am briefing with a finish at 12:30pm. The Clerk advised there was lots of information on WC website and the event could be publicized via WC, the local newspaper, Wiltshire Radio and by members themselves. It was agreed photographs of the total rubbish collected would be taken to record the work done.
  7. Membership:
    1. the Chairman welcomed Mr Jon Campbell as a new member of the Parish Council. Mr Campbell declared an interest as a home owner; he had yet to register his interests on the WC website.
    2. members discussed co-opting to the remaining seat; Mrs Paradise said there was potential interest from a couple in Trusloe.
  8. Planning applications + results: including
    1. results of the following applications for: (i) change of use at the Coach House, High Street. Ref: 16/00949/ADV. The Chairman reported a vote of 5:3 at the hearing had resulted in consent being given for tables and chairs at the front and rear of the Coach House, as well as a change in opening hours. (ii) advertisement consent at the Coach House. Ref: 16/00736/FUL. The Chairman reported that the application for consent had not been necessary as the adverts proposed either already had planning consent or did not need consent and therefore the planners had withdrawn the application. Mr Campbell questioned the content of the advertisements. The Chairman tabled a plan depicting the advert on the rear of one of the Coach House doors, an A-board (in the courtyard) and a removable sign to hang on the double gates. It was noted there seemed to be a lot of unnecessary advertising. Mrs Service questioned the precise wording that had been agreed. The Chairman reported the words ‘fast food’ had been removed from some parts of the documentation and the Design and Access Statement had been amended so that only some disposable food containers and cutlery would be used. The Chairman read out part of the revised Statement and also said that the whole building had recently been closed due to an arch being structurally unstable. It was resolved APC write to the NT to advise that the Parish Council would be monitoring the use of the Coach House; APC hoped the negative effects of litter, parking and other problems would be avoided, and wished to request a review in six months’ time.
  9. Premises licence for the National Trust Estate: Discussion took place on the results of the Hearing. The Chairman said that on the advice of the police the conditions of the licence had been revised so that the numbers attending events with amplified music would be reduced from 4,999 to 1,000. It was noted the licence gave consent for two events to be held with amplified music for between 500 – 1000 people each year. Entertainment exemptions under the alcohol licence also meant, however, that any number of events with amplified music could be held each year for up to 499 people, and that consumption of alcohol could happen in the white areas on the map (see map of NT Estate, appendix 2). Mrs Lewis stated that she and the Chairman had attended a meeting on 17 February with the NT to be introduced to the new NT Visitor Experience Team. At this meeting they had been told about NT plans for the first time, and members noted that the licence application had been dated 19 February, only two days later. The Chairman tabled a plan illustrating the original licensing agreement and left the room temporarily to fetch a copy of the licence decision notice. Some discussion took place and a number of views were expressed including the need to hold WC accountable, to consider appealing as the feeling in the community was strong and to find out the NT’s commercial strategy at 19 May meeting. The Chairman re-joined the meeting. The Chairman read out the decision notice dated 26 April 2016 and conditions of the licence. (See appendix 3). The Chairman explained the NT would be required to produce an event management plan three months in advance for the two events allowed per annum of between 500 to 1000 people. In discussion the following points were made:
    1. No map provided with decision notice. It was unclear if area in white was now excluded.
    2. Lack of consultation between NT and APC. A consultation process should be put in place.
    3. Further clarity needed as to what events the NT actually intend / lack of detail about the events to be held.
    4. The village was already affected by a significant number of activities linked to pagan and other celebrations, including drumming. Any addition to them could further increase noise and become a public nuisance.
    5. There was a question as to who would be monitoring the NT events.                                                                                                              In further discussion it was noted there may not be grounds for appeal for lack of public consultation as the NT had already met the statutory requirements and it could be argued that the public had had enough opportunity to comment because 22 people had made representations. However there had not been proper consultation between the NT and the Parish Council. Informal legal advice indicated that APC could consider making an appeal on various grounds. It was noted that it would be unlikely that costs would be awarded against APC if the appeal was lost, as long as grounds for the appeal were reasonable. It was resolved to seek further legal advice and if that advice was positive APC could appeal on the points listed above. APC would also inform the NT that it was considering appealing and in any case would write to the NT to try to improve communications. Proposed by Mr Stacey, seconded by Ms Service and carried unanimously.
  10. Summer Solstice: Plans for 2016: A WC ‘No Parking’ cones map was tabled (see appendix 4). The Chairman reported WC would be coning all the roads highlighted on the map and that the zone extended to Winterbourne Monkton. It was noted the TTRO did not include the car park at Silbury Hill as this was owned by EH. The Chairman said Mr Robin Butler would be talking to NT about Heras fencing for the Nursery Site and that WC and other stakeholders would be doing a comprehensive review of the operations after Solstice. Mrs Paradise said the basic permit was drawn up and she would email everyone the design. Some discussion took place on when to start the TTRO as the Solstice period started on a Monday.  It was agreed the Chairman to speak to Mr Simon Rowe (WC Highways) to request the TTRO be started on the previous Friday.
  11. Review of the Annual Village Meeting held on 28 April: There was general consensus the meeting was an illustration of a village witnessing a lot of change and dealing with rapid transition. Members also found that the debate had been personalised and agreed that should not have happened. In further discussion the following points were suggested:
    1. APC should plan for NT’s meeting on 19 May and encourage members of the public to attend. Mr Campbell asked whether APC would make a statement. The Chairman suggested that presentations should primarily be made by the public but APC could put forward proposals as well and that these could include the draft consultation scheme for consultation.
    2. APC could put a regular item on its agendas for NT updates.
    3. APC should step back and let the community speak
    4. there could be a period of reflection for about a month after the 19 May meeting and a second meeting could be held to agree solutions.                                                                                                        The Chairman tabled a draft consultation scheme dated 3 May 2016 (see appendix 5). Some discussion took place on how the consultation would be constructed and it was agreed it would be APC’s policy / process and that APC would talk to all groups / bodies about the policy for endorsement. Mr Stacey said it was not a substitute for other existing processes and it for the use of organisations, not individuals. The Chairman invited Mr Fry to speak. Mr Fry suggested it would be sensible if the process was around communications and fundraising and that it would be helpful if the NT could provide an insight into how the NT’s Avebury estate was managed financially. The Chairman said he had raised this at a meeting with the NT the previous summer. The NT had offered to provide a copy of the its Wiltshire Landscape Property Business Plan once it had been updated, but he had not received it. Members agreed to try to improve communications with the NT. It was resolved that Mrs Paradise and the Chairman would represent APC’s views to the NT, and that a meeting should be arranged with Jan Tomlin (NT General Manager) to introduce Mrs Paradise.  The main aim would be to improve channels of communication, including setting up regular meetings and offering the consultation scheme for consultation. It would also be reasonable to advise the NT that APC would be taking advice on lodging an appeal to the Magistrate’s Court on the premises licence.
  12. Transport Group: deferred to next meeting.
  13. ACSReC: including:
    1. Report on 26 April meeting: Mrs Lewis provided a brief overview and it was noted the plaque had been purchased for the new notice board, the interior of the Pavilion had been repainted by ACC and AYFC, and parking arrangements for the Kings Drummers at Solstice had been agreed.
    2. Funding an Aerator: Mrs Lewis reported that various proposals had been made and the options were either: funding an aerator to be used four times a year under contract or ACSReC and APC jointly purchasing one. It was noted the specification and pricing would be tabled at the next ACSReC meeting and the price for a new aerator was £769. It was resolved that APC buy an aerator and fund half its cost subject to receipt of the quotation for £769. Proposed by Mr Brotheridge, seconded by Mrs Paradise and carried unanimously.
    3. Progress report on installation of mains water supply: Mr Brotheridge reported works had started that morning and were progressing well.
    4. Splitting the cost of funding the mains water works between APC and ACSReC. Some discussion took place on the issue, Mrs Paradise pointed out that ACSReC had not budgeted for the works, and the Chairman stated the same was true for APC. [Costs ex VAT: Thames Water £882.53, Whatleys £1,550 + £600, OTN Plumbing £294. Total = £3,326.53]. It was resolved APC and ACSReC would split the costs 50:50 subject to funds being available from ACSReC. APC’s contribution would be taken from its reserves. Proposed by Mr Campbell, seconded by Mr Stacey and carried unanimously. The Chairman invited Mr Fry to speak. Mr Fry asked if APC would endorse a bid by ASSC to Sport England for funding improvements and works to Avebury Sports and Social Club. The Clerk advised as the information had only been received that night, the request would need to be put on next meeting agenda.
