Contact details for the Clerk to Avebury Parish Council:

Miss Liz Moore
6 Rhyls Cottages
Wiltshire SN8 4EE
Tel: 01672 861424
Working hours 9am-5pm Monday-Friday (part-time).

Contact details for the Chairman of Avebury Parish Council:

Mr Stephen Stacey
Green Street
Wiltshire SN8 1RE
Tel: 01672 539289

Phone numbers for individual councillors:

Other councillors serving on Avebury Parish Council at present:

Mrs Maggie Lewis (Vice Chair)
01672 539607

Dr Mike Bedford (Vice Chair)
01672 539192

Mr Ben Butler
07977 155747

Mrs Donna Byatt
01672 539356

Mr Robert Parker m. 07597357643

Mrs Lynzey Paradise
01672 539174

Ms Zandria Service
01672 539312

Mr Mike Daniel                                          07967 757631

Contact details for local Wiltshire Council councillor:

Mrs Jane Davies

Telephone: 01225 718386  Email: