8 March 2016 Transport Group Meeting : Minutes

8 March 2016 Transport Group Meeting

A committee of the Avebury Parish Council

Present : Mike Bedford, Rob Macaire, Angela Norman, Andrew Williamson, Tim Lewis, Dave Brotheridge.

1. Apologies for absence – Liz Moore. Steven and Moira and Peter Wilson, David Brotheridge (for first 30 minutes of meeting). Mike Daniel no longer a member via Parish Council.
1. Question of quorum came up as only 2 parish council members were present and at the initiation of the meeting 3 members of the public. Agreed we should assume quorum and proceed
2. Declarations of interest
1. None
3. Acceptance of minutes of 18th January 2016
1. RM suggested that the crossing points should be considered as a phased development and not be considered as an alternative to the developments of the main plans.
Proposed AW seconded TL
4. Actions from minutes: Proforma from Sarah Simmonds (SS) for Signage Audit – SS has made several inquiries but as yet not found the relevant person. She will be meeting with WC and feedback once she has located the right person. Will not cover footpaths but all other signage.
5. Update report from Dr MB and AW including:
(i) Application to CATG for extension of 30 mph limit on A4361 Swindon Road, This has gone in and will be confirmed at the CATG on 17th March. APC has agreed to put up £1000  or 25% of total cost (whichever is lower) to match funding for this work as this is now a pre-requisite for such work to go ahead
(ii) Informal crossing points. No developments as yet. MB/AW to discuss ideas with Sarah Simmonds
(iii) Non-slip surface across A4 at Beckhampton
AW to meet with Martin Cook (highways engineer) to look at non-slip surface for horses. Could be done with v little funding and agree that it could be linked to the informal crossing point design as discussed in item ii) above
6. Funding: including raising private contributions for fees for design work on A4 at Beckhampton and West Kennett.
Sukhvir Kaur (who is the secretary servicing CATG) contacted to get costs for getting a detailed quote for the overall design work. MB to re-send the request with comment that we are ready to contribute from private, business and local funds.
7. Footpaths: report by Tim Lewis including list of existing, missing and desirable signposts, and list of rights of way in Avebury parish (for information).
1. Audit is now 2.5 pages. Signposts are either synthetic black posts but there are also wooden posts with fingers with names and distances – latter more informative, better looking but looking old and in need of replacement. Some have the fingers missing. Where a footpath leaves a metalled road there is a statutory obligation to have a sign. This is not always adhered to. Not clear who put them in but some do comply with the sign requirements (eg horse for bridleway) and some don’t. Such wooden signposts more desirable but question is cost – may be more expensive, but regardless they should be compliant. Cycleway signage is also sporadic and needs auditing for veracity. Target is to identify which signs need replacing and have discussion with highways authority as to which they are obliged to replace. TL to talk with Richard Broadhead (Wilts Rights of Way officer) and Sarah Simmonds regarding what is obligatory.  Question whether such signage consistency should be extended throughout the WHS was discussed and agreed was a good idea.
8. Signage Audit
See item above
9. Parking in Avebury Trusloe:
(i) Update on WC meeting with private landowners.  Meeting on 14th March with Centurion, Aster and Wiltshire Council to discuss possible solutions
(ii) Review of parking outside 1-6 Trusloe Cottages. Different points of view, some think it is a good idea but owners of 1-6 think it is a bad idea. Will likely come up at AGM for APC. Soundings of Trusloe residents will discover whether they want eg railings removed to allow parking. Currently no solution.
(iii) Survey of perceived and actual speeds in Avebury Trusloe. Needs to be monitored with speed gun. MB to contact Antoinette and find who raised the issue to find out when would be best to monitor
10. Any other business
1. Avenue – RM – Question regarding closing the Avenue. Up to this point in time this issue has been avoided to prevent conflict as opinions are divided. Should we have an opinion? This point should be put on the agenda for next meeting so it can be discussed and output/idea forwarded to APC for potential polling of views from the community
2. Chevrons in Avebury, leaving towards Swindon seem to be wanting. Questioned as to whether this is needed. Recall from meeting with Dave Thomas and Philip Whitehead was that they are not legally required in 30mph zones.
11. Date of next meeting: 19th April @ 1900hr