    5. NT lease: work in progress.
  14. Repairs to Trusloe Play Area:
    1. Update on maintenance work: the Play Area fence had been repaired by Robin and Ben Butler and the replacement see-saw parts ordered.
    2. Repainting of the basketball post and the see-saw:  It was resolved that Mr Brotheridge repaint the see-saw (and basketball post) as he had volunteered to carry out the work on a voluntary basis. Proposed by Mrs Lewis, seconded by Mrs Paradise and carried unanimously. Clerk to purchase Hammerite paint and brush.
    3. Climbing frame entrapment risk: the Clerk reported she had spoken to the RoSPA Inspector that day and had been advised as the risk was low there was no requirement to try to widen the posts. No further action.
  15. Local issues:
    1. Street cleaning in High Street, Church Walk / Hunters Walk: still not done
    2. Jetting of culvert in Beckhampton: no further update
    3. Footpath clearing along A4: no further update
    4. Removal of footpath railings in Avebury Trulsoe: deferred to next meeting
    5. Devolution of assets and services to Parish Councils and public’s feedback from Village Meeting: see feedback from Village Meeting
    6. Road sweeping in Avebury Trusloe: still not done
    7. Pothole on the Avenue: registered on WC reporting system by Mr Brotheridge
    8. URC Chapel: no further information
    9. Housing Needs Survey: deferred to next meeting
    10. Community Wi-Fi and Broadband speeds: work in progress
    11. Defibrillator for Avebury: work in progress
  16. Communications: 30 March and 5 April Headlines submitted to May Edition of UKN.
  17. Correspondence: the Clerk tabled:
    1. Thank you letter from the Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust for APC’s recent donation of £50.
  18. Finance and admin:
      1. The Parish precept had been received from WC. Total £5,500.01.[precept of £5,456.45 and precept grant £43.56.]
      2. VAT refund received £659.29.
      3. The internal audit was in the process of being booked. It was resolved to approve the Annual Governance Statement in Section 1 of the Annual Return (previously circulated to members). Proposed by Mrs Lewis, seconded by Ms Service and carried unanimously.
      4. Review of Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, TOR of Transport Group, Planning Group and ACSReC: deferred to next meeting.
      5. The approved minutes of ACSReC meeting 15 March 2016 (previously circulated) were not seen by the meeting but subsequently added to the meeting minutes. (See appendix 6).
      6. Cheques for payment and cheques for ratification: it was resolved that the following cheques by paid. Proposed by Mrs Paradise, seconded by Mr Brotheridge and carried unanimously. Cheques were signed by the Chairman and Mrs Lewis.
        1. Community First: Year 3 of LTA, Parish Council Insurance                                                                   £1,117.28
        2. ICO: annual renewal of data protection registration   £35.00
        3. WALC: annual subscription 2016/2017                      £187.70
        4. Butler Bros. (Avebury) Ltd: repairs to Play Area fence                                                                           £100.00
        5. Kate Fry: Website admin services 2015/2016, Domain cost for five years from 30 March 2016 – 29 March 2021, Hosting package 5 April 2015 – 4 April 2016                            £253.06
        6. Avebury Social Centre: rent for APC meetings           £38.50
        7. Liz Moore: Clerk’s overtime and expenses: 22 March – 21 April 2016 including salary underpayment                            £530.15
  19. Date of next meeting: 7:30pm on Tuesday 7 June 2016 at the Social Centre.
  20. Any other business:
    1. Ms Service reported on-going issues with verges Avebury Trusloe and parking in Bray Street and recommended organising another walkabout / on-site meeting. Clerk to put item on next meeting agenda.
  21. The meeting closed at 22:24


  1. Email from Mrs Judy Farthing
  2. Map of NT Estate and areas to be licensed
  3. Decision notice for premises licence for National Trust Estate – dated 26 April 2016
  4. WC Map of No Parking Cones for Avebury Summer Solstice
  5. Draft consultation scheme for Avebury (for discussion and consultation) – dated 3 May 2016
  6. Minutes of ACSReC meeting 15 March 2016